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10th May 2004, 11:55
1. Questions posted on Monday or Tuesday. Answers posted on Friday or whenever I feel like it.
2. 2 points for each Lyrics question – 1 point for the Title and 1 point for the artist. Trivia questions normally 1 point. Some trivia questions will ask for additional information, which is worth 1 point. Bonus points may be awarded additional relevant information (at my discretion). Artist/Album/Song of the week 1 point unless advised otherwise.
3. There is no Rule 3
4. Judge's decision final.
5. During the first 24 hours from the quiz being posted
you are allowed ONLY ONE POST (containing answers to as many questions as you like).
Additional posts (within the first 24 hours) will be ignored.
Edited posts (within the first 24 hours) will be disqualified.
Complete answers will take precedence over earlier partial answers
6. After the first 24 hours there is no restriction on posts (usual free for all rules). It is better not to edit your posts. If you want to add or correct something post a new reply. The points go to the first person to get the correct answer. "First" is taken as the posting time. If you edit a post, the editing time will be used as the posting time for all answers in the post.


1. Take me now, baby, here as I am
Because the Night - Bruce Springstein or Patty Smith (accept either) - Ozzy

2. Wild kind of look to the day, opening eyes impale neon flickers
Election Day - Duran Duran - Ozzy

3. So many things we have

4. I heard you crying loud all the way across town
When I come around - Green Day - Reynolds

5. Its cold outside - The night love died
The Night you Murdered Love - ABC - Pigboat

6. A tenement, a dirty street
The Days of Pearly Spencer - Marc Almond - /Reynolds

7. Hold on, I'll be back for you
When The Night COmes - Joe Cocker - Pigboat

8. She calls out to the man on the street
Another Day in Paridise - Phil Collins - Pigboat/Ozzy (assume you meant 8 not 4 Ozzy)

9. Is it powers of intuition?
Writing on the Wall - Blackmore's Night - Reynolds

10. Your time is up and you are all alone now
Come Day, Go Day - Paddy - Ozzy

11. I love the way ya look tonight
Let's Make it a Night to Remember - Brian Adams - Pigboat

12. Woke up lyin' on the floor
Another Day - Brian Adams - Pigboat

13. I don´t want you misunderstand me
Stay the Night - Chicago

14. I'm gonna wake up, yes and no
Die Another Day - Madonna

How many artists can you name?

a. Hard of hearing wild act - Def Leppard - Phnuff

b. A rumour - Hearsay - IB4138

c. Nuclear cat - Atomic Kitten - Phnuff

d. Metal airship - Led Zepplin - Phnuff

e. Paces - Steps - IB4138

f. Cinnamon lasses - Spice Girls - IB4138

g. Colour of the sea

h. Swedish palindrome - Abba - IB 4138

i. The Goodies? - All Saints - Reynolds

j. Cold mates

k. Kebab in August

l. Skeletal letter - Boney M - Pigboat

m. Padded prison - Soft Cell - IB 4138

n. US state - Texas - Phnuff

o. Great nation - Big COuntry - Phnuff

p. Rural folk - Village People - Mr Chips

q. German with coronary regulators - Gerry and the Pacemakers - IB 4138


1. According to Alan, where is it 5 o’clock?
Somewhere - Reynolds

2. What is Jimmy looking for in Margaritaville?
Searching for his lost shaker of salt - Wino

3. What English heavy rock band performed songs from their “Paranormal” album at the Myponga Festival in 1971?

4. What song and dance man starred in “Half a Sixpence” both in London and on Broadway?
Tommy Steele - Phnuff

5. What jail did The Kinston Trio sing about in 1959?
Tijuana Jail - Pigboat

6. What wild rocker sang about Jenny, Sally, Lucille and Miss Clawdy?
Little Richard - Phnuff

7. What four words were the answer to Lonnie Lee’s question “Do I need your tender kiss”?
Yes Indeed I Do - AscendCharlie

8. Who was the master of ceremonies with The Love Unlimited Orchestra?
Barry White - Phnuff

9. Who wrote “True Love Ways”, a 1965 hit for Peter and Gordon?
Buddy Holly - IB 4138

10. What is the common link with the Lyrics questions?
All mention either day or night - Cooda

Thanks to Volume who provided the Lyrics and Artist questions for this Quiz - :ok: :ok:

10th May 2004, 12:54
a) Deaf Leopard
c) Atomic Kitten
d) Led Zeppelin
n) Texas
o) Big Country

4) Tommy Steel
6) Little Richard
8) Barry White
10) I dont know any of the answers?

10th May 2004, 13:01
1. Because the Night - Bruce Springsteen covered by Patti Smith
2. Election Day - Duran Duran
4. Another Day in Paradise - Phil Collins


10th May 2004, 13:13

8. Both sides of the story....Phil Collins
11. Lady in Red...Chris deBurgh


a. Def Leopard
b. Hearsay
c. Atomic Kitten
d. Led Zepilin
e. Steps
F. Spice Girls
g. Blue
h. Abba
i. Sweet
m. Soft Cell
n. Texas
q. Gerry and the Pacemakers


4. Tommy Steele
6. Jerry Lee Lewis

10th May 2004, 15:10

O America


2 Jimmy is looking for is salt shaker

10th May 2004, 20:15
Afternoon scran. Geez, I slept right through that one. :{

5...The Night You Murdered Love/ABC
8...Another Day In Paradise/Phil Collins
12..Another Day/Bryan Adams


4...Sammy Davis Jr?
5...Tijuana jail

Gordon Lightfoot's new cd is out tomorow. I've heard the sneak preview, and it's his best since Sundown. He'd laid the vocals and guitar work down before his illness.
Inform scranette #1 that Los Lobos has a new cd on the market. Haven't heard it yet, but the reviews are good.:ok:

10th May 2004, 23:30
You slept through it pb?
Jeez, I only just found it tucked well down the forum :{

Trivia 10....night or day in the title :ugh:

Ascend Charlie
10th May 2004, 23:41
6 The Days of pearly Spencer
7 Yes indeed I do

11th May 2004, 00:17
Well it was posted at 0755, my time. Us seniors need our rest, you know. ;)

11th May 2004, 02:52
Geez guys - I posted it last night (my time) straght after I wrote it - because I had a spare 5 minutes.....................................

Unlike today, where I haven't had time to draw breath yet..and the next couple of days are likely to be the same..so have no idea when I'll mark it......:{ :{

11th May 2004, 03:29
s'ok scran

I didn't know many of the answers anyway :O

11th May 2004, 03:32
Me either. :sad:

11th May 2004, 06:35

That's no excuse for being late on parade!:suspect:

Us seniors do need our rest. I had mine.

Quiz appeared mid-morning here.

11th May 2004, 21:47
Original post Edited

Progress Scores:

Phnuff - 8
IB 4138 - 7
Pigboat - 7
Ozzy - 6
Wino - 1
Cooda - 1
Ascend Charlie - 1

Despite being late Piggy - your are still up there........:uhoh:

Gotta dash
:{ :{ :{

Mr Chips
11th May 2004, 22:47

G - Blue
K - Donna Summer

11th May 2004, 23:32
Another kick at the cat.

7...When The Night Comes/Joe Cocker?
11..(Let's Make) A Night To Remember/Bryan Adams

l..Bony M
Dunno how I missed that one the first time around. :oh:

IB4138, it's hard to soar with the eagles when you've partied with the owls.;)

12th May 2004, 07:02
I didn't think you Sheffield Wednesday supporters had anything to party about . On the other hand Palace have, they made the play offs!:p

Yardbirds in Marbella last night.:ok:

Interview on radio this morning with the band. Question at the end to win their new album...........

AND I WON!:ok:

13th May 2004, 01:30
4. When I Come Around - Green Day
6. David Garrick/Marc Almond
9. Writing On The Wall - Blackmore's Night?
14. Die Another Day - Madonna
i. All Saints
1. Somewhere
3. Black Sabbath

Mr Chips
13th May 2004, 09:12
rural folk = Village People?

13th May 2004, 19:26
(Yep scran - got me numbers mixed up), okay more.
6. The Days of Pearly Spencer - Marc Almond
7. When the Night Comes - Bryan Adams
10. Come Day Go Day - Paddy Schmidt
13. Stay the Night - Chicago

3. Black Sabbath:ok:


14th May 2004, 05:19
OK - a few more answered. I'll close it off now.

Final Scores:

Pigboat - 12
Ozzy - 10
Reynolds - 10
Phnuff - 8
IB 4138 - 7
Ascend Charlie - 2
Mr Chips - 2
Wino - 1
Cooda - 1

Jeez Piggy - maybe you should turn up late more often......:uhoh: :uhoh:

First post has been amended. Again, thanks to Colume for a sginificant part of the quiz.

Those not answered:

Lyrics 3 is The Night - Valrie Dore

Band Names g - Not Blue guys (although probably suitable) - Actually after AQUA

Band Names j - KOOL AND THE GANG

Will try and see you again next week - but getting the job done is difficult given the new job and work pressures.