View Full Version : Air Transat to Montreal

Tonic Please
10th May 2004, 11:51
At last I have another flight booked to Canada! :O :O I am flying again to Montreal with Air Transat on, as I was told by globespan, an A330. One of my favourites along with the 340.

I would quite simply like to know if I could speak with the guys up front seeing as I am a PPL pilot with a Canadian license ;) Id love to see them in the cockpit and have an indepth conversation about the flight systems etc seeing as I have personally studied them for years and have quite a headful.

Perhaps someone (an insider?) could help me out? :confused:

My flight is The Gatwick/Montreal flight, Air Transat on 24th June. I return Montreal/Gatwick on 8th July (leaving 7th).

Smooth skies,
Dan :)