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28th Sep 2001, 21:37
What do people usually do when they've made a spelling or grammatical error when posting? I understand that there is a spelling checker available, but Danny prefers to see the boobs, and unless you go back later and lavish a lot of attention on your boobs, which can be time-consuming and you get that line across the bottom, and you could spend the time just as enjoyably watching TV...

29th Sep 2001, 12:01
Ah yes, a difficult one Huggy. I know that some of our more puritanical ppruners find even the tiniest boob distasteful, and demand it be covered up immediately. I on the other hand think that the internet would be a much duller place without its legions of boobs. I suppose it depends on one’s upbringing as to how comfortable one is at seeing them.

My wife, being French, is prone to the odd grammatical error, and has provided me with some of the best boobs I’ve seen for a long time. :)

I would however suggest that there is an optimal boob size (depending, of course, on personal taste) and that exaggerated or excessively large spelling mistakes start to strain one’s eyes after a while. :eek: