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28th Sep 2001, 19:38
Not that I really care one way or the other but I thought the idea of Jet Blast was that it was unmoderated and people entering the site should be prepared to be insulted/outraged etc ;)

28th Sep 2001, 19:41
Or will this topic be closed down? :D

Onan the Clumsy
28th Sep 2001, 19:49
I was going to say the same thing, except I was going to cut and paste the actual quotes. I was too lazy though. :p

Maybe we could have "Politics and Religion Blast"

28th Sep 2001, 20:01
Onan-good idea. Perhaps while we're about it we could have a 'Really, REALLY Politically Incorrect Blast! :D

Capt PPRuNe
28th Sep 2001, 21:13
Pay for it... you can have it!

I suggest you try reading some of the excellent threads running on JB at the moment before you whinge about any loss of 'free speech' though.

With some excellent authors, most notably Tricky Woo (Fu?), Tony Draper and a whole host of others too numerous to mention at the moment you will find that Jet Blast has returned somewhat to it's previous more comfortable state. Please re-read the comments at the top of this forum and try and 'register' the reason I decided to put the ban on! :rolleyes:

For the few anal transplants who email me privately, bitching about the right to free speech, may I remind you nothing is 'Free' and this is not 'Your' forum. It is mine, I pay for it and you didn't get a vote, remember?

So, please take this opprtunity to re-direct yourself to www.gogetalifesomewhereelse.com (http://www.pprune.org/duh.htm).

28th Sep 2001, 22:36
Capt PPRUNE, Sir!
As I said at the top of my post, I'm not actually worried about losing those two topics and I do understand the reason for your decision.
I posted because I thought it in itself was a reasonable topic of debate.
I certainly agree there is more than enough topics and plenty of ranconters (havn't a clue if thats the right spelling but I like the word) to keep it going.
As for 'more relaxed' I think that on any of the forums, not just Jet Blast, and with or without politics and religion, there is often enough heated debate that the protagonist would probably end in a fist fight if they were face to face! ;)

tony draper
28th Sep 2001, 23:15
Naaa na na naa naaaa!, Tricky Woo, teachers pet, teachers pet.

This is not good Mr Woo, the big lads will gerrus at playtime now, boo hoo. ;)

Groffus or I'll tell the Captain on yer.

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