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9th May 2004, 22:43
I expect this thread to last all of three posts before it disappears into obscurity but what on earth possesses somebody to spend up to 7.50 at Starbucks (up north) on a cup of coffee and a piece of cake?

Where I live (Sheffield) I can buy a Full English including coffee for less than four quid near to my place of work. Not only do I get the coffee, I get the bacon, sausage, egg, tomatoes, fried bread, black pudding, mushrooms and a couple of slices of toast.

Admittedly, I do not get the cake or the shallow ego boost but what I do get is a very satisfying meal. I do have the impression that if the lifestyle magazines suddenly announced that "Full English Breakfasts are this seasons must have..." then the cost of my breakfast would increase in value somewhat and I would have to revert to effing cornflakes.

The chances are that it is the "I must get some more moisturiser" metro-sexual types that fuel this sort of superficial inflation.

OK, rant over.


9th May 2004, 22:51
Presumably that was a southern Starbucks? Probably in London? Is that what the "London allowance" is for, if you work there; to cover the extra cost of your coffee & cake?

On the subject of black pudding:

"The Testing of Eric Olthwaite" Michael Palin and Terry Jones

Eric : Black pudding's very black today, mother...
Mum : Yes it is very black today, dear
Eric: That's very black, that is even the white bits are black...

The Filth
9th May 2004, 23:00
I can buy a Full English including coffee for less than four quid

We've been lied to in the South East. Was always under the impression you could buy a 4 bedroomed detached palace Up North for four quid.

With pool...

...and change for season ticket.

9th May 2004, 23:00
Hi Aerbabe,

I should have made this clear in my original post, but I was quoting the prices at the Starbucks in the Meadowhall shopping mall when I put the "up north " in brackets.

As for what it might cost in London....I shudder to think of it.

And as for you "The Filth", somebody may have been trying to rip you off!:ok:

tony draper
9th May 2004, 23:02
Well yer can't wack a slice of black pud with a fry up, I can remember when yer could buy a coffee plantation for 7.50

9th May 2004, 23:08
but I don't know anyone in Sheffield who would be stupid enough to pay that for a coffee and a cake.

After all Yorkshire types are supposed to be careful with their money !

Meadowhall is over-priced and overhyped.

Try Doncaster

The Filth
9th May 2004, 23:14
...and new flat cap and whippet.

9th May 2004, 23:22
That's right Bletchley. Who is daft enough in Yorkshire to spend that sort of money on a cup of coffee and cake when there are, as The Filth says, Flat Caps and Whippets that need to be paid for?:ok:

PS. I don't know about Meadowhall being overpriced and overhyped...It's one of those places that fell out of the sky especially for women. For example, I spent last weekend traipsing around all the clothes outlets etc. As soon as I said that I wanted to go into Dixons she said "We always go in there.." I can't possibly win.....:{

Rich Lee
9th May 2004, 23:35
Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

10th May 2004, 00:51
Full English breakies will eventually kill you. Tis to die cheap up north.


Onan the Clumsy
10th May 2004, 04:31
Eeee for seven pounds bloody fifty pee I can catch 'omnibus intut town go tut picture show with Mavis Awkright, 'ave a little flutter at dog track wit whippets, take tram to look at yon Anderton Lift, stop off at Cubbleton's for some champion pie and chips and still 'ave change left over for a little 'something fut weekend' from Boots ;)

10th May 2004, 05:28

10th May 2004, 07:53
Mr Lee is right - there seems to be no way to stop them! :{ :{

In the States, at least, they were among the first to sell decent coffee (as compared to what you got before, that is). Cant stand those paper mugs, though. Espresso out of a paper mug = :yuk:

10th May 2004, 08:57
It's all the fault of that annoying sitcom Friends, isn't it? Six young, attractive Americans who, despite having jobs like Bloomingdales assistant and occasionally employed actor, own rather large apartments. In real life they wouldn't be able to afford to spend all that time in coffee shops, not at 7-50 for an espresso and a sticky bun. However, in the show they do little else.

Still, it has finished now, hasn't it? This might mean that Starbucks retreats into obscurity, if we are lucky. Had it been set in Sheffield rather than New York (Rachel working in Woolworths...), the characters could have spent a lot of time in the local greasy spoon and black pudding could have gone global :}

Boss Raptor
10th May 2004, 09:06
You can still get a huge all day breakfast in Margate for 3.50

mind u Margate (the South East) is as economically and socially backwards as the North and a few Northern people here as well most of whom are ex minors and built the Channel Tunnel, interbred with the natives (probably adding to the quality of the DNA chain) and stayed etc. :cool:

10th May 2004, 09:15
most of whom are ex minors

I'm an ex minor but grew out of it in the 1960's - I'm 56 now.

10th May 2004, 09:20
I think if they had Starbucks in Iraq we could end the war..just think of it! All the Iraqies would feel included and would buzz about Bagdad rebuilding the place and feeling worthy..;) Nice decaf latte with nutmeg...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

High Wing Drifter
10th May 2004, 09:20
Last time I looked, a 'small' coffee was 2 and carrot cake 2. Still expensive but not quite seven and an 'alf quid. Have to agree though, do people really want coffee and cake, or do they just want to be seen with the right labels attached to the various things that they hold or wear. But be-jeezus it is good coffee and cake!!

BTW, I always assumed that Friends got the idea from Starbucks. Maybe another form of the epistemological conundrum that is the chicken and egg puzzle.

10th May 2004, 09:27
For the rupee equivalent of seven and a half pounds I can...

never mind this time I'll get me coat

10th May 2004, 09:34
Got a perfectly good breakfast for 2.80 (bacon, egg, sausage, tomatoes, toast and tea) in Putney (not the most deprived part of the uk) last Saturday.

Incidentally despite being born in a pit village in t'North I stopped being a minor on my 16th birthday. My dad had to wait for his 60th before he stopped being a miner. :rolleyes:

(And why can't we have a 'pedantic twit' smilie. Please. I need it) :mad: :mad: :mad:

(edited for cr*p typing)

10th May 2004, 09:35
Decaf coffee??? It just gets worse and worse, doesn't it?

What is the point of bleedin decaf? If I wanted a drink without caffeine I'd have water...just another one of those San Fran (aka Southern panzy) things.

Oh, and there used to be a lovely country farm place near me that did a wonderful breakfast and coffee (real) for less than a fiver. But one year and a refurb later, tis now nearly a tenner. Shouldn't be allowed! Tis a form of treason in my eyes :suspect:

Shaggy Sheep Driver
10th May 2004, 09:46
Hey, I'm a grumpy old git so I can join in this 'anti-style-victim' rant with glee!

What about thos pubs where they stand crowded shoulder to shoulder trying to outshout the TVs hanging from the ceiling blairing out football or pop at full volume, while swigging over-priced nasty fizz straight from the bottle?

Just around the corner might be quiet 'real' pub, with a choice of fine beers, expertly kept, costing less than the fashionable euro-fizz down the road, and not even a fruit machine in the place, never mind TVs. Folk sit or stand in groups enjoying civilised conversation with their beer, or just sit with a pint and read the Gruniad.

I might be getting old, but I know which I prefer. As long as there are no bloody Morris Dancers about:} .


10th May 2004, 09:46
Decaf rules. Some people like decaf...Its great because anywhere in the world its gonna taste the same, you wont end up with a cup of yuck...But hey, maybe you like bad coffee?:=

10th May 2004, 09:53
De-caf coffee?? That's as pointless as a nicotine-free cigarette or alcohol-free whisky.

The whole idea of the coffee is the caffeine hit. Isn't it???


tony draper
10th May 2004, 09:57
I remember when I was on domestic installatons we usta moan that a egg sarnie and a pot of tea in the cafe cost twenty pence,
A feckin tupenny egg in a penny bun an a pot of feckin tea, twenty pence? the robbin bastards!!


10th May 2004, 09:58
Hello! You still get some caffiene (sorry for the spelling) in Decaf, just not as much as regular. So you still get buzzed, just not as bad. :D

One more thing to relate...its so nice to travel to the ends of the earth and find a Starbucks..you feel the world is more your oyster and your more comforted... I dont think i could live without Starbucks now. Like what did we do before emial????? Scary!!

:uhoh: :uhoh: :D :D

10th May 2004, 10:05
I hate those stupid snobby wine bars also! I've Never met such a bunch of souless, shallow, egotistic, arrogant, metrosexual retards in my life :* These d!ckheads wouldn't last a second in a real pub with real people. They wouldn't dare come near my local, we'd have them for breakfast :}

10th May 2004, 10:06
Just had a right nice breakfast here at work! Full works for 2.01.

Aren't subsidised work canteens wonderful :E

10th May 2004, 10:08
Pubs smell yucky. I like nice wine bars. Do you like that awful smokey brewery rotting smell...??:p :p

10th May 2004, 10:09
Er....isn't that the point of pubs? They're supposed to be dark, dingy, smelly and not the sort of place you'd go unless of course you want a pint of something good.

Wine bars...decaf...not from down south are ya? :E

10th May 2004, 10:09
Turns my stomach inside out and upside down!

10th May 2004, 10:15
You'll be telling us that ya don't like kebabs next...

10th May 2004, 10:16
Nope. Not from down south. From across the street.

:O :O :O

10th May 2004, 10:16
Doners of course Rugz.:O

10th May 2004, 10:17
No, Donna can get her own... :E (oh dear)

10th May 2004, 10:19
KEBABS!?! Dont get me started!!!!:

Might have to let up on the caffeine... :O

10th May 2004, 10:19

Pubs are about atmosphere, wine bars don't have any.

10th May 2004, 10:22
My atmosphere doesnt include beer, barf and smoke smells permiating the premises...but hey, some people dig that and who am i to judge?

10th May 2004, 10:29
re: "Friends"
How often do you see one of them actuelly order anything?

10th May 2004, 10:32
Seen 'em order coffee quite a few times in Friends, but never have I seen anyone of 'em pay for it.

Doubt I'll get away with that here...

10th May 2004, 10:39
maybe theyre getting special rates for the exposure

10th May 2004, 10:49
I think its a conformity thing for these people. They nearly all smoke Marlboro lights and talk in that stupid manner where they raise the tone at the end of a sentence, as though they are asking a question when they are merely stating a fact.

I definitely wouldn't fit into their culture because I don't smoke, I have a very strong Sheffield accent and I've got better things to spend my money on than expensive coffee.

Balix, if "Friends" had been set in Sheffield, I can just picture the "Friends" tucking into their Full English at "Greasy Vera's". I also imagine that Pigeon Racing would now be getting extensive coverage on Sky Sports and possibly even "Live and interactive Bingo".

In response the the posts above, I like Kebabs although I'm not too keen on the ones made with the pressed meat. I've visited a factory where they make them and I've seen what goes into them. If you think sausages are bad....:yuk:

tony draper
10th May 2004, 11:32
One shall happily admit to never having watched a single episode of "friends" and one is quite happy to go to ones grave never having seen a single episode of "friends"

Biggles Flies Undone
10th May 2004, 11:47
If people are stupid enough or shallow enough to pay through the nose for over-priced coffee and fizzy alcopops then its up to them. Ive always derived gladiatorial-like satisfaction from a skinful of beer with my mates rounded off with a greasy kebab but the latte crowd would probably look down their noses at me :E

10th May 2004, 11:52
I will confess that on occasion, at work, I have enjoyed a latte or two.

However, the only reason is that our canteen does exactly the same coffee in the same sort of cups that costa and starbucks does, but for a mere 26p.

If it were any more than say 30p then it would be too much.

Why pay 2.50 for a coffee and a 'danish' when ya can get a bacon butty (with brown sauce of course!) and a cuppa for less than half that in most cafe's/greasy spoons.

(waiting for the health nuts..... :E )

tony draper
10th May 2004, 11:56
You people fail to understand human psychology, if frozen Whale shit was 500 quid a ounce the gourmands and food luvvies would be penning reams in the sunday suppliments about the culinary delights of frozen whale shite, although they would prolly call it by some French name rather than frozen whale shite.
They pay that price because it is that price and they can.


Notso Fantastic
10th May 2004, 12:33
5bucksyourbeautiful has it right. I am addicted to Starbucks. I travel the world hopping from Starbucks to Starbucks. When I cannot get to one, I miss them and my hand starts shaking. Why do I like them so much? Because I am quite certain that they put something in it to addict you and bring you back again and again. The Mrs. is worse than me. The giveaway is when she gets ratty before we get to one, and I've felt that feeling- 'I must get in there and get myself around one as soon as possible!'. OK so I can live with it 'cos they are good. Don't drink, don't smoke- given a choice of smokey pub with people getting increasingly idiotic as the beer bites, breathing out the delightful aroma of beer-breath, or a Starbucks (and you might get one of the armchairs), then a Grande Latte gives me every bit as much of delight as a pint of disgusting Double Diamond (and stops my hand from shaking). No contest. Whatever they put in it, all it takes is another for pure bliss. I can get from London to Sydney and live off Starbucks all the way and down there as well. I'm trying to visit as many STarbucks all over the world as I can (there is actually someone who has dedicated his life to going into every Starbucks in the world and photographing them. He even has a website. I can only gasp in admiration for a better addict than me!

10th May 2004, 13:08
'Friends' set in Sheffield....don't think so - more than 1 of them has a job...

10th May 2004, 13:19
I have to agree with Notso.

Theres nothing nicer than sitting in pleasant surroundings with a huge coffee and even better if the Starbucks in question is situated in Barnes and Noble as per the USA.

I could be lost for days in there!:ok:

10th May 2004, 13:25
I'm a double-shot short black (espresso) drinker myself but could someone please enlighten me as to the exact nature of a "latte"? From what I've seen, it's coffee made with all milk .. is that correct?

Capt L
10th May 2004, 13:54
You've got it in one BD, a latte is a shot of coffee with a lot of milk and a little foam on top.

The life of a GA pilot, all the extra skills we get to pick up. ;)

10th May 2004, 15:32
One of the beauties of Pprune is that in one or two lines you can know whether you would get on with a person or not. The last three posts on the previous page tell me that I would be happy to raise a glass with BFU, Rugz and Drapes any time. :ok:

As for NotSo Fantastic, well, I suppose if you don't drink you have to find something to fill your life. ;)

Coffee is the stuff I drink at work because it's considered fairly poor form to drink booze there.

Biggles Flies Undone
10th May 2004, 15:45
Cheers Binos - nice to think that one day in the PPRuNe future we might get a chance to :ok:

BlueDiamond if you ever find yourself in one of these Starbucks coffee shops (heaven forbid) and fancy trying one, whatever you do make sure you pronounce it lah-tey - otherwise the bloody tree-huggers and fair-trade mafia will laugh at you. Even better, be aware of your body/life balance and order a 'skinny lah-teh' :yuk:

10th May 2004, 15:49
Starbucks, StarSchmucks (http://www.illwillpress.com/sml.html) :E :E


10th May 2004, 15:50
Well, I haven't seen one of those places here in Perth yet, BFU but no doubt that will be only a matter of time. Until then, I might preserve my street cred by sticking to the espresso.


10th May 2004, 15:51
On the other hand, one of the problems with Pprune is that one tends to make unfounded assumptions. Just found out from another thread that Drapes doesn't drink. Always knew there was something odd about him.

Biggles Flies Undone
10th May 2004, 15:53
Always knew there was something odd about him.


That's like saying Harold got something in his eye at the Battle of Hastings...... :ooh:

tony draper
10th May 2004, 15:55
Mr Binocs
As these are anonymous forums the origins of the contributions may be opposite to what may be apparent.


10th May 2004, 16:00
I'm glad to hear that Mr D, but regardless of whether you join me or sip a cafe latte decaf, I would still be delighted to meet you. AS Biggles says, maybe one day..... :ok:

Notso Fantastic
11th May 2004, 01:16
We're not all metrosexuals in Starbucks you know. One of the secret traps is indeed listening for pub-type people not pronouncing lahtay right in Starbucks as Biggles pointed out. And Blue Diamond- do you really think Perth has escaped the Starbucks scourge? They're everywhere- you haven't looked! Guys- give up the beer. It makes your breath unspeakable, you start thinking you can dance, and worse, you are attractive to the opposite sex (and you can fight), you start becoming a total idiot with fuzzy thoughts, telling everone how to put the world to rights, you're into the bog as much as a woman, you leave your flies undone, your driving licence sprouts wings and flies away, it makes you fancy a vindaloo at midnight, you are responsible for the pavement pizzas everywhere, and the wind....my God the wind! So what is it beer does for you again?

11th May 2004, 02:18
What does beer do for us again?

It makes us sing better than anybody else that has walked the earth. And it produces some of the most intelligent, non confrontational, polite, non-inflammatory posts on JB!!!

11th May 2004, 02:25
And Blue Diamond- do you really think Perth has escaped the Starbucks scourge? They're everywhere- you haven't looked!
Well, I've yet to see one here and certainly there is nothing listed in the directory under that name ... do you know something I don't? Do they also trade under other names? Probably the best known coffee shops around here are Dme ... which are pretty much to be found everywhere one goes.

11th May 2004, 02:32
Here in sunny Winnipeg, I have discovered a licence to print money. Open a Tim Horton's(I"m told he was some Hockey legend who is cashing in on North America's addiction to coffee).

It's unbelievable. I pass by one on the way to work at 7:00 in the morning, and the drive-thru (their spelling, not mine!) is totally packed. They're lined up all the way round the building and into the carpark of the Safeway next door. Silly thing is that while you can wait 7-8 mins in your car to place your order, park up and walk in and you're served immediately. And I believe the serve a 40 oz version. Christ, I wouldn't sleep for a week.

11th May 2004, 03:36
Beer is its own reward.

"Alcohol is nicissary fr a man so that now an thin he can have a good opinion iv himsilf, ondisturbed be th facts."

Finley Peter Dunne (1867-1936), U.S. journalist, humorist. Mr. Dooley on Alcohol, in Chicago Tribune (26 April 1914).

11th May 2004, 08:39
7.5 Pounds ( cant find one of those pound signs on my keyboard)for a cup of coffee = about $Aus20.00. That is way toexpensive for me. I will just keep going to the Beachcombers cafe in Triggs ( West Oz) on Sat arv for my capuccino, only $Oz3.20 and a view of the sunset over the ocean as well.


Biggles Flies Undone
11th May 2004, 10:03
Notso - you just described my perfect night out! :ok:

11th May 2004, 10:52
I don't think that all people who go into these places are metrosexual. I do know a person who genuinely loves coffee and will go to one of these place on occasion but even he says that there are a significant number of people who go there just to sit in the window and pose. Again, there are people who do enjoy the coffee and the quiet atmosphere which is fair enough. When I started this thread I should have made it clear that it was the posing types I was referring to and not the genuine coffee lovers.

As for myself, I enjoy a few drinks in a pub and at the end of the night I may fancy a curry. I don't like to see fights breaking out as its usually one person against three and although I know drink is a factor, even in my most drunk state I would never dream of doing that to anyone. Going back to my time playing Ice Hockey, in 15 years of that it was obvious that if there were any fights it would be certain individuals who were involved, the rest of us wanted to get on with the game and similarly, I think the fights that break out during a night out are probably caused by certain people who go out of their way to look for trouble when they go out.

Also, if I know that I will have a drink, the car stays at home and if I have the car with me, I don't drink. Simple really. As for it making me think I am attractive, its never done that because I don't care. I seem to have no problem getting myself a nice looking but more importantly, caring, intelligent and level-headed woman by my side. I know I'm not exactly a pin-up but the women I have been out with have always been more than just something to show off to my mates. Not that I care what they think anyway...

Again, its the people who go to a coffee shop to pose and not those who actually go for the coffee that get on my tits. I know a couple of them and they actually believe that where they are seen is highly important! One of them is a student who wears all the designer labels, drinks the designer coffee and alcopops, then he has the nerve to complain that he can't afford to buy any books!

11th May 2004, 11:55
One of them is a student who wears all the designer labels, drinks the designer coffee and alcopops Probably a media studies or a fashon design student :yuk: :yuk: :*

11th May 2004, 12:02
Just added SuperOwl to my list of fellow travellers. Welcome to the imaginary future quiet get together, SO. :ok:

11th May 2004, 12:42
Uumm never gone into Starbucks to pose but really enjoy their various coffees and their Hot choccy is yummy.

I am a Latte girl , especially from Marks & Spencer's where I enjoy a skinny Latte with a shot of vanilla and either cinnamon or nutmeg sprinkles.

I drink Latte at work as well, the instant stuff not quite the same but pretty damned good and i also have a jar of cinnamon to sprinkle on that as well.

Any fool can be uncomfortable they say, if you love a coffee why not indulge yourself to the nth degree.

11th May 2004, 12:50
Hmmmm.....I guess Starbucks is OK if you like a homogenised coffee experience.....complete with muzak and comfy chairs. But most of the time I prefer Costa (in the UK and some overseas).

(In fact, you can tell the quality of a coffee shop instantly by ordering a double espresso. Not a latte, mocha, capuccino but a simple espresso. The last time I was in Starbucks, their espresso was horrible. As it was in Pret a Manger. Costa is better though).

But rather than the corporate brands I prefer to head for a european style independent cafe-bar that are popping up in more and more British cities. There's a great one in NCL....cool furniture, great staff, great snacks, UK and European newspapers, Espresso at 1.20, Capuccino at 1.60.....and you can even have a cigarette! These places most of the time serve brands of coffee such as illy (http://www.illy.com) or Segafredo Zanetti (http://www.segafredo.it/) which are much much better than the Starbucks or Costa own-brands.

11th May 2004, 13:00
An unanswerable question unless you put the putative poseurs down, feed them various types of coffee from crap to great, whatever great is, and ask them to tell the difference.

Somehow I feel nobody here is going to own up to being one of those who wouldn't know the difference. :rolleyes:

Notso Fantastic
11th May 2004, 13:00
Blue Diamond- well blow me down you're right. Starbucks.com shows 22 in Sydney, but none in Perth! Pourquoi? Business opportunity! Just think if you took a franchise, you may not like the stuff, but you would be taking money with a smile from all us 'poseurs'!

11th May 2004, 13:01
you can tell the quality of a coffee shop instantly by ordering a double espresso.
Spot on, BahrainLad ... no possibility of disguising a mediocre quality product when it's served straight.

So, not having experienced the product in question, would anyone care to volunteer an assessment? Are we talking bottom of the scale like McDonalds disgusting excuse for coffee or are we talking first class product? Somewhere in between?

11th May 2004, 14:02
UK High Street Coffee.....from worst to first.

1. McDonalds
2. Pret (why oh why? Everything else is f-a-b...)
3. Starbucks
4. Costa
5. Independent Shop with euro-brand.....illy etc.

Note: No.5 is almost universally the case. Good coffee in a good machine will taste, surprisingly, 'good' no matter how moronic the operator. The same cannot be said for generic 'coffee' in crap machines.

Notso Fantastic
11th May 2004, 14:10
Starbucks is good! (and it solves the shaking in your hands- whatever they put in it does the job). You want to taste bad coffee- there's a chain in Sydney called 'Norma Jean's'. That stuff is bad. I plan my walks across town from Starbucks to Starbucks. Why is Perth so behind? You will be assimilated!

Send Clowns
11th May 2004, 14:17
The only thing I would say about Starbucks is that at least they do use fairly-traded coffee, and offer choccy bars on a similar basis. Can get that from Costa, but it costs extra (I think only 10p, but that is the approximate the total cost per cup of fair-trade coffee I buy so they are making more). Why don't all coffee shops do so? The cost of the coffee beans is sucha trivial proportion of the total price (about 6p a cup by my reckoning) that it surely cannot make any difference to the price.

Ray Darbouy
11th May 2004, 20:38
Sorry chaps, but WTF is a Starbucks? Last went to London:yuk: in about '87 and have seen no reason to go back. Spent donkeys years at various Much-Bindings-in-the-Marsh. Only ever seen Friends:rolleyes: for the for the time it takes to hit the OFF button.

11th May 2004, 20:53

It will be a pleasure to join your gang for an imaginary get together. It looks like the company will be most pleasureable.



12th May 2004, 02:25
One doesn't take coffee in one of those mass-marketed, mass-produced standardized outlets. One prefers to take coffee in one's regular little cafe where the prices are set to keep the riff-raff out. Starbucks is OK for those who can only afford seven pounds and fifty new pence for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake (Cake? One's cattle eat cake for goodness sake) Ay suppose, but good Lord! Just imagine what poor ingredients they must be using at that price!

12th May 2004, 05:01
So do any of you have that curious dilema - your employer provides free coffee, but it sucks! Mine provides free coffee (one of the last remnants of the glory days of the go-go 90's) but they use the worst quality stuff, made the worst way possible. To top it off, at the end of the day, they soak the pots using some miracle coffee pot cleaner that looks like diluted whale sperm (yes, this is Jet Blast!) is floating in the pot Yeech! Most of the day you see employees sauntering across the street to the Dunkin' Donuts (the Yank inspiration for Tim Horten, I presume) to get something at least borderline acceptable. By the way, yes, I do realize I'm whining.


12th May 2004, 08:55
Sorry chaps, but WTF is a Starbucks? Last went to London in about '87 and have seen no reason to go back.

Excellent! I think you will find many like-minded in this forum. :)

12th May 2004, 09:35
For the ultimate in 'instant' espresso (either, at home, work or int the First Class compartment of a BA Jumbo), you can't beat Nespresso (http://www.nespresso.com).

Quick, easy, no mess and thick enough to stick a spoon in vertical......delicious!

12th May 2004, 10:20
Like T Draper I can proudly say that I've never seen an ep. of "Friends" - but given my location it is hard to believe (but true) that I've never seen an ep. of "Neighbours" or "Home & Away".

But to coffee - is it true that when Starbucks wanted to open in the Grand Place in Brussels, the city refused their application with the line: "Why would we want Starbucks? We drink real coffee in Belgium".

Give me any small cafe anywhere - so long as they have a machine - it has to be better than the chains.

12th May 2004, 13:16
I always wondered what is the plural of Starbucks.
Apparently it is Starbucks'.

According to their website, there are three (3) Starbucks' in France (all in Paris tourist areas), none in Benelux and none in Italy.
Where there are no Starbucks' to be found, these are places to go to for good coffee, especially Italy.
Coffee comes from around Yemen / Ethiopia way. It is not for nothing that the better tasting beans are called Arabica.

12th May 2004, 14:33
Is one still a poseur if one is encouraged to leave the Costa in the LGW south terminal for inappropriate behaviour?

Biggles Flies Undone
12th May 2004, 14:44
PP are you bragging again? :p

12th May 2004, 14:49
The other party will happily confirm!

You think they'd have understood that airports are frequently the scene of emotional turmoil.

tony draper
12th May 2004, 15:03
Starbuck is a Romany name, perchance one can get ones fortune told when one is sipping ones 7.40p cup of coffee,
"You are very easy going with money, and are easily conned"

Tiz also the name of a Character in Moby Dick, but one suspects the name was chosen from watching a daft sci fi series on telly, it also had a character thusly named.
The above snippet should really be on the highly estemed (sp?)TRRBAPSOIT..

Biggles Flies Undone
12th May 2004, 15:06
Are 'emotions' a nickname for 'trousers'?

Puzzled of Sussex

CarltonBrowne the FO
12th May 2004, 23:45
I've done a certain amount of research into these coffee shops.... I'd rate Costa coffee as slightly nicer than Starbucks, but another important factor is their tolerance for emotional turmoil... :E

13th May 2004, 10:34
BFU! Are you implying that I interfered with CB's nether garments in a public refreshment facility? Honestly I did little more than drink my coffee and admire his new sunglasses purchased at vast expense in the adjacent Sunglass Hut (is that not infinitely more posey than drinking decent coffee, btw?)

The simple explanation for the rise of the Costas, Starbucks, Seattles, etc is that for so long employers provided such god-awful coffee for their staff. At last there was alternative, close to hand, and freshly made.