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Onan the Clumsy
28th Sep 2001, 18:57
Binoculars read my mind Right! that's the roads taken care of... what's the next chapter?

I work in the little prison style cubicles and one thing that really annoys me is when you're sitting there having a chat with someone and some other [email protected] walks up and just starts talking. Obviously He thinks his wittering is more important than whatever it is that you're doing and maybe it is, but it's just effing polite to stand there waiting until you get acknowledged. Didn't your Mummy teach you that?

Also, re the above situation. When said [email protected] interrupts, have you ever noticed how many times the bloke you're talking to immediately stops talkling to you and starts answering the other guy's question? Can you say ADD?

Most annoying of all though is when I catch myself doing the same :confused:

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28th Sep 2001, 19:01
Getting to work, Daily-ing the aircraft, only to find that there's no flying to be had. :mad: :(

28th Sep 2001, 19:17
Get to the office to sign on in the morning to find the doors locked. Mobile call reveals company has closed down and crew are being informed by a secretary using an alphabetically compiled crew list not to come in. What about informing those rostered to fly before any one else you idiots? Got a repeat call next day telling me they were closed. Sheesh!

28th Sep 2001, 20:54
1. People who think what they are doing is more important that what I'm doing, and thus intterupt my nap.

2. People who come into my office when I'm in an involved phone conversation with my girlfriend or therapist, then start talking about business.

3. People who make disparaging comments about my loud Hawiaan shirts and blue jeans attire in the office.

4. Office air conditioning in general-why is it so cold in the summer and hot in the winter.

5. Women who have half naked men as computer wallpaper, but complain if I have a half naked woman on a Harly on my computer wallpaper.

6. Anti-sexual harrasment policies-- When my assistant comes in to work wearing a very short dress cut down to her navel and up to her arse, and bends over a lot, why can't I give a compliment like "nice hooters"

7. No beer in the soda machine, no pretzels in the snack machine.

There's probably more, but those are the immediate ones right now.

28th Sep 2001, 23:00
Pax. Not really, I love 'em. Mind you, it's been a while since I've seen one :confused:

29th Sep 2001, 19:59

29th Sep 2001, 21:22
Pax who ask for A GLASS OF WATER when they clearly see I have a POT OF COFFEE!!!

Pax, who.....

Oh, what's the point, those things will happen anyway...

<img src="frown.gif" border="0"> <img src="frown.gif" border="0">

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30th Sep 2001, 15:35
Pilots who ask stupid questions e.g "is there much of a delay at xxxx?" (like I have a crystal ball or something)

Pilots who ask for direct routings when it is obviously f****ing busy.

Other Atcos who go out of their way to accommodate the latter thereby tripling my workload.

Kermit 180
30th Sep 2001, 15:48
1 Theres always, without fail, a lack of stationery, especially pens and pencils.

2. Trying to teach someone to fly a decent circuit and other halfwit pilots fly mini cross-countries around the airfield.

3. Getting cut off on the way to work, in the air, and again on the way home.

4. Answering the phone to people who only want the number of a competing company down the road, or the local vet.

Kermie :rolleyes:

Charlie Foxtrot India
30th Sep 2001, 18:57
How about the "ten-to-fives" who decide to make themselves comfortable in your office when you are just about to knock off...and then you have to work late to finish off the paperwork... and lo! in come the "six-thirtys" "I saw your lights were still on so I thought I'd drop in for a chat...can I just ask you about (insert stupid aviation question here)"

Also those pretty brightly coloured dots on the weather radar when you have a bumper weekend flying day ahead, with all your maintenance carefully scheduled to have the right hours for the engineers on Monday morning.

And when the computer decides to take the day off on the last day of the month when you are doing the accounts....

Tartan Gannet
30th Sep 2001, 19:16
Onan, I see where you are coming from but there is another side to that situation. I was brought up to be courteous and do not lightly butt into a conversation but wait till I am invited. However I consider it equally rude to ignore someone who is standing nearby and trying to get your attention. What do they think you are waiting there for, a bus? My procedure is that if I am talking to A and B comes up and is obviously wanting to speak to me I will politely ask A to excuse me, ask B to quickly say what he wants then make a priority decision bewteen the two of them. If B's matter is routine I will tell him that I will get back to him, if it is urgent I will tell A that we can resume our conversation later if he wishes. That way nobody is insulted and priority matters are dealt with quickly.

My pet hates regarding work are employers who feel they have some interest in my private and personal life. What I do outside the 37.5 hours they pay me for is MY concern. They only have the right to interfere if I was working in my own time for a competator, or if I came to work under the influence , or suffering from the after effects of drink or drugs. I work to live NOT live to work.

Secondly is their trying to foist "Healthy Eating" menus on the canteen. I am old enough to make up my own mind about what I do or dont eat. I dont want Nanny telling me to eat my greens or no pudding!

Finally, foreign owned companies trying to imprint the work ethos of their country onto UK workforces with no regard to the differences in culture, history, mind set etc. What may work well in Pittsburg wont necessarily go down well in Portsmouth, what is taken as read in Tokyo may get people's backs up in Tyneside.

5th Oct 2001, 05:44
Trying to get my PPL.

I started Jan '00. Fly, fly, fly, solo (wow that felt good) then:
1. Run out of money.
2. Run out of money again.
3. Do my preflight test and run out of money, wait 8 months to start again.
4. Back in the saddle, another 17 hours to get my self back to preflight level.
5. Do pre flight and book flight test.
6. Run out of money off to the bank for a line of credit with an astronomical interest rate.
7. Have to wait two weeks, Transport Canada inspector on vacation.
8. Aircraft that I was to use for flight test has cracked cylinder.
9. Week later aircraft engine repaired, day before flight test same a/c has prop strike.
10. Flight test day, wx sucks. Rescedule test.
11. Weather sucks again, rechedule.
12. Weather still sucks, I may be cursed.
13. Flight test day (again), on my way to the airport news of an aircraft hitting WTC.
14. Wait around the airport with Transport Canada examiner listening to the news. Mod to Severe turbulence reported, decide to postpone until following day.
15. Flight test day. Airspace closed.
16. Airspace still closed, damn jerk terrorists.
17. Airspace opened, start flight test, starter on aircraft will not engage.
18. Starter ingages, but battery power keeps cutting out, what the F***. Tighten battery post, all is well except the sky is turing black. What the hell, let's go.
19. Gotta get a pic of the flight test aircraft, go the the airport. What the... the aircraft crashed into trees off of the runway ripping both wings off. Oh well.

Finally get PPL, score 224.

What a relief. Now I just need my night rating, commercial licence, and multi-IFR, and ATPL.

Flying kicks a**!

5th Oct 2001, 15:27
Pet hates:

1. Met man decides it’s a crap day. It is briefed that it is a crap day. On looking out the window it is a crap day. The weather radar says it’s a crap day. So why oh why do 90% of the time do we sit around all firkin day pretending it will get better. :confused:

2. Losing at met roulette. I.e. getting shedded after believing that tomorrow will be a crap day. :(

3. Planning a low level Nav route/land away only to have the destination changed at 17:15. Thus making you work like a slave till the early hours. Then trying to fly said route. :mad:

4. A red and white PA28 who, I’m convinced, try’s to ram me on just about every flight. :eek:

Send Clowns
6th Oct 2001, 04:32
Loved my job. Like the company. Hate the fact that self-righteous, arrogant, self-opinionated religious bigot terrorists have made me lose the job :(

6th Oct 2001, 04:55
Sorry about that, SC. Ditto here. Won't really miss the Company per se. Will miss like mad the wonderful, lovely, crazy, caring bunch of professionals who made it what it was - a wonderful place to work. And am already missing last month's pay packet... :(

6th Oct 2001, 06:51
ok, being serious for a moment, I hate being asked to work double shifts....If you say no, the guilt factor comes into play because you KNOW there is no-one else to look after the patients and that the next shift is going to struggle, and that patient care will be compromised. If you say yes, then you start off already tired having done 8 hours flat out, and now have to do another 8 hours, and patient care will be compromised. No win situation.

Love the parents who decide to change from public to private half way through an admission, and then expect me to give them extra care or special attention - I do my best regardless of how much money they are paying, and resent the insinuation that I'm not giving the best care I can because it's a public patient.

That'll do for the moment...am right out of blood pressure medication!!


6th Oct 2001, 23:37
Anyone farting in the cockpit!

I hate myself sometime :D