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28th Sep 2001, 17:35
I’ve just taken my old VW to the garage as it makes a funny noise going over bumps, and apparently my nipples need greasing. They tell me that dry nipples wear out more quickly & result in loud squealing, especially when driving up bumpy back alleys.

Can anyone recommend a good lubricant for my nipples? I’m worried that my local garage mostly service Fords, and won’t know the difference between British and German nipples.

28th Sep 2001, 17:45
Don't know about German nipples. My car is a Saab, so Swedish nipples are more my territory. No problems there. If you need a little help on others, I believe that Flaps had Biggles put into a training course on how to treat them.

Are you sure it's just the nipples? If left unlubricated, you'll find the cylinder can be scarred, and the only way out of that is a full rebore, which can take quite some time, and a lot of scraping up and down, followed by long running on a test bed.

28th Sep 2001, 17:50
Actually, they did mention that my big end needed servicing. I'm told it's got quite a large bore and stroke.

28th Sep 2001, 17:57
Hmm, Huggy, unlikely in my experience for a cylinder to be permanently scarred purely from lack of lubrication. Normally in such cases you will find the piston is at fault, perhaps having picked up some shavings from the box and transmitted them into the cylinder via the main shaft. Even then, such is the longevity of today's cylinders that they will protest only slightly at moderate misuse and regain their previous grip at the next use, rather similar to rebooting a computer.

Marvellous things, especially I believe the Scandinavian models, many of which these days have nipples only as decoration and a source of nostalgia for the old hardheads.

Keep it coming. Everything wil be OK.

Biggles Flies Undone
28th Sep 2001, 17:58
Ah yes – the ‘flapsforty nipple teasing technique’! My trousers have never been the same since she gave me such a graphic and technically superior ‘hand on latex’ demonstration at last December’s GatBash :D

I still have the equipment for sim recurrency training (courtesy of PP) but I feel my fingers are too stiff compared with the dextrous digits of the Nipplemeister.

Ahhhh happy days. Roll on December :rolleyes:

28th Sep 2001, 18:12
Yep, binos, I have to wax enthusistically over the particular model I have. I've been told that this faraway look comes into my eyes when I'm giving her a good polishing...

Handling is excellent, never had any complaints about her at all. Very smooth on the shorter stuff, and as comfortable as anything when on a long run. Handling flat out is good too and, as I'm sure you'll appreciate, she is fairly fast, but just purrs along. She keeps quite lot hidden away behind those front bumpers...

The interior finishing is quite excellent. As for upholstery, I don't think anyone who has experienced leather can ever go back to cheaper stuff.

28th Sep 2001, 18:14
Thanks binos. Now you mention it, I do remember an unusual vibration last time I reconnected my driveshaft to the box. I had put this down to a tight thrust bearing, (I believe people with half-shafts suffer this problem a lot less) but I suppose a lose shaving could be irritating my machinery.

Is it worth flushing out the box, or should I just repack it with a little more grease?

Biggles Flies Undone
28th Sep 2001, 18:24
G SXTY always worth checking what stage of the cycle you're at before reaching TDC as well ;)

28th Sep 2001, 18:31
I think upholstery is really down to personal taste. We all enjoy the sight and smell of real leather, but I personally prefer the feel of neatly trimmed velour. It’s less slippery on hot days, and holds you in better during tight cornering.

You’re right, timing of the cycle is absolutely crucial. Pre-ignition problems play havoc with your head, you know.

28th Sep 2001, 18:53
G SXTY; always pleased to help.

By all means repack the box, a couple of times if necessary. If that fails, let it switch off, then after a suitable period, turn it on again. You will be surprised at how often the problems flush themselves away.

Generally speaking, the home mechanic is more familiar with the equipment, especially the somewhat idiosyncratic European models. This is far cheaper than seeking outside help, although a qualified outsider can often bring fresh ideas to the problem and achieve remarkable results.

Just remember that some boxes, just like some main shafts, revel in heavy duty use, while others have to be treated with more care.

28th Sep 2001, 19:07
Of course, if you apply the clutch several times before starting, even the most difficult models become easier.

28th Sep 2001, 21:46
My belt snapped last week when I was driving hard and my intire top end was ruined. Now my head is no use at all and needs compelety redoing.