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28th Sep 2001, 16:11
Chesney Hawkes?

"I am the one and only...."

Yep mate, you certainly were.....

Bonnie Tyler?

"Turn arooouuunnndddd bright eyes"


Steven Wright?

Deadpan comedian. Dead?

No comment
28th Sep 2001, 16:41
Just when we thought Chesney was off the "scene" for good, he's turned up with a new band somewhere in the darkest recesses of Fulham... watch this space...

Stiff Lil' Fingers
28th Sep 2001, 16:55
Swash, you can add the following to your 'Where are they now' rollcall of D-list celebs:

- Frank Bough
- Saint & Greavsie
- Wincey Willis (ex-TVAM weather person)
- Timmy Mallett
- Maggie Philbin
- Sally James (but she was nice)
- Joe Dolce (Shaddupayaface)
- Showaddywaddy (bound to be still going strong in Leicester)
- Jason Donovan

But I do have news of one burned out star who is back to haunt us. I have it on good authority that the guy who played 'Roland' in Grange Hill (as in, "I only want to be your friend Roland....") does celebrity guest appearances at the "School Disco" club in Hammersmith. Cool mmmmm maybe not!

28th Sep 2001, 17:06
Wasn't Frank Bough the guy who used to do breakfast TV and got canned coz of sex & drugs stuff?

Think Sally James is on 'Countdown' now-and-again.

Wincey Willis was on 'Treasure Hunt' in '80s, no?

Jason Donovan (he of cocaine) has 2nd career appearing on 'Top 10' shows... :D

Thought of another two:

Emo Philips?

Wimpy comedian - same generation as steven wright.

Tony Slattery?

Late 80's TV personality. "Whose line is it anyway" and similar stuff.

Hersham Boy
29th Sep 2001, 21:30
Not sure where he is now, but Chesney Hawkes is the son of one of The Tremeloes. Used to live in Sunningdale. Fairly close to Robin Gibb (extra-toothy anorexic-looking BG). So there.

As for School Disco - this is a fine venue. And the thought of Roland (sorry - "Row-land") turning up makes it only the better!)

Bonnie Tyler was in my office recently. Very Welsh, loads of make-up, not doing much. Nice, though.

Frank Bough (Boff) - hero of our times. Presenter of Nationwide who had a penchant for the party powder and young girls. Lives in a VERY large house in Esher, I believe. Which is also where Errol Brown (he believes in miracles) lives. And some well-known Professor bloke that Hersh's Bird seems to bump into quite a lot. Not Stephen Hawking, though... memory's not what it used to be.

How's life, Stiff?


29th Sep 2001, 22:37
Jason Donovan is living in Bondi with his wife? and child now. Apparently clean :D

Kermit 180
30th Sep 2001, 12:44
Grange Hill and Roland. <Shivers> :eek:

Tartan Gannet
30th Sep 2001, 13:18
What about Anneka Rice, the most beautiful big bottie on TV. Treasure Hunt was a good program anyway but was made all the more enjoyable by seeing Anneka's lovely big bum in that jumpsuit as she got out of the helicopter and ran towards some building in search of the next clue yelling "stop the clock" when she found it. :)

30th Sep 2001, 14:17
I saw Anneka Rice over the August bank holiday at Brancaster in Norfolk. Although she was dressed in sailing gear, she still has a good bottom.

Tartan Gannet
30th Sep 2001, 14:37
Thanks Pilots Pal. Im pleased that this bonnie lassie wi the muckle hurdies is still in fine fettle.

I wish they would bring back Treasure Hunt. Unlike some of the no brainer quizes with sarcastic sleazeball bozos as presenters, (University Challenge excepted), Treasure Hunt had an intelligent gentleman, Magnus Magnusson, as its compere and it was informative and based on skill not just luck.

30th Sep 2001, 18:01
Surley Kenneth Kendall, TG?

Tartan Gannet
30th Sep 2001, 18:24
You may well be right Swashplate, though I did think it was Magnus. Anyway, unlike Tarrant and others, the compere was a polite and courteous man who did NOT try to humiliate the contestants nor have sport at their expense. I detest the Anne Robinson Weakest Link type of quiz shows, likewise Dog eat Dog although I do like Ulrika Johnson. Despite the generously mammaniferous Melinda Messenger I cant say I care much for Fort Boyard either.

BTW as this thread is "whatever happened to?" what became of Krypton Factor and Top of the Form, both first class and very informative contests? Also, does anyone remember Clodagh Rodgers? What happened to her?

2nd Oct 2001, 12:56
Found this:

Love the R22!!! :D :D