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15th May 2001, 06:34
And I am "Amazed"!...how anyone can ingest this! :)

After returning to the states, I prepared myself for the ultimate taste test. Of course, I had to have witnesses. I drafted my co-workers for a group participation.

I passed the jars of Marmite and Vegemite around for everyone to inspect. We decided on the Marmite since it had a darker texture and looked similar to "chocolate fudge"...
Of course opening the lid dispelled that logic. What an aroma! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif

Now was the time to make the final decision to proceed. With crackers in hand, we sparingly (as ExSim, IFR and others recommended) spread this unknown substance to a transparent consistency. I made sure sparingly was reinforced. I conveyed the adamant directions from the Marmite authorities.

It was agreed on the count of three we'd simultaneously indulge. One...Two...Three. Crunch...silence...Ok so maybe it's not so bad. It was tolerable, but a bit disdain taste. Hmmm...maybe I didn't put enough on my cracker? Time to try cracker No. 2 with an added heap of Marmite. WRONG! My chair and I took a rolling spin backwards to the nearest trash receptacle. Aside from the abnormal noises coming from my person, my cohorts said they'd never seen such a contorted face! :)

Everyone turned to their PC's entering in a keyword search "Marmite". They had to know why in the world would anyone want to eat this. Amazing how many websites were found. Next thing I know we have the "Vegemite" song playing. What a happy bouncy song sung by children who seemed to enjoy their Marmite! It remained the discussion of the day and created an "All bets are on" for any passer-bys we could draft.

From time to time we take the jars down just to take a whiff. Perhaps we are trying to convince our palatal senses this really is a food source.

ExSim...I will thank you for the experience, but I've yet to become a Marmite recruit. :)

PS: If it's any consolation, some have mellowed to the thought "it just might be good sparingly mixed in selected food dishes."

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Dave Incognito
15th May 2001, 07:00

Black gold.

You just have to love yeast and it’s derivatives. It goes into the bread you eat, the marmite you spread on the bread, and the beer you drink to wash it all down.

Hmmm, sounds like today's lunch actually. :)

Have a good one, Dave.

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15th May 2001, 07:13
Judy, sounds like that stuff's derived from Soylent Green. :)

15th May 2001, 09:22
Actually Marmite is a by-product of brewing. Take a trip to Burton-on-Trent where you will find the Marmite factory next door to Bass Breweries.

Vegemite is just a watered down version of the real thing. Not surprising if its a by-product of that watered down Aussie "beer." Its eatable though and better than nothing as long as its well chilled. :)

Through difficulties to the cinema

cockpit radiated
15th May 2001, 10:27
BS - (blacksheep that is) the good thing about people like you knocking fine aussie brews, is thats there's more left for everyone else! Boag's anyone?

Dave Incognito
15th May 2001, 10:37
Your shout CR.

Mmmmmm....Boag's :)

Flying is easy - just throw yourself at the ground and miss.

compressor stall
15th May 2001, 10:43
Mmmmm Boags. Nectar of the Gods.

Hey JTT,

Vegemite is the worlds richest source of Vitamin B, and yes the happy little vegemites song is still played on ads on tele.

I doubt that there would be a child in oz who did not know the words.

AS i mentioned in a previous thread, once I won $20 for eating a 250g jar of vegemite with a teaspoon in under 1 minute.

Those who restrain desire do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained.
William Blake

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cockpit radiated
15th May 2001, 10:46
okey dokey then dave, Strongarm, or *just* a premium?
BTW - Mr heiniken can have Foster's, it may remove our nations association with this 'venom of satan'. (maybe a bit harsh?)

Dave Incognito
15th May 2001, 11:00
Cheers CR!!

A premium would go down a treat.

Fosters is bad. This is true. However, CUB also make VB which is good.

Back on the topic,

To date I have yet to meet an Australian that doesn't love either vegimite or marmite. After all "it puts a rose in every cheek".

Flying is easy - just throw yourself at the ground and miss.

Hersham Boy
15th May 2001, 12:53
Marmite is, without exception, the finest substance on earth. The thought of hot, buttered Marmite toast is making me drool onto my desk as I type.

It is "The growing-up spread you never grow out of". Actually, there's quite a few things I've never grown out of, but this is one I'm happy to endorse on PPRuNe...

Vegemite is nearly as good, but a miss is as good as a mile I'm afraid.

Nobody's mentioned Bovril? Similar to King Marm, but runnier and slightly beefier in the author's opinion. It slides into second place pushing Vegemite down to a respectable but non-drool-making third.

Vive Le Marmite!

I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby

15th May 2001, 13:25
Judy honey,

You've got to do this right!

First you need toast. Marmite on crackers? Well, might be OK...but I think it would be a very acquired taste. Then you need butter first; marmite alone is only for the real addicts or those on very low fat diets who've given up on expecting things to taste good. Then you want it spread more thinly than you would believe possible - a teeny dab on the end of a knife to cover the whole slice. Then...bliss! Wonderful stuff; I spent five years living in the US and had to be sent care packages if Marmite if I was to survive. Bovril? Yuck, nasty beefy stuff. Vegemite? OK, but a poor substitute.

But I've tried to explain this before, and it does seem that you have to be UK born and bred to really appreciate the stuff.


To fly is human, to hover, divine.

Stan Sted
15th May 2001, 14:04
Hi de hi Judy

I totally agree with Whirly and Hershy about the buttered toast. But you need to choose your bread carefully and take care in the toasting and the choice and application of the butter.

This is my favourite method:

I. Take one slice of plain white bread (not granary, wholemeal or other fancy stuff) and place under a gas or electric grill. Do not use a electric toaster or toasted sandwich maker.

2. Grill one side until crunchy and a deep golden brown.

3.Turn over slice and grill other side until lightly golden brown.

4.Remove slice from heat and apply thickish coating of butter, preferably English, although Normandy or Danish will do. Do not use margarine or soft butter spread.

5. Return buttered slice to grill and heat until butter melts and soaks into moderately golden brown toast.

6. Remove from heat and smear lightly with Marmite. Do not forget to apply Marmite up to the edges of toast.

7. Return buttered and Marmited toast to grill and heat for a further 30 seconds or so until the whole lot is sizzling.

8. Eat immediately.

9. Prepare to make more slices of same

So there we have it Jude...the perfect recipe for Marmite toast. Try it and you will be become a big fan and will order it for breakfast next time you are in a UK hotel.


Many thanks again for the Wint O Green mints and Ass-Kicking paprika peanuts. I tried some of the Wintos on friends at work and none of them seemed to like them. One chap spat his out immediately and said: " Bloody hell, how on earth can you eat something with wintergreen in it? The coach used to rub wintergreen ointment on my legs when I was injured playing football."

Because wintergreen is an aromatic stimulant it is also used in horse liniment. Is that why Texans like it so much?

I have become a big fan of the mints and the peanuts since you introduced me to them at the Ash bash last year. So I reckon in time you will become a big Marmite fan too. When shall I mail the first box full?



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Celtic Emerald
15th May 2001, 14:40
I thought Marmite & Vegemite belonged to the

http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif'NO SEX WE'RE BRITISH' http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gifera

It's definitely not an Oirish conncoction anyway :)


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15th May 2001, 14:55

Dave Incog, Boags! Yeah nice, but caviar on a chips budget huh.

As Mal will tell you Reschs, XXXX and the famous green can will suffice until we all get real jobs, or at least well the hell out of GA.

Then again if it's CR's shout for Boags who are we to argue?


(Edited due to excessive consumption of aforesaid Reschs XXXX and green cans)

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15th May 2001, 16:18
Don't I just love Aussies? Salt of the earth party animals, but as I said in another thread I know where to kick yez so it hurts. :)

The only way to argue about Aussie v Pommy beer is to do it with an ice cold tinny of whatever is the local brew in one hand and a Marmite or Vegemite toastie in the other.

As to eating Marmite off a cracker - yeeeccchhhh!!!! Judy dear, you only eat Branston Pickle off crackers (spread on a slab of Red Leicester of course.) Get yer jar of Marmite back down off the shelf and follow Stan Sted's perfect recipe for a trip to heaven. Accompanied with either an ice cold Aussie beer or a room temperature British Bitter.

[A word of warning - whatever you do don't mix it with ANY American brew!]

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Feeton Terrafirma
15th May 2001, 16:27
Hey CR,

A Boags Original Bitter thx mate.


Oh, BTW, Vegemite rules!!

Flood Control Victim

Stiff Lil' Fingers
15th May 2001, 17:10
Marmite is, without exception, the worst substance on earth. The thought of hot, buttered Marmite toast is almost making me hurl onto my desk as I type.

It is supposedly "The growing-up spread you never grow out of" unless of course you never grew into it in the first place! Actually, there's quite a few things I've never grown into, and this is one I could never happily endorse on PPRuNe in a million years...

Vegemite is nearly as bad, and misses by a mile I'm afraid.

Nobody's mentioned Bovril? Similar to King Marm, but actually edible, being beefy in taste. It slides into first place pushing both Marmite and Vegemite into the waste bin.

Non vive pas le Marmite! :)

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15th May 2001, 17:18
I absolutely love marmite..how can you not? It has such a "distinct" taste (some would say "extinct", but I beg to differ). Why do people not like marmite? http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif
Anyway..I just thought I'd share the fact that some people do actuallu like it!!! :rolleyes:

15th May 2001, 17:18
Stan Sted forgot the mug of tea.....

However, I do my toast in the toaster and it seems OK.

Must add to the comments about crackers - thats' for cheese Judy! :) :)

15th May 2001, 17:22
PigBoat...Soylent Green? :) Excellent!

Well, this has been very informative to say the least! :) I do recall IFR mentioning the marmite should be taken on toast. I only found "toasted crackers" around our work area.

Perhaps I should prepare Marmite the proper way as Stan and Whirly suggested. At least I'd be given it's fair due.

Stan...Ha! Never thought about the wintergreen and horse liniment comparison. You're absolutely right! :)

CS...I'm quite impressed! No way can I comprehend eating a whole jar! :)
We too did read about the rich Vitamin B content we felt would be beneficial. It is getting to the proper way of ingesting it that puzzled us. :)

pied piper
15th May 2001, 18:50
I tried Haribos Salty Liquorish the other day

Oh my god! yuch!$%

I will never beg for another Blow job again..

This week

15th May 2001, 20:28
Let's not forget Twiglets (original flavour only). The party snack of the Gods.

Tasted better when they were packaged in a red cardboard box though.

15th May 2001, 20:38
Stan Sted. great recipe, but try a layer of cheese between the marmite and toast before the grilling. Faannntastic

Bird Strike
15th May 2001, 21:01
I'm sorry but I prefer penut butter on my toast, and Brie and Japanese pink pickled ginger (or whatever it's called) on my crackers. No Vegemite or Marmite for either myself or my hubby! They both taste too salty in my opinion. Is there a reduced salt version?

Puffin Killer
15th May 2001, 22:27
May I make a suggestion? Why not try a cheese (preferably cheddar) and Marmite sarni?

A combination made in heaven. :):

Hersham Boy
15th May 2001, 23:50
Stiff Lil'

You cut'n'paste'n'rearranging cad, you. Take it all back!

Bird Strike

You're a bluddy genius! Brie and Japanese pink pickled ginger on crackers! I've just passed-out at the thought of it's deliciousness!

Hersham Roux (the lost brother)

Stan Sted
16th May 2001, 02:12
I think we ought to have a Marmite moment at the PPRuNe summer party, the Gatbash at Gatwick UK on June 9.

Best time would be around 3.30 am when we are still gathered round the bar and waiting to start 10W's musical sofas game.

We could try a selection of Marmite and toast accessories such as:

Marmite and cheese on toast
Marmite,cheese and bacon on toast
Marmite, mushrooms,cheese and bacon on toast
Marmite, ham, mushrooms and cheese on toast
Marmite, pastrami and cheese on toast
Marmite, chorizo sausage and cheese on toast

I have tried all the above and many other combinations. I also tried Marmite with a wonderful Bill O'Hagan Caribbean banger, but have to admit the banger was better Bill's way.

Judy, I think I might be tempted to try the ultimate: A Marmite toastie with Winto O Greens and Ass kicking peanuts.



Stan Sted
16th May 2001, 02:29
Although I have written in this forum about my fondness for Marmite, I do have to admit that I prefer the more sophisticated taste of Patum Peperium, the wonderful Gentleman's relish, made exclusively at Elsenham, a mere stone's throw from good old Stansted, Essex, UK.

This delicious paste made from a blend of anchovies, butter and exotic herbs and spices was invented in 1828 and has drawn a dedicated band of enthusiasts ever since.

It is absolutely sensational on hot buttered toast and unlike Marmite, can be heaped on an inch without the taste overpowering the palate.

For more information see this website:


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16th May 2001, 03:48
The wonderful thing about Marmite is it's similarity to chocolate spread. Our colonial USA cousins will eagerly spread Marmite thickly onto their toast but only just ONCE!! :)

16th May 2001, 05:23
Stan, it sounds like Marmite could become an expensive nosh if you had to factor in the cost of the cardiac bypass surgery requred after eating all that butter in your original recipie. :)

cockpit radiated
16th May 2001, 06:35
Vegemite consumption:
Breakfast - nice thick, light to mediumly toasted white bread, a generous (not copious) smearing of butter (real butter!), closely followed by a similar quantity of Vegemite. (if u can handle it)
Lunch - White bread with a very light spread of butter followed by Vegemite then some thickly sliced Coon! OH YEAH! (Coon is cheese - for the novices - perhaps chedder, but REAL chedder, not this "cheese" they call chedder in the 'states, which is in fact just chemically altered lard.)
Marmite consumption: Feed to dog. (even this may be a little cruel.

Back to the beer wars - VB YEAH! XXXX maybe... Reches' *puke* I'm a *NEW* recruit to Tooheys' NEW. But when it comes to really pleasing the taste-buds it's gotta come outta Tasmania! That should sort the locals out, aside from this, a pint of Kilkenny is happiness.

16th May 2001, 07:31
Everyone makes it sound soooo Delicious....and yet...well, perhaps I should give it another try.

Another irony, one of our engineers is from the UK. Should have seen his eyes brighten up when I mentioned I had Marmite fresh from the UK. He said he loved it with peanut butter. I think I have a taker. :)

16th May 2001, 14:21
In the words of Marmite's own advertising campaign...

"You either love it or your hate it"

cockpit radiated
16th May 2001, 17:51
"We all LOVE our vegemite"
"We all ADORE our vegemite"...

Biggles Flies Undone
16th May 2001, 18:13
All this nonsense about Aussie beers!! They are lager-type brews (bottom fermenting), heated (pasteurised) then mixed with chemicals to preserve the flavour and give an artificial head. They are served ice cold, so how much variation in flavour can you possibly get?

Contrast that with a traditional English ale. Top fermenting and live. Nothing artificial and the only additives to the cask are ‘finings’ to help the beer to clear and stay fresh. There are hundreds of different regional brews – each with its own distinctive flavour thanks to the Master Brewer’s art of blending hops, malt and local water.

So, what’s it to be – natural beer or chemical engineering? Well, I’ve been known to sup a pint of lager on a hot summer’s day but the true joy to the palate is a good pint of ale. Light, hoppy and refreshing for a summer evening session, dark malty and strong for a cold winter’s night. Ahhhhh :)

Pretty much the same goes for the Marmite debate. Vegemite is just a pale imitation engineered to suit the bland Antipodean palate..... http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif

ducks incoming

Pilot's sex kitten
16th May 2001, 18:26
Personally I love marmite but I have a word of warning for all marmite addicted persons out there. My friend and her boyfriend both thought marmite was on a par with ambrosia. One evening, finding they had run out of chocolate mousse decided to substitute marmite as part of their sexual activities. Let's just say that they didn't repeat the experience. So if anyone else thinks this is a good idea, you have been warned.

Send Clowns
16th May 2001, 18:53
I cannot stand the stuff, but I love twiglets. Anyone else find this dichotomy?

'Me here at last on the ground, you in mid air'

16th May 2001, 19:26
I think you really need to be brought up on it. In England, one of the first solid foods you start on is marmite on toast, and I guess you just grow up loving it.

Personally I couldn't live without the stuff. Being a new resident of Texas, I'm shocked by the price they charge in the specialty shops, it works out as about five quid for a tiny jar. Just as well we brought half a dozen catering tubs of it with us, together with a few thousand pg tips tea bags.

As the advert states, you either love it or hate it. i've never met anyone who was halfway on this.

Oh and kudos to marmite for one of the best adverts of the last few years. The brits will know the one i mean, about the stunning girl who takes the guy back for coffee and has a marmite crumpet. Priceless.


"Every time I learn some new stuff, it pushes some of the old stuff out!" - Homer Simpson Esq.

17th May 2001, 01:39
Marmite - I have to say that I hate it. It's a vile vile substance. I was once offered a lovely piece of toast.. what a nasty trick to play on a girl http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif

Almost on a par with peanut butter.. a friend explained that if you don't use enough butter on your bread it sticks to the roof of your mouth, and that's where I was going wrong! eugh...

17th May 2001, 04:41
I really tried to warn you, JTT!!!

Marmite or Vegemite....yeecchhhhhh.

Yeast 'by-products' they say. Or more colloquially - yeast sh%t.

17th May 2001, 04:58
Judy and Baggy, I wondered if anyone would bring (throw?)up the common element in Marmite and Peanut Butter. I agree with Judy on the Marmite, only more so. Unspeakable. As to the Peanut butter, a kindly, I think, American gave us a whole jar of the stuff during the War. One tiny taste was enough. We spent the rest of the hostilities looking for another to whom we could give it. We eventually did, and he appeared grateful, as we pooh-poohed our sacrifice in parting with it. De gustibus non est disputandum.

17th May 2001, 09:48
I might have to agree with the points made about growing up on Marmite.

In our house, (well I say house, but those who were there know what I mean) in the industrial wastelands of South Durham we had porrage for breakfast, bread and dripping for dinner (dripping if we were lucky, mind) and old newspapers for tea. (There's none of that lunch nonsense north of the Ouse!) We needed the Marmite to give the newspapers a bit of flavour.

I remember once one of the toffs from the Redcoat School letting me smell his fish and chips, which was quite pleasant (the likes of us is beholden to the likes of he) but there's still nothing like a bit of Daily Herald and Marmite. If it weren't for those pints of Federation we'd all be dead. (Vaux is OK as well mind, but that Newcastle breweries muck? Pure weasel's piss!)

Now I know someone's bound to say that were luxury. But if they do, then they're damned right! :)

Through difficulties to the cinema

17th May 2001, 12:46
Ah!!!! Vegemite, dont eat it much these days but it goes well on fresh bread buttered with a thin slice of tasty cheese.

When spread on a rusk (hard round bread stick, about the thickness of a finger), is a great pacifier for a teething Rug Rat.

Crunchy peanut butter is great as well ( but sticks to the roof of the mouth if spread too thick). The Dick Smith brand peanut butter is realy good, cant wait to try the Aussie mite if it ever get produced..

tony draper
17th May 2001, 12:54
Ah!, bread and dripping,you just can't get decent animal fats nowadays. :)
PS what about bread and marj with a sugar dusting.

17th May 2001, 14:14
:rolleyes:Well personally, I feel that the ultimate taste sensation is peanut butter and jam.
Now that, is something. http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif

Having said that...I'm very partial to marmite myself (but vegemite is not quite the same) http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif

My bro. gets told off by my Dad for eating marmite too much...says it's bad for you in large quantities...

AS IF!...I mean, come on? :)

What do you people think of hot toast with melted butter and marmite on it? Isn't it just a match made in heaven??! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif

17th May 2001, 15:44
For our US/Canadian cousins who are too stingy to come to a bash (they appear to be unsure as to how to use it, it appears under Miscellaneous, not Spreads)

17th May 2001, 17:26

I must just add that my favourite method of partaking of the black ambrosia is to toast a crumpet under a VERY hot grill, spread lashings of real butter on it, follow that with MASSES (not piddly "scrapes" like you wusses are advocating) of Marmite, spread some grated extra mature cheddar on top of this and return to the VERY hot grill until cheese is golden brown. Remove from the grill and start to experience the ultimate delight in culinary perfection!

Incidentally, when I was a kid, my sister bet me 1 (a lot of money then), that I wouldn't eat a thick slab of marzipan spread with a liberal dose of Marmite --- she lost!!!

Wasn't THAT bad actually ---- well, perhaps it was ! :)

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Rallye Driver
17th May 2001, 22:11
Yes, Marmite is definitely on of Britain's greatest inventions. And yes it must be eaten with lashings of butter.

But how about another great British invention - Worcester Sauce?

I remember reading somewhere that a supply had been found in some abandoned mining settlement in the US which had been there since the 1870s. And the amazing thing was that it had matured with age like a fine wine. I've been meaning to lay some down like vintage port to see if the ageing works, but always seem to use it up in the mean time.

Dislikes? Spam. And minty toothpaste sandwiches, which a friend of mine used to eat - yuk!

17th May 2001, 22:22
I still think Sandwich Spread is the tops!

Someone mentioned twiglets....not bad.

spud's on the job
18th May 2001, 15:04
But surely the best bit about Marmite is the fact that when you get towards the end of the jar, a large part under the rim becomes inaccesible to knife or spoon, and the ONLY decent thing to do is get your finger in there, spin it round, haul it out and lick the huge lump off in one go – nectar!

Beaten only of course by eating whole oxo cubes, - FANTASTIC!

however, despite many attempts I still have not managed to drive up the marmite motorway as yet…

Capt Vegemite
19th May 2001, 07:39
We're happy little vegemites here are we?

tony draper
19th May 2001, 14:51
Anybody else remember Malt, my old mother kept a huge jar of this thick foul goo in the cupboard, and force fed us a huge spoonfull every night.
You marmiteophiles would have probably enjoyed it.yuck :)

19th May 2001, 19:45
Although several connections have been made between marmite and peanut butter I'm amazed nobody else seems to have put them together.
The link with beer has been well established so I have to confess my favourite midnight post-pub snack is crumpets toasted until properly crispy then smothered with butter,marmite and crunchy peanut butter.
This perfect combination is the only thing that can relegate curried chips into second place.

Puffin Killer
19th May 2001, 21:19
According to my wife, my father-in-law (Ex RN) loves scrambled egg on toast that is covered with marmite. :)

Tony – I do remember malt and even as a mamite addict I didn’t like it.


20th May 2001, 12:18
i remember mouse traps :)

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

tony draper
20th May 2001, 21:23
I remember mice, don't seem to get them now.

20th May 2001, 22:28
Marmite is quite simply "the food of the gods".

You'll find it almost impossible to convince the Worlds lost souls.

There is hope for Judy TT though. A slim one, but still hope.

However I'm afraid any race that eats peanutbutter with jam, has serious culinary problems.

If you're not that brave, you could always try jello.(Ughh)

If that fails to take your fancy, how about a few grits with your brekkie. (Mmm nothing better than last nights regurgitated semolina)

All this typing has made me peckish, so it's off to the toaster for me... now where's the Marmite.

P.S vegemite tastes rank, like eating Flora Ughhhh.

Edited, because I can. :)
Stay cool, stay longer.

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21st May 2001, 00:10
You mentioned Semolina;

Now you`re talking!

tony draper
21st May 2001, 00:27
Semolina with a big dollop of strawberry jam
remember that from sproghood. :)

21st May 2001, 00:34
No, no! You have all got it wrong. Marmite and crumpet ->>>> not necessarily in that order <<<<< :rolleyes:

Toast the crumpets until they are just a little bit brown and crispy. Thin layer of butter, then the nectar! Then heaven for five minutes! Trust me I'm a crumpet man :)

21st May 2001, 00:37
Mmmm, Marmite is a waste product of producing beer, p!ss is a waste product of drinking it. Not too disimilar really ;)

10 West
[email protected]

21st May 2001, 04:46
:) !!10W...now that sums it all up.

BTW, on our first attempt to eat the Marmite, we used toasted crackers that had peanut butter on them. We scraped the peanut butter off. Perhaps we should have left it on.

Ha!...and to think we thought it would spoil the taste. ;)