View Full Version : a new vision

27th Sep 2001, 15:20
Maybe all this rushing around in barely subsonic beercans is potty.

Here's my version of a preferred flight from Sydney to London...

Instead of trekking to KSA we turn off at the Olympic site that once looked for a new role. Walk over to dirigible pylon 3 and board the flight to London, scheduled to take a few days depending on winds and weather.

We settle into out cabin and make sure the beer and snack fridge has all our favorites. Yep, all is well and the music/video/sat-TV/pprune system is a beauty.

Move to the scenery viewing lounge for the first takeoff, order a G & T, pick a table and start chatting with a bunch of terrific people who clearly will be an absolute pleasure to share company with until we arrive.

The countryside starts moving by, while our hosts explain all the features, history, politics and plans for the places that pass.

In due course we arrive, with no jet lag and have an address book filled with new friends.

Perfect! :)