View Full Version : definition of frustration

27th Sep 2001, 10:55
I'll start with "a terrorist with an Ansett ticket" :eek:

27th Sep 2001, 11:19
1. A Life Insurance salesman in heaven.

2. PpruNe chat or forums not working!

27th Sep 2001, 11:27
Will no-one give Danny the option? It's his crib! null

27th Sep 2001, 13:47
I started with "An aircraft-less pilot" and went from there to "A UAV pilot" - I mean, what on earth is the point of an aircraft you can't get in, fly, throw around the place a bit?? ;)

27th Sep 2001, 23:32
A one handed man hanging from a cliff and wants to scratch his balls.

tony draper
28th Sep 2001, 03:29
Bet this makes your eyes water.

A man sliding down a giant razor blade using his nob as a brake. :eek:

Thinking about that makes one cringe in the nether regions.

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28th Sep 2001, 03:55
One porcupine that really really fancies another porcupine, when the mating season is here and the moulting season isn't... :eek:

28th Sep 2001, 04:36
Mr. D, add a bucket of iodine at the end of that razor blade..

28th Sep 2001, 05:13
Draper...uhhh how izit that that would be frustrating? And yes my eyes are watering.

29th Sep 2001, 08:19
Draper, My eyes are full of tears just considering that possibility... hmmm me thinks this might be a good punishment for certain terrorist people. How about it Dubya? care for some new anti-terrorist prevention methods!!! It would make most men stop in their tracks and I guess it might just cause pain to a few women as well, poor dears won't have their fav cock to love anymore hehehe

29th Sep 2001, 15:14
Standing outside a toilet with a bent coin!

Pilot Pete
29th Sep 2001, 20:06
A nun doing press-ups in a cucumber patch?


29th Sep 2001, 20:31
Pilot Pete, she ain't frustrated now.

Sprucey, great to see you are back online :D

Cisco Kid
30th Sep 2001, 02:59
A one -legged man in an arse kicking contest!(poor taste again Im afraid)

30th Sep 2001, 04:03
being in a room full of strippers on their day off! :mad:

gravity victim
1st Oct 2001, 18:59
I was told it's a blind Scotsman in a hurry trying to pick the lock of a public lavatory with a bit of wet spaghetti. :eek:

10th Oct 2001, 18:59
everyone knows that true frustration is when you want to pprune but just get that stupid this page cannot be displayed! :mad:
i call it the white page of frustration :(

12th Oct 2001, 03:45
Someone in my office had a placard which basically said:

"Frustration is the inability to choke the living s**t out of someone who richly deserves it". :D