View Full Version : Jesus wants Slasher as a Sunbeam

Celtic Emerald
26th Sep 2001, 21:46
I'm sorry I just couldn't resist it. Now you'se see what you make me do when temptation is put in my way. What does the oul holy book say about avoiding temptation again???? :confused:

Gees Danny I see you & PPRuNe were quoted on the Sunday Tribune. You're famous mate! :D


27th Sep 2001, 00:39
You must have that wrong CE he goes round supermarkets thrusting his groin out, are you sure it was a sunbeam he wanted?

Danny's new title is Danny the Despot, he'll have to get another logo now, maybe Hagar the Horrible?

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27th Sep 2001, 00:44
No more religion Em, so just to save your b*tt from the Captn's boot, how bout we change it to:

"flaps wouldn't mind him for a sunset either"?


27th Sep 2001, 01:19
ok Flaps, you can have him for the sunset and I'll have him for the moonlight!

27th Sep 2001, 01:43
Sunbeam Tiger, now that was a fine automobile.

Religion and politics do not go well at parties or bashes or family get togethers and on PPRuNe. There are better things to talk about on an Aviation Forum. Anyone got any good drink recipies?

I understand about serious flight deck door modifications, but what about the bulkhead?

27th Sep 2001, 01:49
No more politics or religion.

So that's Tartan Gannet back out of the door.
That's no more mention of Ireland.
That's no more gibes at T**y B***r
IDS now means Tornado and nothing else, right?
Don't mention I***mic anything.
No more jokes including lines like: "sod me, said Edwina Currie to the Bishop, is that your hand on my leg?"

Come on Biggles, give us a hand!

tony draper
27th Sep 2001, 01:56
Hmmm, my peppers didn't do to well this year, tomatoes were ok,
Nights cutting in quick now.
You just cannot buy decent bacon nowadays.

27th Sep 2001, 02:01
Gee, so there goes the "If Jesus was a Democrat, Republican, or an independant."

Ahh well, politica and religion never mixed well anyway.

Now we can all concentrate on sex! :D

27th Sep 2001, 02:35
:D Chance would be a fine thing! :D

27th Sep 2001, 04:36
* Already no more talk of sex!

* now no more talk of politics?

* no more talk of religion?

So what in the tory f**k will we talk about for christs sake? :confused:

PP I suppose youd want me to shower first?

Biggles Flies Undone
27th Sep 2001, 14:08
I reckon we should talk about gardening (not the uphill variety though). Much reference to trimming the bush and planting seed should allow fertile minds such as U-R’s to florish ;)

Slasher can stick to rooting :D

P.S. flaps and PP – can I have the video rights? 10% of all proceeds to the PPRuNe fund.....

27th Sep 2001, 14:17
Well, since we're already (p)pruning, not a lot wrong with trimming the bush, pollination, propagation, planting seeds, etc. but please remember to put the seedlings out first...

Ooooharrrr - a video of PP and/or Flaps in my potting shed - that'll get the green fingers working... :D

27th Sep 2001, 14:47
Slasher, of course you have to shower. Just to make sure it's done properly, perhaps Flaps and I had better do it for you.

BFU - and just where does this new-found interest in video photography spring from? Admit it, you just want to get in that shower with the rest of us, don't you?

Don D Cake
27th Sep 2001, 15:03
Mr D, ditto. Had a marvelous crop of cucumbers though, pity you can't freeze them.

If you're ever in Bath, visit the Sausage Shop. Best sausages I've ever had the pleasure to have eaten. Good pubs too.

Never owned a Sunbeam but I had a Bond Bug (orange wedged shaped three wheeler). Absolute death trap, used to fall over going round corners.

27th Sep 2001, 15:07
And where can one do a bit of cross-fertilisation with one's seedlings???

Yes folks --- a shed. :)

Biggles Flies Undone
27th Sep 2001, 15:18
PP - I'll get myself a waterproof camera. Slasher can provide somewhere to hang the strap - I'll just make sure I don't drop the soap :D

Looks like we could all be Shed pilots soon - does that mean we all have to be compost mentis? :eek:

27th Sep 2001, 16:11
The answer loise in ther ... ooh noo, aaar mebe not arfter aal, now where's that danged shed they be washing that lad with the big thingy, praps I'll try and join em, or then again mebbe jus av a peep, could be gettin a bit crowded in ther

27th Sep 2001, 16:24
Paterbrat, that has to be the best impression of Joe Grundy I've seen in a long time! ;)

27th Sep 2001, 16:35
No, no, no, no, no, parking in the other field.

No, no , no, no ,no, refreshments will be available in the refreshments tent.

Bloodly, knee-jerk, reactionary airlines, doom-laden media. The only way to win is to never surrender. Have faith.

27th Sep 2001, 16:36
You can't talk about (p)pruning because the fundamental truth about that is in the Bible. :D

27th Sep 2001, 18:41

Not sure we should be talking about that in here PP, cleanliness being next to Godliness and all that.
Can't be too careful when the Boss is in one of his moods. ;)

........quite fancy that Freshly Sweated Bloke smell myself, but perhaps PP has a point?.....what with the heat in those heathen places, Slash'd soon smell like a piece of cod left in the sun........nah....can't have that I guess........

OK PP, we'll hose him down together, not to worry. That'll give us a chance to finally don those lovely shiny black rainproof outfits BFU is always urging us to wear. Not sure about those high heeled boots though........ You reckon we should wear them in shower?
What the heck!
Sure, the whole nine inches!

nothing against a bit of hygiene really ..... as long as we steer well clear of the mental variety.......

And gardening?
Gardening?? :eek: :eek:
Innuendo through horticulture??
Only Brits......... :rolleyes:

Damn it all, that's me having to learn a whole new vocabulary!
Messrs. BFU & draper seem well versed in the required terminology & mindset....... some private tuition perhaps......... nah... I'm a hopeless case....

And what's with you Huggie, all of a sudden you're gonna ogle the cold blue square eyed monster?
In a shed no less?
That's the end of those bone-crunching, chest-flattening, breathtaking errrrrrrm hugs then is it? :(

Commercial rights?
BFU thinking of showing us in connection with Ham & the EADI?
The ignominy.
What is it you people won't stoop to?

wanders off sadly into real life....... sheds........cuttings........ potting soil...... woe me.......bl**dy showers too.....rich loam.........

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27th Sep 2001, 18:54
Flaps babe, you get a hug from me whenever, whatever... even if there IS a rather nice-looking aspidistra over the other side of the room... :D

Biggles Flies Undone
27th Sep 2001, 19:16
Aspidistra? ASPIDISTRA?? Aggggggghhhhh don’t do that to me Huggy!!

Here I am struggling to sort out the mess that those [censored by PPRuNe Despot] chaps have left my farkin industry in and I’m bombarded by mental images of PP with a loofah and flaps in a ‘shiny black outfit’ plus ‘those’ boots. Good grief, ladies, what are you trying to do (correction – DOING) to me?

Actually, it is SO NICE to see JB getting back into shape!!

And flaps – I was thinking of showing the epic shoot (!) after the EADI video – first the blather and then the lather :D

Wanders off to his potting shed to look for his rooting compound....

28th Sep 2001, 00:41
Ermm, there is much talk about Slasher, but where is the great man himself - has he been cut off in his prime (or pruned so to speak)

28th Sep 2001, 02:35
Yeh Im still around Vel. Bloodey work keeps me from the computer a lot.

Being a pornographer myself ([email protected] jpgs, mpgs) I wouldnt mind a threesome shower shoot with PP and Flaps. Be nice to have it filmed with someone elses hands on it for a change. But keep all the lights on please, just in case I feel up a hairey crack in the dark and bonk it only to find out later it was the photographers @rsehole. :D

28th Sep 2001, 02:46
Slash, I truly do not think you'd make that mistake with BFU! The consequences really don't bear thinking about...

Biggles Flies Undone
28th Sep 2001, 13:49
Bloody hell! Where's the old 'watering eyes' Graemlin when you need it? :eek:

28th Sep 2001, 21:39
All this talk of gardening reminded me yesterday that I need to do something about employing a new gardener so I'm holding the first interview tomorrow.

I'm hoping for something like that hunky Irishman who does Home Front in the Garden...

Celtic Emerald
29th Sep 2001, 16:45
I see where it was quoted on the Sunday Tribune that the pilots on PPRune said that the hijackers must have got simulator training. What a revelation! I seriously believed Sky News when they said all the training they'd need was Microsoft Simulator. Between you me & the wall I'll admit I've written off more planes in Microsoft simulator than in the history of aviation but I never realised this would make me capable of flying a jet. If I ever manage to worm my way into a cockpit again which somehow I doubt all I'll need to say to the captain is

"Shove over there captain & let ME take over the controls. I'm an EXPERT!!!! I'VE USED Microsoft Simulator????" :confused:


30th Sep 2001, 00:19
Celtic, babe,

You're off-topic! (okay - your forgiven, being Irish - keep flying the simulator)


I've managed a lovely Emerald lawn in the desert - does that qualify me? (pity about the state of the melons though :( )

30th Sep 2001, 02:09
How do you lot get away with it?

I ask a simple question about HMG`s foreign policy, the thread gets pulled and I get banned. The nice despot has let me back in obviously, and it did raise my credibility a bit with my now admiring colleagues, so I`m not complaining.

However, you guys are sailing a bit close to the wind on this thread. I`m not jealous(much) but I obviously can`t join in the way I`d like to given my tentative pprune status.

Celtic Emerald
1st Oct 2001, 21:19

It's my thread so I can do what I want so there :p

As long as you're lawn doesn't turn into the fiasco your pond did mate :D