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I'm not sure what to make of it.

Download link for photo's and map. http://www.earthfiles.com/earth280.htm

Part 1 - Gog Magog Hills, Cambridge, England -
Two Unusual Crop Formations

2001 by Linda Moulton Howe

"When the thousand years end, Satan will be let out of his prison.
He will go out to deceive the nations of the world and gather them together,
with Gog and Magog, for battle - a mighty host, numberless as sand along the
They will go up across the broad plain of the earth and surround God's people
and the beloved city of Jerusalem on every side. But fire from God in heaven
will flash down on the attacking armies and consume them."

The Revelation 20:7-9

July 11, 2001 began the first formation that unfolded in three stages, followed by a
second formation in a nearby wheat field on July 25, 2001 southeast of Cambridge, England
at the Gog Magog Hills near an ancient Neolithic circle of stones called Wandlebury Ring.

September 18, 2001 Gog Magog Hills, Cambridge, England - Two months to
the day before the horrorific attacks on New York City's World Trade Center and
the Pentagon in Washington, D. C., an unusual series of evolving crop formations
occurred in wheat at the Gog Magog Hills southeast of Cambridge, England near
an ancient Neolithic circle of stones called Wandlebury Ring.

First Crop Formation Began Emerging on July 11, 2001
at Gog Magog Hills, Cambridge, England

The big ring, 666 feet in diameter, came first by itself on July 11, 2001. A week later around
July 18 the 237 feet diameter labyrinth emerged inside the ring. Then a few days after that,
the 225 feet diameter "step pyramid" showed up. Aerial photograph 2001 by Steve Alexander.

British investigator, Charles Mallett, visited the changing fields several times and
wrote about his impressions at his website,
http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/c&f/c&f.html. With his permission, I am
excerpting from his July 2001 reports and ground photographs.

Charles Mallett, CFPR Field Report,
Gog & Magog Hills, Cambridgeshire July 11-18, 2001:

Stage One - The 666 Feet Diameter Ring

"What started life on the 11th of July as a vast but nevertheless simple ring of
flattened corn in a Cambridgeshire wheat field has now morphed several times into
what can only be described as a mind-stretching, paradigm-shifting, orgasmagram
of the very highest order. ...First came the big ring ... spanning a massive and
potentially rather ominous 666 feet diameter. (This is a definite figure, not an
approximation). Most of the field has been used in the creation of this formation
making it one of the most expansive crop glyphs in the brief history of the circle
phenomenon. ...To my amazement, the ring itself repeated the same numbers in its
width that were found in the overall diameter of the formation, with the tape
measure pulling tight at exactly 18 feet. At the center of the mighty ring is a
beautifully swirled circle with a diameter of 45 feet. This also arrived as part of the
initial Stage One event.

Stage Two - The 237 Feet Diameter Labyrinth

Second stage, center of 237 feet diameter labyrinth.
Photograph 2001 by Charles Mallett.

"About a week later, the Magog field took its second hit with the arrival of a most
elegant 237 feet diameter labyrinth that is positioned just inside the inner edge of
the Stage One ring. A very fine wall of standing wheat, only a few stems thick,
separates the maze from the ring itself. This labyrinth seems to be crafted out of
the ripe wheat with an attention to detail not seen for some years in the crop fields
of England. Every aspect of the winding walkway has been finished with a razor
sharp edge that gives one the impression that whatever is responsible for this
awesome creation has a fanatical zeal for absolute, total perfection.

"At the center of the labyrinth is a standing ring of crop positioned within the
central circle, offset from center by a considerable degree. The purpose is not
clear, but nevertheless is a fine detail worthy of our admiration. Walking through
this network of 3 feet diameter paths left me in no doubt that the agency that
created this marvel is able to gain absolute control over the chosen area and
seemingly does with ease what I would consider nearly impossible.

Labyrinth pole shot 2001 by Charles Mallett.

"On the ground, the entire laid crop area has the appearance of a slightly rippling
carpet flowing throughout the whole maze with a consistency and fluidity that is
obviously the result of a single and masterful hand, not a stalk out of place. This
effect is consistent throughout the whole three stages of the overall formation and
was, for me, an excellent example of what a real crop glyph looks and feels like. ...

Circles in center of 666 feet diameter ring with labyrinth in background.
Photograph 2001 by Charles Mallett.

Stage Three - The 225 Feet Diameter "Step Pyramid"

"Some days later, the third addition arrived on the scene. ...From an aerial
perspective a kind of step pyramid is now seen rising out of the field next to the
maze. At ground level, this is a bizarre sight. Six standing square-like walls of
wheat with rounded corners, each eighteen inches thick, fit together to produce a
most amazing design, very much in keeping with the uniqueness and originality of
the overall formation. The quality of construction, as with the labyrinth, shows
absolutely no compromise whatsoever. There is no doubt that the same agency
that produced the ring and maze has returned to the field to work the same magic
once again. Stunning. At the center of this crafted temple, the crop has been laid
down in such a way as to create a shining, four-sided apex stone. ...

Third stage, 225 feet diameter "step pyramid."
Photograph 2001 by Charles Mallett.

"Step pyramid" defined in wheat at Gog Magog Hills southeast of Cambridge, England.
Photograph 2001 by Charles Mallett.

"It is rather interesting to note the positioning of the two major formations within
the ring. First, the maze arrives and takes up a quarter of the inner expanse of
standing crop. Next the steps come down, or possibly up, next to the maze, thus
using up another quarter of the available space. This suggests that we are possibly
in for another couple of major events at this site."

But after Stage Three, the wheat patterns in the Gog Magog Hills stopped
changing. Then came the second formation in a nearby wheat field.

Continued in Part 2.
More Information

Copyright 2001 Linda Moulton Howe
All Rights Reserved.
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Went to bed one night with a full head of hair, woke up in the morning and those sneaky aliens had done one of them crop circles on Drapers head, so Draper is not really bald as a coot, but has a message of possibly cosmic importance written on his boiler. :eek:

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Amazing what two chaps can do with a 45Gal drum and a length of rope dropped out the back of a Lynx innit? :cool:

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It was an awesome shining white dome surrounded by an intricatley brushed fringe. Obviously whatever agency had done this had gone to enormous lengths to try and mitigate the visual impact of the loss of the inner formation.In all probability Mrs D insisting on general tidyness but there was no mistaking the fact that something mysterious had in fact happened in the night.