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7th May 2004, 20:58
Hi Folks,

Can anyone help me please?

I am trying to locate where I can find details of RAF Bomber Command WW2 station codes names in the UK.

For example East Kirkby was called 'Silksheen'.

I can find plenty of information on Squadron and aircraft codes but am unable to find anything on the stations

Any assistance would be kindly appreciated.

Many thanks

Ex Oggie
8th May 2004, 14:38
Can't help with an answer, but I can point you in the right direction. Try Ross McNeills excellent webite and message board at:


9th May 2004, 21:47
Thanks, but been there and no luck

10th May 2004, 11:16
It might prompt a better response if you said that "Silksheen" was East Kirby's radio callsign (rather than a code name) which may have confused a few people.

Have you considered trying the Public Records Office at Kew? They're open on a Saturday. You'll need a readers ticket (which can be applied for and issued on the day - or could the last time I had one!)


10th May 2004, 20:24
Cheers for that mate, I am obliged.

Spiney Norman
11th May 2004, 19:36
Slightly off topic but...This one reminded me of an old boy I used to work with who was a pilot with 23 OTU at Pershore. The radio callsign for Pershore was 'Firkin'. In the event of deteriorating weather at base, exercise aircraft were recalled...'All Firkin aircraft return to base'. He was still laughing about it 35years later! Vintage ATCO will know who I mean!


11th May 2004, 20:29
Cheers mate, that's another one on the list !

Spiney Norman
12th May 2004, 06:33
I do know one or two more but I'll have to dig them out of books. As it's too crappy to fly this morning I'll do a bit of searching......stand by...


Here we go....
Condover= Bureau
Wheaton Aston=Banet White
These are from the text of various books. I once looked into this myself, in a very cursory way, and didn\'t find a concise list. If you do. And, let\'s face it, there must be one somewhere, I\'d be really interested.


12th May 2004, 13:00
Spiney N

You're probably right! There must have been a master list somewhere. As to where it is now - my suggestion is at Kew, somewhere amongst the PRO's AIR series of files (Possibly AIR 8 series?)

B's mission (should he decide to accept it) is to find the definitive list!

Problem is, you could spend days searching in the PRO and still not find what you're looking for. What might speed things up is that their catalogue is now available on line at http://catalogue.pro.gov.uk/ .


Spiney Norman
12th May 2004, 13:13
Yep! Got to be in Kew somewhere. Don't know if the RAF museum might have some info. They used to keep some documents but I believe what they had was fairly limited. The problem I used to find was that when you went to Kew, you'd always end up with loads of documents which were nothing to do with what you went there for but were all fascinating!!! By the way. Does anybody know what happened to the Air Historical Branch? I guess their documents all went to Kew. Now, if only Kew wasn't so far away I'd have another little project!


12th May 2004, 20:11
Really appreciate your help.


Yes I WILL accept it !

Spiney Norman

I can arrange to get to Kew quite easily.

If you PM me what it is you need, I will do my best to help.

Happy to help anyone else if I can (subject to time, etc.)

13th May 2004, 06:03
RAF Lisset (158 Sqn Halifaxes) was Underskirt