View Full Version : Strewth! ULP @AUD1.00 per litre!

Buster Hyman
7th May 2004, 14:33
USD40 a barrel! Filters down to the magic dollar mark at the pump. Roughly equates to USD0.71 p/litre or EUD0.59 p/litre even GBP0.40 p/litre!
At this rate, I'll have to sell the limo & get something under 6 cylinders!:mad:

7th May 2004, 14:57
4 star unleaded here is already over Ä1 /litre. I think you forgot to integrate the other little taxes... ;)

Buster Hyman
7th May 2004, 15:04
You mean like this...

Average June prices for unleaded petrol (cents per litre)

Refinery 34.3 cents
Federal Government 37.7 cents excise in Victoria
GST 7.8 cents
Freight 0.6 cents
Wholesaler costs and profit 0.9 cents
Retailer/dist costs and profit 4.3 cents
Retail price 85.6 cents

:mad: :{ :mad: :{ :mad: :{

7th May 2004, 15:23
So how come the Federal government blokes aren't all riding around in Rolls-Royces and anchoring their yachts in the bay of Cannes at this time of year? They appear to be making more out of a gallon than the Arabs! :O

7th May 2004, 15:49
Hey, sounds great ! We're up to 80 pence a litre or more - have been for some time. That's over a dollar 40 US :eek:

Please can I live anywhere but here :{

7th May 2004, 16:19
Sorry to say itís not getting much better over here. In Oklahoma City, which last week had the lowest average price of regular gasoline in the US, is up to $1.85 a gallon.

7th May 2004, 16:33
I've said it before and I'll say it again:- this is entirely self-inflicted.

Nobody needs a car that does worse than 35 miles per (imperial) gallon, but "style" demands that we do. Perfectly decent cars will do 50% better than that. So what do we see? A queue at the showroom for 17mpg status symbols.

If we send our kids to school in a 2200kg monster 4 x 4, and carry on wasting energy in other ways, then Arab thumbs will remain on our windpipes for another generation.

The West could give two fingers to OPEC if only the rich spoilt populace could see beyond its own nose.

Dr Jekyll
7th May 2004, 17:55
Why does every discussion of petrol prices bring out some misinformed vitriolic anti motorists rant.

Since 80 odd percent of the oil used in the UK is NOT used in road transport, most is used in heating, how would driving different cars mean we didn't need oil?

7th May 2004, 19:40
Thatís very true Dr. Jekyll. There is a huge amount of oil used for home, industrial heating and to produce nearly a half of electricity used in the world.

Ali Barber
7th May 2004, 20:25
Read on BBC that Middle East scares are driving oil prices to $40 a barrel and, hence, pushing up petrol proces. Looked in Oman Observer today and prices quoted are as below.

Prevailing oil prices per barrel in the
world markets on Thursday as follows:-

Oman Crude (June) $35.35
Dubai Crude (June) $34.58
Merban Crude (June) $36.76
Arabian Light Crude (June) $35.77
Arabian Heavy Crude (June) $33.62
North Sea Brent (June) $36.67
West Texas Intermed. (May) $39.64

Looks like only US oil approaching $40 a barrel. Which Middle East scare is pushing that up, or do I sense a bit of profiteering at the general public's expense!

Paranoid Parrot
7th May 2004, 22:48
$1.85 a US gallon. That's about 48 cents a litre or £0.27 a litre. We are paying around £0.80 per litre (about $5.47 a US gallon). No wonder you guy's are still driving gas guzzling SUV's!

Unwell Raptor: Diesel cars are becoming a lot more popular in the UK now. Around 40%+ of all prestige models are diesels. Even the Mercedes S320CDi will get you 36mpg. My BMW 330d gives me 42mpg. In continental Europe diesel is a lot cheaper than unleaded but we get penalised with more expensive diesel in the UK, despite diesels being more fuel efficient (and cleaner nowadays).

8th May 2004, 03:25
Strange as it may seem diesel is more expensive in Australia than petrol!

8th May 2004, 03:50
The price of fuel at the forecourt bears little resemblance to the price or fluctuations in the base raw material - does it Mr G Brown - 11 Downing St, London WC1.

Last time we enjoyed this level of pricing, HMG made a concession after UK almost came to a grinding halt, with some very effective picketing of refineries.

All a distant dream now and impossible to repeat.


The Nr Fairy
8th May 2004, 05:10
If 80% of the oil used in the UK is for heating, when it runs out we'll all freeze then ?

Oh no we won't - we'll run the car heaters and pipe it indoors !

As an aside, I read recently that the US aviation industry uses about 300 million gallons of AVGAS a year.

The US car fleet uses that per day.

Paranoid Parrot
8th May 2004, 09:31
Apparently the reason for diesel costing more than unleaded in the UK is the good old free market. Unleaded is only used in cars so the car user has quite a lot of leverage. However diesel is used in commercial vehicles and for heating so there may be some seasonal fluctuations (for heating oil) but otherwise they can sell it for what they want - and Blair and Brown have the nerve to criticise Thatcher!

8th May 2004, 10:23
Here in remote West Wales some of us are running diesel cars on vegetable oil. See www.vegoilmotoring.com We get the same miles per gallon as normal diesel, but there is a slight smell of frying chips from the exhaust!
The guy who thought of the idea is doing it legally and paying customs duty on the vegetable oil. (5 litre bottles obtained from Tesco) The cost works out at approx 70 pence per litre if duty paid, but only 30 pence if not, and much less if you can recycle old chip shop cooking oil. (Dead fish and old chips should be filtered out!)
Central heating oil is duty free in UK at approx 35 pence per litre, similar to Jet A1 Avtur, and both of these fuels work well in my standard Peugeot diesel car. They are illegal for cars but do not have a die colouring to make it easy for the police / customs to spot. If tempted to use these fuels you should regularly dilute the mix with normal diesel to reduce the chance of detection.
Mike Godsell

8th May 2004, 16:01
Paranoid Parrot,

I'm curious as to how you conclude that the car user has leverage because only cars use unleaded fuel.

When was the last time you were able to haggle with your refueller? :confused:

Paranoid Parrot
8th May 2004, 21:11

Oh you are obtuse! Unleaded only gets sold to car users. Therefore if car users were to use less fuel there would be a build up of stock in unleaded. Market forces would come in to play and prices would reduce. This does not happen with diesel because there is a far wider usage of diesel as a fuel, thus stabilizing it's use.

I understood it when it was explained to me. The only dampener on the market forces augument is the chancellor ripping us off with the exhorbitant tax imposed on vehicle fuels.

9th May 2004, 02:42
Ummm Buster

Darwin's been averaging $0.95 - 1.00/litre for several year's now.

At the moment its around $1.01, although a couple of outlets are at 99.9c.

Alice Springs and the roadhouses up and down the track can be up to 15c/litre more. :yuk:

Sliding member
9th May 2004, 04:51
And I just don't care driving my "classic" TR7 getting 30mpg at most. I just feel good knowing that Tony & his mates are benefiting.

If only the above was true

Buster Hyman
9th May 2004, 06:30
Sorry about that Cooda, but I only post when it's coming out of my hip pocket!;) :ok: :E

Capt Claret
9th May 2004, 08:45

Haven't seen fuel less than $1/ltr down the track or across the Barklay for years now.

Worst I think was $1.25 for Diesel @ Kalumbaru in '96. :{

9th May 2004, 11:02
Noticed that the BP on Fuengirola-Mijas Road has now put diesel past the Ä.80 per litre mark.:{


The running of diesel engines with vegitable oil was tried by Reading Transport about 10 years ago in a Leyland National and a Metrobus. If you were unfortunate to get behind one of these vehicles, it smelled like driving behind a moving chippy, that needed the oil in the pans changing!:yuk: :\

9th May 2004, 23:00
Gday Busta
You should one that runs on LPG I will fill up this morning at 31.9 per litre and that lasts about 10 days.
Cheers Q

Buster Hyman
10th May 2004, 02:25
I've been considering it QNIM, should cost around $2k I think to convert the Fairlane.:confused:

I'm waiting for an engine that runs on methane! That way, I'll never need to stop at a Petrol station again!!!:E :bored: :yuk:

compressor stall
10th May 2004, 05:02
Hey Clarrie,

paid AUD$1.28 at cocklebiddy last January for Diesel. Who knows what is is now. Kalgoorlie $1.08 for both diesel and unleaded.

Interesting the diesel vs unleaded costs in Europe. Here I believe our grade of diesel is less refined (some would say how apt) than the euro one - hence it should be even cheaper pro rata.

Passenger 9
10th May 2004, 09:41
Gas prices in Switzerland:

The exchange rate varies between 2.3Sfr. and 2.5Sfr.
(Sfr = Swiss Francs) to 1 GB pound.

Yes Switzerland is another country that hopefully will NEVER have the "euro" thing.

Price per liter.

AVGAS verzollt Fr. 2.07 Cash (discount)
AVGAS taxed Fr. 2.15 credit card price

AVGAS tax free Fr. 1.26 cash (discount)
AVGAS tax free Fr. 1.32 credit card price

JET A1 Taxed Fr. 1.62 cash (discount)
JET A1 Taxed Fr. 1.70 credit card price

JET A1 tax free Fr. 0.80 cash (discount)
JET A1 tax free Fr. 0.84 credit card price

Normal unleaded 95 at the high street pump is between 1.3 and 1.45Sfr per Liter.

By the way.
Diesel fuel for cars is more expensive than normal petrol.

It looks like the $100 hamburger will soon be a fact of life for car drivers too.

Happy flying and driving Guys and Gals.