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7th May 2004, 07:47
I had understood that the Concorde sitting on RW23 at LHR was destined to be the centrepiece of T5. Now,I am told, that the architect says it is too heavy and the floor was not designed to take the weight! Find that hard to believe. Very disturbing news as too many Concordes are destined to rot in the great outdoors and T5 would have ensured at least one to be preserved in the condition it deserves. Have we no national pride?

R for Robert
7th May 2004, 08:34
'To many Concordes are destined to rot in the great outdoors'

All ex BA examples are destined to be under cover as part of the deal.

'National Pride'

Nowhere is it stronger than at Brooklands where 60% of every Concorde originated. The Forward fuselage and tail section of Delta Golf arrived back at Brooklands on Wed. 5th to await the centre fuselage and wings later in the month. The fundraising is ongoing for both the re-building of DG and construction of the building to house both her and the other Weybridge built examples of aviation history.

Other critics of Brooklands fundraising in this forum please note.

To make a positive contibution to our national pride, www.brooklandsmuseum.com has details of how you can help.

9th May 2004, 11:13

Sounds like a lame excuse for not wanting a relic in his modern building!:(

So why don't they move the "toy" Concorde from the roundabout on the M4 spur and put it into his glass mausoleum. That only weighs a fraction of the real thing. Let him get out of that one!