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London Jets
6th May 2004, 18:19
Where would the best place to look for photos of old UK airfields, whether they are still airports or nothing more than fields. I am just interested to see how they looked ''then and now'' sort of thing.

I go to east anglia regularly and I have been caught up in the whole atmospheric feel of the whole area. I will be planning several trips this year there and want to look at as much as poss. I have visited Horham, Eye, Bungy/Flixton, Thorpe, Horsham St. Faith and a few others. the museums are good and it is a great feeling to see these places. I hope that more and more is kept to honor ''The Few'' that were there.

6th May 2004, 18:35
There is a book called "Aviation East Anglia, Flight over the Eastern Counties". I cannot recall the name of the author, but can check the details when next in Norfolk, where I have a copy. You can see details of Watch Offices at the Control Towers website.

6th May 2004, 19:11
Also try "Airfields of the Eighth, Then and Now"


Action Stations Vol 1 is another good reference source, but doesn't have many photos.

John (Gary) Cooper
7th May 2004, 07:56
Use GOOGLE search engine, type in AIRFIELDS IN EAST ANGLIA and wallah, all the info you want plus click on to images, the PRO, now The National Archives will also hold most plans of old airfields as too does the RAF Museum at Hendon.

7th May 2004, 10:29
If your interest in old UK airfields is not just confined to East Anglia, then I can recommend 'Lincolnshire Airfields in the Second World War', by Patrick Otter - ISBN 1-85306-424-6. Plenty of old photos, and a good read.

7th May 2004, 12:23
The book "Airfields of The Eighth" mentioned by BEagle is published by After the Battle (magazine). Their website is at http://www.afterthebattle.com/home.htm . A link from that page will give cover pictures of all their books including "Airfields of the Ninth", "Bases of Bomber Command Then and Now" and "Battle of Britain - Then and Now" which also contains some East Anglian airfields.

They're quite expensive if bought new but, your local OXFAM shop or second hand bookseller may be able to supply a copy at a reasonable price.



7th May 2004, 12:30
Pop into Shipdham (ex-B24 base) which has a small museum of relics from the area plus great bacon sarnies.

7th May 2004, 12:41
If you're coming up to East Anglia again don't forget the 93rd Bomb Group Museum at Hardwick. Between May and October it is open every 3rd Sunday in the month. Most open days the locally based aircraft are wheeled out as well for visitors to look around, although from time to time one or more may be away at an airshow.

London Jets
7th May 2004, 18:43
thank you all very much for your replies. I will certainly be taking you up one the ideas and suggestions you have made.


8th May 2004, 07:15
There are also small memorials/museums dedicated to 8th USAAF at Seething and at Old Buckenham.

9th May 2004, 16:18
And Nuthampstead. This is off the airfield outside the Woodmans pub which does good grub and has a b and b. There's also one at Fowlmere but I haven't found that yet. However the Chequers (at Fowlmere) has some photos of Duxford based a/c on the wall.

13th May 2004, 16:42
You might want to look at these also:

Rougham Airfield (current events) (http://www.roughamairfield.org)
Rougham Tower Assocation (museum on-site) (http://www.rougham.org)

Rougham is 2 miles east of Bury St Edmunds on the A14. Easy ;)