View Full Version : A320 Engine change @LERS

Brookmans Park
6th May 2004, 17:53
This usually "Sleepy Hollow" was in chaos yesterday(05 May) a
"white tail"(Thomas Cook?)320 was parked next to an engine on a rig, no activity apparent, next door was an Antonov, which,presumably supplied the engine, and then nearest the
" Hut" (sorry, terminal )were 2 more TC 320s , I assume that a "Rescue" was in progress .

Consequently the morning Ryanair was parked so far from the
terminal that it would have been quicker to walk from STN!

Does anyone know the full story?

Fast Erect
7th May 2004, 14:31
MYT from EMA hit a bird on the take off roll, abandoned and then found remains of said unfortunate in the engine. Engine replaced the following day and business as usual.:ok:

8th May 2004, 16:22
So that's in addition to the one in CDG from SSV is it ?

I don't like flying at night, espescially on a standby call :\