View Full Version : Not an "easy" day. Was STN hit by the Sasser worm? today (5/5/04)

5th May 2004, 22:39
Was STN hit by Sasser today or was it just a "normal" computer error that put Easyjet and Thomson onto manually writing boarding cards today?

It obvioulsy was not a good start to the day again for Easyjet. Actually it was delays both ways on STN to EDI and back for me.

Just glad I was not going to Glasgow this evening. As we walked off the aircraft Glasgow bound easyjet passengers were told to head back to the check in desks via the baggage carousel, "Due to earlier delays your flight is now leaving from Luton."

Can anyone suggest a reason why it makes sense to have the pasengers collect then re-check bags as opposed to keep them secure, transport them and load them at Luton? I can only assume it is incase people decide not to travel.


Capt Wannabe
6th May 2004, 14:15
The problem did not just affect easyJet flights at Stansted. Other flights handled by the same handling company also had to resort to manual check-in. It is believed that the fault originated in a router that is used to link the Departure Control System (check-in) server to the rest of the airport network. Problem was fixed around lunchtime yesterday, and I believe the GLA re-routing was a result of a totally separate issue.

In the case of the passengers that were sent to LTN, I would assume that they were re-checked in there, hence the need for them to collect their bags.

8th May 2004, 17:49
well i don't think the problems fixed as i was deadheading to Edi yesterday and just after 5pm the computers were down again! It didn't seem to be just Thompson/Ezy this time as announcements were for a generall delay to ALL check in, except FR with their manual check in. Just shows you how dependent we are on computers.........