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Dr Tre
13th Mar 2001, 22:26
Adding a bit more weight to a story in this weeks flight intl. p27 re BA's many partners.
Although BA have extended the Maersk Air franchise until the end of the summer season, rumour has it that after then its curtains for the bluestar boys and girls. Apparently Danish Maersk are'nt up for investing the millions of pounds required to set-up a uk based ticketing/reservations system and, although they have rights to fly from the BA terminal at BHX they won't have any check-in desks!

Anyone able to add further???

Shame 'cause the callsign is pretty cool!

John Thomas
14th Mar 2001, 00:58
Lets consider the FI statement anotherway shall we. BA are happy to have extended the agreement for Maersk Air Ltd for another 6 months to see if Maersk were happy to re-negotiate the tight terms previously imposed by BA. To stay in the franchise Maersk were told NOT to expand its routes too much or to operate aircraft sizes in opposition to the BAR A319s. Well considering the unlimited financial wealth of the shipping company behind the airline why should Maersk be DICTATED to on BA's terms.

Instead, in my guesstimation the franchise has to date been a reasonably amicable one. However, to go on to greater things, with unrestricted routes and a choice of aircraft flown, maybe that Maersk powers are planning a better future out of the franchise. Hence the 6 months further extension may only be BA's call for Maersk to stay in the franchise on less restrictive terms.

I reckon that operating without restrictions (AS BLUESTAR) is better than being stuck in one tight hole.

Kindest, Dick.

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Leroy Brown
6th May 2001, 22:39
Bluestar, the best kept secret in aviation.

9th May 2001, 00:33
One thing I've always wondered. Why is their c/s 'Bluestar' when their logo is in fact a WHITE star on a BLUE background? I think we should be told ;)

9th May 2001, 10:56
Overstress, I guess that since "Whitestar"is the callsign of Star Air, another Maersk subsidiary, that only left the blue for the british.

Creutzfeldt Cud Chewer
10th May 2001, 02:23
Dr Tre

I don't think that Eurohub at BHX is a BA terminal.

Raw Data
10th May 2001, 02:39
Wanna bet?

BA think it is...

10th May 2001, 13:02
Think you will find the lease runs out very soon.

11th May 2001, 00:04
..... October 28th by any chance?


11th May 2001, 00:47
October 28?

Sorry, DNBT, that went over my head. Is that the date that the current franchise agreement ends, or what?

What's the latest word in Brum? Are Maersk going to go it alone or is this just hardball franchise renegotiation? My impression is that BA mainline has been building up its routes out of BHX and would miss Maersk less now - or rather, would be able to fill the gap relatively quickly. Or is that a misperception?

Cyrano (genuinely curious)

11th May 2001, 03:02
FI have got a thing about Maersks franchise, every year they claim that BA are "reconsidering" the situation and implying that they are going to pull the plug on Bluestar.

Last year apparently Brymon were going to get the BA routes. As it happens Maersk own the licenses for the routes, not BA, so to some extent Maersk are holding all the cards.

Apparently it is a great little airline and fun to work for. I hope that it all works out for them.



11th May 2001, 12:08
The whole thing has been going on for at least a year and a half. Most of us at Maersk are SOOOOOOOO bored with this, why has this subject surfaced here again is beyond me.
Scuse me, but I'm off to bed.

Mike Oscar
11th May 2001, 12:14

You state that Maersk own the licence to the routes.....if the routes are within the EU then no licence required and any other carrier (BA, Brymon, etc.) could start up on them anyway. Only issue would be slots at some airports.