View Full Version : Thanks a Lot!!

5th May 2004, 06:03
I've just spent 40 minutes trolling through the biggest load of nonsense I've ever seen appear over one night in JB. Almost exclusively they could have easily been posted in the thread that has developed as a "specialist nonsense" thread, TRRBATPSOIT. I have deleted around 14 or 15 threads. I may possibly have deleted a few that could have been left, but I got totally bored after the first half a dozen or so and started deleting if the first 2 posts were rubbish, instead of reading everything on them. So we may have lost a few nuggets but I don't care. I'm doing a Flappy on yer and getting all dictatorial. You may not enjoy my whip and leather nearly as much as hers but you got it anyway!

Now .... I have to rush or I'm gonna be late for work and we've got the trappers in this week. Thanks guys!!!