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I. M. Esperto
10th May 2001, 15:53
In the filming of a recent MTV program, Dude, This Sucks, two men -- the "Shower Rangers" -- who previously had been dosed with a
powerful laxative, came onto the stage dressed as Boy Scouts. On cue they turned their backs to the audience, dropped their trousers, bent over, and sprayed a group of unsuspecting teenaged girls on the stage
with feces.

True story. Two of the teenagers who were sprayed are suing.

10th May 2001, 15:58
But if you say the word '**** ' on NBC, they censor it!

BTW Please don't use 'U.S' and 'culture' in the same sentence

10th May 2001, 16:04
I've just been censored by Pprune!

For '****' read 'Sh*t' !!!

ickle black box
10th May 2001, 16:41
Lets try a pprune 'word sensorship survey'. Anything which it lets me write must be socially acceptable. Here goes;

**** - was sh*t
**** - was fu*k
arse - was ar*e
****ing - was fu*king

ickle ;) (Lets see which it takes out)

Tricky Woo
10th May 2001, 16:53
Bollocks - was bollocks
**** - was ****
Turd - was turd
****** - was ******
**** - was ****
**** - was ****
Bum - was bum

10th May 2001, 17:30
****ybollocks was c*ntybo11ocks

10th May 2001, 17:39
Interesting. So,

****** - was w*anker
****wit - was fu*kwit
arsehole - was ar*ehole
noel gallagher - was... oh, hang on,I think I've caught it out!

"Although people keep S%&tting on me from a great height, I remain under-turd"

Hersham Boy
10th May 2001, 17:42
What happens if I try:

S****horpe for sc*nthorpe
Sparse for [email protected]
Swanky for [email protected]


I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby

10th May 2001, 17:56

Please, help me, my sides are on the floor...

I'm an animal lover.
I'm a member of P.E.T.A.
People Eating Tasty Animals

10th May 2001, 20:50
Which three English football teams have a name that includes a swearword?

i) Arsenal

ii) S****horpe

iii) ****ing Chelsea

10th May 2001, 21:05
Like a guy a flew with once said,(and put a real southern californian accent to it):
"America is a great place.
But,dude, the people gotta GO!!!!!"
:) :) :)

ok ok, some of'em are allright.

11th May 2001, 01:42
In order to cuss like a proper American--you lot are gonna haveta learn to start scrunching it all together, like this:

Thatsorrysonuvabitchisgonnabepullinisteethouttathebackofisth roatifhekeepsthatshitup!!

Beginners should start with something a little less noxious, like:


and don't forget the the ever versatile phrases like...


:) It's easy (once you get the hang of it) and fun to talk like an Amerycun! :)

"You did WHAT"?!

12th May 2001, 11:55
Howdy, I've been speaking American since I was knee high to a Pygmie, and I'd have to agree, it's a hoot!
Here are a couple more "gems"

" I'm busier than a one legged man in an a** kicking contest "

" It's hotter'n two squirrels f***ing in a sweat sock "

" If his Daddy had known he was gonna turn out like this he'd a rolled over and shot his a** out the window "

" If she had as many things sticking out of her as she's had stuck in she'd look like a damn porcupine "

" If brains was gasoline he wouldn't have enough to putter around the inside of a cheerio "

" Mister, if you don't shut up I'm gonna wipe my a** with your face "

" Ahhhh blow it out yer a** "

" If my dog was as ugly as you I'd shave it's a** and make it walk backwards "

" Did I stutter, or do you have a d**k in your ear? "

" Hey, how's your wife and my kids? "

" When I was a kid we had to walk to and from School, up hill both ways in the snow, BAREFOOT! " <~~~ I'm guessing this is an International one ;)

" You're nothin more than ten pounds of s**t in a five pound sack "

And don't get me started on the " yo Momma " insults!

ok, just one " Yo Momma so short the b***h plays handball against the curb! "

And to think.... someone accused us of not having any class :)

15th May 2001, 03:56
Best Americanism I heard was "Jeeze, workin' with that guy is like stickin' spaghetti up a wild cat's ass"

Knowing the subject I guessed it was true!

15th May 2001, 04:47
Mert, here's a few from down to College Station.

That woman was so tall, she could stand flat footed and p**s in the radiator of a Chevy pickup.

If I bought a punkin farm, they'd call off Hallowe'en.

His farm's so steep he can shoot his shotgun up the chimbley, and his whole watermelon crop drops right into the farrplace.

He was as spry as a bitch mink.

He was so skinny a rattlesnake struck him five times in the laig and then went elsewhere.

He was so drunk he couldn't see through a ladder.

In grade school I hardly said two words to the teacher, but I said them two all the time. :)

15th May 2001, 15:49
How about,

Aye been f**king with a limp d**k so long I can play pool with a piece o rope

16th May 2001, 05:37
A treasured memory. Years ago, evening has fallen in Atlanta, GA. Good ol' aerospace boys escorting visitors back to hotel. One GOAB bargains with lady of the evening, establishes tariff, and then breaks off negotiations, pursued by: "Y'all go to He'', yo' whi'' boy wid yo' liddle pencil peder".

16th May 2001, 10:42
Yo Dudes, is there any culture in Europe? As far as I know, recently everybody talks about RightWingers/Nazis and other goons. Duh!!! Very intelligent ;)

16th May 2001, 13:12
But as we all know, the only culture to be found in America is on the petri dishes in the clap clinics....

16th May 2001, 19:09

Well, as I see from your profile, you dont actually qualify as a European, as Czech Republic is in the Balkans according to my Atlas....(being in the Eurovision Song Contest doesnt count!) and neither do you appear to be American. Just where do your comments fit in?

I seem to recall that up until recently your country had its fair share of Totalitarians, and Opression? Does that mean that you and your fellow countrymen have no culture either?

I dont think that you would recognise culture if it came shrink wrapped through the post.

17th May 2001, 10:03

Indicating on my profile that I work in the Czech Republic doesnīt automatically conclude I am Czech. Duh.

Anyways, pestering about the culture in the U.S.,

Are we dumbf..k Europeans so much more superior because of our history. And letīs not forget, the U.S. is basically a country where Europeans and others immigrated. Tell me about the culture, Skyfalter.

Send Clowns
17th May 2001, 16:06
I always understood Europe to extend to the Urals, way beyond the Balkans. Even Moscow is European,so we can claim the great Russian composers and writers in European culture.

'Me here at last on the ground, you in mid air'

17th May 2001, 23:33
Every society has culture, be it the beliefs, behaviour patterns, institutions, etc. or the intellectual/artistic endeavors and products. It seems that most of the posts here are attempts to compare and show the superiority of one by denegrating another. It seems to me that that type of argument shows a decided lack of "style" (or class if you will) and thus becomes self refuting. I like the English idea of "tea", the Spanish siesta, French wine, Italian pasta, German Beer, American industry, Native American love of Earth, Australian attitude....need I go on? Maybe we should be saying what we like about different cultures.

Naaah that's too boring F*ck all-y'all God Bless America. And for those Yankees out there y'all is singular, all-y'all is plural.

18th May 2001, 00:04
Americans have a hard enough time determining what our "culture" is... To my mind, this is why we drag our former cultures around with us--we're a nation built by immigrants (willing or otherwise), carrying a lot of the same old values and trying desperately to carry on the traditions of our ancestors; not out of a sense of shame (as so many Europeans seem to want to believe) but out of a need to root ourselves in something more constant than an ever fluctuating society of immigrants and immigrant's children, that is America.
People forget how much immigration is still very much a part of everyday life here. We have little Italy, Russia, China, Mexico, Korea, Greece, Ireland, Cuba, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Jamaica, India etc. towns in almost every major metropolitan city in the States (yes, even Denver). The annual influx of people from around the the globe is staggering.
I happen to think that the overall effect is extremely positive, but it also prevents us from trying to identify one or two things from the melting pot as distinctly American.

18th May 2001, 02:05

Had you actually bothered to read my post, you will see that I didnt actually make ANY statements about culture in the US, Europe or otherwise. I simply asked upon what basis you were commenting, requesting you to justify your statements reference "Us Europeans"


I realise that your profile may not reflect where you come from, or what nationality you hold, but it is the only information upon which to base a guesstimate.

19th May 2001, 07:20
american homes http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif


A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

Send Clowns
19th May 2001, 13:52
SkyYacht, since the Czech republic is not in the Balkans, and the Balkans are not a separate continent but a part of Europe your post was rather bizarre. The Czech republic is both politically and geologically part of Europe, which makes it more European than Italy (most of which is geologically in Africa).

'Me here at last on the ground, you in mid air'

24th May 2001, 00:11
Send Clowns,

I sit corrected - too much beer when composing posts....must stop this habit! Yes I accept your geographic corrections - I was trying to establish where Alouette "was coming from". However, an interesting point - do you consider UK to be part of Europe? Just wondering aloud. Should this be a separate thread? I dunno - I just got back from flying, and I am just unwinding.

Tailwinds all!


BTW - I am impressed with the Geological info.....Italy/Africa.....interesting.

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Send Clowns
24th May 2001, 01:56
Ah, now there's a question. I was asked about the British attitude by a young French student living here. She is doing some work as part of a university European business course, and had to find out for her tutors.

I think we are part of Europe, but politically and culturally as well as geographically a little different

'Me here at last on the ground, you in mid air'

Mad Pax
24th May 2001, 02:12
Is it culture or civilisation we're talking about here?

Oi got a bran' new comboine 'aarverster...

24th May 2001, 02:39
As far as i am aware the USA is the only western democracy to have arrived at a state of decadence ,from barbarism ,with no 'noticeable' intervening period of culture or civilisation!. With the singular exception of the Simpsons !. :)

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tony draper
24th May 2001, 10:12
I thought civilisation just meant living in cities, so its quite possible to have a barbaric civilisation. :)
What ever happens in the USA seems to appear next im the UK, and the media in the UK can hardly be called the epitome of good taste now. http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif

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26th May 2001, 03:55
Whinging pommes, nice

Mad Pax
26th May 2001, 14:59
Bugger off convict...

(Civilized? Me?)

Oi got a bran' new comboine 'aarverster...