View Full Version : Favorite PPRUNEing Drink?

4th May 2004, 22:25
In the same vein as other recent, threads... Tell me what's you favourite evening pprune drink?

I've just fininshed revising DNA technology, and i'm drinking

Budweiser and vodka/coke. Easy to unwind. Coffee is another good one.

p.s ANy pprune bashes in southhampton before mid june??


4th May 2004, 22:33
Stella for me.... :ok:

4th May 2004, 22:35
Stella is good but there is a tendency to spell poorly and write contoversial post after a few casn.

4th May 2004, 23:08
A nice bottle of red wine and a nice whiskey!


4th May 2004, 23:22
I like Eristoff/Smirnoff vodka. :ok:

I just can't remember where i left my bottle :{

5th May 2004, 02:28


Buster Hyman
5th May 2004, 04:02
Pprune juice, of course! That way, you can't blame Freight Dogs for giving you the SHlTS!!!!:}

Romeo Delta
5th May 2004, 04:56
Scotch/Ginger Ale


Michelob Ultra

Go figure...

6th May 2004, 03:14
Hmmmmm, Jet Blasting while p*sses. Now there's something I haven't tried (for at least a day or 2 now!)

Favorite? I've run out of Bundy (NOTE: Anybody heading Winnipeg way from Australia who could find it in their heart to bring a bottle or two with them will be included in my will!), so drink of choice while surfing the interweb is Jameson's on ice. And a sh*t load of beer.

6th May 2004, 03:58
Jerricho, check if they have Favell's London Dock 100 proof dark at the grog shop. Decent rum. :ok: I doubt they have it that far from salt water though. :sad:
Four Bells, Mount Gay and Appleton Estate are substitutes.

scarlet wimpernel
6th May 2004, 06:30
Jerricho, they sell Bundy in Calgary…dunno if you ever get out that way…closer than Oz at any rate.

6th May 2004, 18:45
Coffee in flight, otherwise Smirnoff and anything!

tony draper
6th May 2004, 18:58
Yer big girls blouses, Rum an Gunpowder for me.

6th May 2004, 19:38
Tea in the morning. Scotch at night, currently attacking a 12 year old Bowmore:ok:


Jeffrey S
6th May 2004, 20:21
Special Brew, Wray & Nephew Overproof White Rum or a Dragon Stout......

With a side order of Kebab......


6th May 2004, 20:57
Stella (blackthorn cider when I'm skint :} )

6th May 2004, 22:26
Pint Glass

1/2 full of ice

1/4 full of vodka

top up with Babycham

splash of orange cordial on top



7th May 2004, 00:07
Sheesh you lot!!

A PPRuNer's favourite drink is a FREE one!


For PPRuNing though, whatever's plonked down in front of me. Although, after some fairly amusing and I guess embarrassing posts from yesteryear, I tend not to post on pprune pissed. :E

7th May 2004, 01:11
Gin & Tonic, of course!

Standard Noise
7th May 2004, 03:48
Guinness or as Mrs Noise would put it - "Too much bloody Guinness!"

Cork gin'n'schweppes, ice and a slice, natch.

Or perchance a litre or two of Thatcher's cider (or Fatcher's as it seems to be known here in Somerset)

mmmm, laverly:}

7th May 2004, 07:31
Mr Jeffrey, are you calling me fat ? :ooh:

7th May 2004, 07:55
Either Green tea or if its after 10am, any old brand of meths I can lay my hands on:E

7th May 2004, 09:57

Shot of Kahlua+Tequila,on ice,with a dash of milk


7th May 2004, 11:26
Dear all you jakies,

My two favourite alcoholic imbibations of the moment are:

Cheeky Vimto - Take a pint glass, fill with ice, pour over the ice a double measure of port ( or one measure port and one measure vodka ) and then pour over a bottle of Blue WKD.

Unnamed concoction - Take a pint glass, fill with ice, pour over the ice a double measure of Morgans Spiced Rum, to this add a bottle of Smirnoff Ice or Smirnoff Black.



7th May 2004, 13:01
I notice a certain Clumsy one hasn't shared his favorite.

Going on past form (and New Years), I really wanna know! :}

7th May 2004, 14:02
my sources tell me that the clumsy one likes lots of moonshine - the one he makes in his basement!

7th May 2004, 15:45

the clumsy one seems to avoid this thread. Maybe he is not old enough to have a sip :E

7th May 2004, 16:12
Crannberry juice and vodka, when the nights are warm. v refreshing.

I actually blame ppruneing and drinking for knocking 10% off whatever my final degree classification is going to be.

Jeffrey S
7th May 2004, 20:07

Mr Jeffrey, are you calling me fat ?

I get it now! Dragon stout ;)
It's a Jamaican Stout drink. Like Guiness but WAY stronger....

4 Bottles Puts you to bed :\ :\ :\

8th May 2004, 01:48
Corona! No cerveza mas fina.

Sold by the case in Wal Mart. There is a God.

8th May 2004, 01:56
Aahhh...Bundy & coke...the elixir of life...{hic!}

8th May 2004, 15:44
Lidl's German Beer in 6 x .5litre packs.
On special here at €1.99 per pack.:ok:

I've just been down to fill the car up!

8th May 2004, 16:11
Onan..............Oi! Onan!?!?!

Have you fallen asleep in your beer again?

8th May 2004, 16:14
Lidl's German Beer in 6 x .5litre packs.
On special here at €1.99 per pack.

At that price, I bet it tastes like something that rhymes with the retailer too! :}

13th May 2004, 13:03
New drink

A Girl and her boyfriend go to the pub.
When it's her turn to buy a round, she tells him of a wonderful new drink that he simply must try.
She returns with the usual lager for herself but for him she has two Glasses and a salt shaker.
One glass contains a measure of Baileys, the other has lime juice.
"Okay, what you have to do is put a large pinch of salt on your tongue, swig the Baileys, hold it in your mouth and then drink the limejuice".
He looks a bit dubious, but she's very enthusiastic so he decides to give it a go.
First the salt.......fine, he handles that.
Next the Baileys.......lovely, smooth, creamy, warm feeling in the mouth.............a bit odd with the salt though.

Then he takes the lime juice.

+ 1 second = the cream in the Baileys curdles...
+ 3 seconds = Boyfriend's face turns the colour of the lime juice...
6 + seconds = Boyfriend calms his stomach and swallows the gunge...
8 + seconds = She whispers in his ear....

"It's called Blowjobs Revenge".

13th May 2004, 13:10
Thats unkind 5th....it's actually damm good...puts hairs on the soles of one's feet!

now the other filth they sell "Fink Brau" is another story and flavour!:yuk:

13th May 2004, 15:15
In my classier moments, a gin and it (Gin and Italian Vermouth, the sweet red one, equal parts, with lots of ice). Otherwise whatever w wine happens to be in the fridge ...

Constable Clipcock
14th May 2004, 01:03

14th May 2004, 04:17
A citris soda called "Sundrop") Lot's of caffiene and mixes well with any light colored liquor.:ok:

14th May 2004, 13:02
hein-a-makin :: hic ::

14th May 2004, 13:14
Passion Below Deck

35ml Cutty Sark Whisky
50ml freshly squeezed orange juice
1 wedge fresh lemon
Tonic water
15ml Passoa Passion Fruit liquer

Shake ingredients except tonic with ice and strain into highball glass filled with ice.

Top up with tonic water and garnish with lemon slice.