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4th May 2004, 22:11
My old transistor radio, a little Pye model has finally given up the ghost. Bought it at a scouts jumble sale around 1968 I'd guess. Used to listen to Radio Luxembourg on it. The World Service. Sunday lunchtime comedy progs like the Navy Lark. And now it's gone. Still looks good though. Maybe I'll just keep it as an ornament.

4th May 2004, 22:52
I thought this was going to be about cross-dressing. :rolleyes:

4th May 2004, 23:05
yea.. what a disappointment :(


4th May 2004, 23:33
That is bad quality radio. Only 36 years!!!
Things now dont last that long.


4th May 2004, 23:36
Ms singaporegirl

here (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=129053)

4th May 2004, 23:36
there is a cross-dressers bar not so far from here. apparently everyone in there dresses how shall we say 'differently'.

tony draper
4th May 2004, 23:49
Bought my first one in Norfolk Virginia in 1961,three transistors it had, nearly got burned for witchcraft when I demostrated it at home.

5th May 2004, 00:52
Spork - I'm sure it can be repaired, if that's in your list of things to have done.

My wife still has her trusty tranny, that I bought for her about the same time as you bought yours. It's held together with Araldite, I've resoldered chunks of the innards, replaced the volume control pot, dried it out after a dunking in the bath... and still it goes on.

5th May 2004, 11:27
My radio likes to dress up as a TV....

I'll get me coat........


5th May 2004, 12:49
Got my first trannie in 1962. Spent many happy hours under the sheets with it (listening to radio Luxembourg of course!!! Anyone else remember Horace Batchelor?).

It survived many dropping (including in the bath).

Unfortunately it didn't survive my mother turning on the cooker when I had left it on top. :{

5th May 2004, 19:40
You mean Horace Batchelor of the Infradraw method?

Horace Batchelor,
PO Box 208,
Keynsham (spelt K-E-Y-N-S-H-A-M),

No, never heard of the bloke.

God, that dates me! :{

5th May 2004, 20:22
I remember that!

IO92RD - greetings from JO01HN (or when I'm in t'other place, IO72SX).

5th May 2004, 20:42

Part of my job involves procuring obsolete semiconductors, if you want any links to firms that supply them drop me a pm, Iíve yet to find a trannie that canít be sourced. I can also recommend specialists in vintage radio repair if that's useful.

edit: I should add that these specialists are suprisingly inexpensive, they do it as a hobby and don't charge anything like your average repair tech.


5th May 2004, 20:56
Whatever happened to Horace, still around or did he die rich?.

6th May 2004, 01:31
See here (http://www.whirligig-tv.co.uk/tv/memories/snippets/snippets16.htm) for further details.

KEEF - Greetings from the graveyard shift at IO91TV. I'll be heading back to my home QTH at IO92RD at 0700 today.


6th May 2004, 08:40
He retired a few years after.

I believe he died not long after than. I remeber an article about him in a paper and he was in his sixties then so on my calculations he would be 100+ now.

I also remember thinking that if his system was that good how come he didn't win the treble-chance every week? (his system seemed to be to get a lot of people to put a lot of different permutations in; with that many chances something generally came up and he could use it for a 'look, he won using my system' ad the week after).

6th May 2004, 10:11
Interesting comments here Ė thanks. It has to go though, the maroon leather covering has got pretty disgusting, and Iíve already been the route of many repairs, soldering, plastic padding, sticky tape etc.

I remember Fabulous 208 well though: Battle of the Giants. Pete Murray and Stuart Henry, and yes, who could forget those awfully long Horace Batchelor adverts.

I can still hear their "filler" line: ďThis is Radio Luxembourg, your station of the stars.Ē G O N G!