View Full Version : BA's IT Professionals Screw Up!!!

4th May 2004, 18:26
How many of you guys got blasted by the latest worm? - the one that repeatedly shuts your computer down until the file it corrupts is replaced!

Along with HM Coastguard, British Airways was hit this morning with check-in at LHR and LGW affected. At Gatwick we cancelled a handful of flights and some were delayed as a direct result.

Now, I was warned on my home pc, about this virus a few days ago and my anti-virus software was updated accordingly.

How come Aunty BA was caught with her pants down? (I suspect R.E. would like to know!)

Apologies to any of our customers caught out by the little sons of unmarried parents who write these worms!

Romeo Delta
5th May 2004, 04:00
A few laptops in our company were hit. We're still digging out, but at least it's laptops and not entire networks that need help for us.

Condolences to those who are hit. It's tough, but fixable this time.


Pax Vobiscum
5th May 2004, 11:52
FWIW anti-virus won't block Sasser (it's a worm, not an e-mail attachment). So you must either apply the Microsoft patch and/or run a firewall to block the port it comes in on.

I would hope that most organisations would have a correctly configured firewall in place, but you only need someone bringing in a laptop or dialling in from a machine that's infected and you've got problems!