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4th May 2004, 11:55
Any recommendations?

5th May 2004, 20:32
What are your plans in T.O?? They have a very good public transport system that will take you pretty much everywhere in the city and downtown. However if your plans include a visit to Niagara then it would be worthwhile hiring a car.

Never had the need (so far) to hire a car, although next time there is a distinct possibility as I plan on going further afield.

One thing to do would be to see if the company you work for has any deals with any car hire companies, these will normally be worldwide (i.e I believe that BA has a discount deal with Avis), alternatively if you work at an airport and have the necessary ID then sometimes on the spot discounts will be given to airport employees.

Sorry this is nothing finite but if I find anything out then I will make another post and let you know.

BTW have you got accommodation sorted at all, by phoning the hotels direct (again if you work at an airport) then they normally will give a fairly decent discount (I stayed at the Bond Place Hotel in Downtown YYZ, cost me about CDN$203 as they had a special deal where you stay for 2 nights and get the 3rd free www.bondplacehoteltoronto.com) not the fanciest of places but it is downtown and if it is only a roof over your head that you need then it is ideal (PM me if you want more details about what is close by etc etc)

Anyway I hope that this has helped



5th May 2004, 20:38
FWIW I've always found Alamo (now National) Car Hire to be the most competitive. (Bear in mind, "local" deals don't always include proper insurance as US citizens and Canadians have motor insurance cover on their household insurance).

Alamo do have many seasonal Special Offers on the go - they're always worth a try


If you work in the Travel Industry and carry ID with you, these people have deals on Hotels and Car Hire


(all rates in US Dollars and it is conditional that a Travel Industry ID is produced at time of Check-In)

6th May 2004, 06:47
Thanks for the replies,

Am waiting for company travel dept to come back and say if they can access any deals.

Will be staying with a relative in Oakwood (?) who suggested a hired car would be a good idea.

Had also had Alamo recommended so good to see this reinforced.

6th May 2004, 15:54
That's probably Oakville and yes, it's a ways from Toronto proper.

Now I'm not going to say anything here of course :rolleyes: , but I suggest a google search for reviews on A***o rentals. Price isn't the only consideration y'know.

7th May 2004, 09:23
I use HOLIDAY AUTOS (http://www.holidayautos.co.uk/GBR/index.html) their prices appear to be competitive........ they use National in the USA, don't know about Canada.

40 discount on hire charges if you book on-line and unlimited mileage. :ok:

7th May 2004, 11:31
PaperTiger thanks for the reply, I have done a Google search on Alamo and don't find any more negative comments about them than any other company, however and funnily enough all the major companies come in with almost identical quotes so plenty of choice.

7th May 2004, 13:49
Just be pre-warned if you are renting a car at the airport, service for all companies is dire...and I really mean it. It doesn't matter whether you try Avis, Hertz or whoever, the staff just don't give a damn. The Hertz rep told another customer she hated dealing with people who couldn't understand English (because I told her that a sign they had up was unclear...and by the way English is my mother tongue) and with Avis they offered to give us a bigger car (that had much less baggage space), then made us wait 90 minutes for the car we had reserved and gave it to us filthy. After a lengthy flight in from Tokyo I lost my rag. It was worth losing it...I got 4 tickets to a great baseball game the next evening.