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9th May 2001, 01:40
I am off to spend some time travelling this summer, has anybody got any sure fire phrases in European that will help me:-
a) Pull
b) Annoy
c) Fight
Johnny Foreigner

I have a couple:

Einen Grossen Schlonga

Gib' mich einen Kuss du fettige Kraut

Zwei Weltkriege, und ein Weltmeisterschaft.

Anybody got any more...

Me huevos es muy grande... I have big balls/eggs

Whoa there bigfella, whoa!

9th May 2001, 03:43
I've got a few

In Spanish

Will you let me fondle your buttocks/ bosom
¿Me dejas acariciar tus nalgas?/pecha?

You should have a lie down on my settee / bed / face
Debes acostarte en mi sofa/cama/cara.

You have to be spanked
Hay que darles un azote

We won the war for you
Ganemos la guerra para ustedes

This is my first holiday since prison - don’t f**k it up
Son mis primeras vacaciones desde el cárcel - no me lo jodes

At the Police Station!!!

Stick your gun up your ****
Métete la pistola por el ****

I think my arm / leg / back / skull is broken
Creo que mi brazo / pierna / espalda / cráneo está roto


Watch out it might be spunk!
Cuidado, qu'zas es semen

I’ve soiled myself
Me he manchado

I have sore balls
M's cojones me duelen

Where is the nearest brothel?
¿Dónde está el bordel más cercano?

You can stick your establishment up your ****
Puedes meterse este establecimiento por el ****

She likes a litre or two in her
Le gusta un litro o dos por dentro

Have you a scrubber?
¿Tienes una fregona?

Not those cigarettes - the magic ones
No quiero estos cigaros, los magicos.

is that ok for ya!!!

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9th May 2001, 03:47
You better review your Spanish lessons. Not even one correct, mate! :)

9th May 2001, 03:56
J'ai un grand pullet.

I have a big chicken.

9th May 2001, 04:11
Or Go Here


www.bigwig.net/rt3 (http://www.bigwig.net/rt3)

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Big Red ' L '
11th May 2001, 02:19
Dos cervaza(or something like that....)
Say it everywhere......... :)

Its not the fall that kills you...Its the sudden stop.....

11th May 2001, 09:47
If you get desperate there's always the great British fall back --

"DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?" [say it very loud]

If they look confused, just keep repeating it louder each time until they can understand.

Through difficulties to the cinema

Nil nos tremefacit
11th May 2001, 11:36
Don't make friends with a taxi driver in Karachi:

Jaldi, jaldi, kalli rammi/kalli punni.

You will be made to walk a long way - lit. hurry up black [email protected]/black [email protected] Why do my Asian friends humiliate me like this? I was told it was more 'hurry along old chap'.


Puis j'embrasse ta praline - May I kiss your clitoris.


Was bumpf wie ein tigger und blinkt? (Sp?) - What [email protected] like a tiger and blinks?


Twll tyn pob Cymraeg - @rseholes to the Welsh (Ann Robinson Book of Etiquette)

11th May 2001, 12:02
<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">
Zwei Weltkriege, und ein Weltmeisterschaft.

The "official" DERA/RAE motto for EFA, as I recall.... :)

cart tart 1
11th May 2001, 16:25
kun je mijn lul ofzuigen-will you suck my d**k
and for the ladies
kun je me beffen

11th May 2001, 16:55
Nil nos -

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">Puis j'embrasse ta praline - May I kiss your clitoris.</font>

I've just opened a box of sweets containing .... PRALINE CRACKNELL! :)

Bootneck, Bootneck, can't catch me! Ooh, you are fast, Sergeant!

11th May 2001, 17:09
Just One.



11th May 2001, 18:57
I think it's been on here before, but you need this:


11th May 2001, 18:57
So, you're from New Zealand are ya jaynor?

Through difficulties to the cinema

Nil nos tremefacit
11th May 2001, 20:07

I'm told it's to do with the shape, not the flavour, but suck it and see!!! ;)

11th May 2001, 20:56
Gee's BLkSheep, a comment like that must come from a Pavlova stealer.

Obviously you miss the sheep then?

Charlie Foxtrot India
11th May 2001, 20:56
For those pythonists among us:

" My Hovercraft is Full of Eels "
and "Please Ferndle my Buttocks"

Seriously though most europeans speak better english than the english speakers, so all you have to do is shout until they stop pretending to be deaf.

Except of course for our friends the French air traffic controllers, eg the rather quaintly named ATC unit "Brest Information"

Enjoy your travels!

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12th May 2001, 06:09
Naah! But I miss those Aussies though, they knew how to party.

And I know how to kick yez where it hurts.

As you know...

Through difficulties to the cinema

18th May 2001, 02:41
Dos cerveza por favor,y amigo mio payer.

(My written Spanish is bad)meaning 2 beers and my friend is paying. Make this the first phrase you learn in any language! :) :) :)

18th May 2001, 18:46
"Hoi, ik vind je leuk, en ik heb zo'n zin !"

Means something like:

"Hey,two beers please, my friend here is paying !"

18th May 2001, 20:48
Min ven vill betale. (Norwegian/Swedish, any Scandi lingo)
Mi amigo pagara (Spain/Portugal)
O felismou tha plurosa ( Just say it this way- Greek)
Mein freund betsallen ( Welsh, OK German )

18th May 2001, 22:12
Well Blacksheep, I'll be back in OZ in August, I'll look forward to having a few with you :-).

18th May 2001, 22:17
Well Blacksheep, I'll be back in Sydney in August, I'll look forward to seeing you for a few then, your shout (after that Defimation).

Mr moto
19th May 2001, 01:18
Danish; Jeg er liderlig. Kan du hjaelpe mig?
I'm horny. Can you help me?

Try it. You'll have a better chance of success than in the UK.

19th May 2001, 19:04
Worn on a t-shirt....
**** me I'm British! Works the world over...so I'm told!! :)

Homer ;)

Duff, Duff, that Wonderful stuff. Ummmmm Doughnuts

Send Clowns
19th May 2001, 22:06
Adna peeva pajalsta (badly transliterated, don't know how it's usually written in latin script) 'A beer please' in Russian.

20th May 2001, 04:37
Visting the old historic city of Riga, Latvia, you might want to familiarize yourself with some of the basic shop-talk around the market square:

Cik maksaa? (How much?)
100 dolarus un es esmu tava. (100 bucks and I'm yours.)
OK. (OK.)

Good luck!