View Full Version : Getting older taste buds and carrots

Capn Notarious
4th May 2004, 11:44
This is serious and not the subject of ridicule (that will never stop you)
I have five decades on me frame, which is naturally deteriorating; as does every ones.
I have noticed a loss of flavour. Too much curry, lasagne, chilli, who knows?
Carrots: I changed source, farmers markets. What is noticeable is that mostly carrots taste sweet as if soaked in sugar.
The Capn wants a crunchy tasting Carrot, that is right. I never overcook, slightly hard on the fork.
Is this the result of pesticides, environmental pollution?
Chew on this one ppruners.
Afterall pilots want the best fuels and lubricants: the discussion of beer and wine therefore commences next week.

tony draper
4th May 2004, 12:24
Don't care much for carrots no matter how they are cooked,or any other root veg come to think,apart from potatoes of course,they are classed as root veggies int they?
One does however like to gnaw on a raw carrot with plenty salt occasionaly like buggs bunny.


4th May 2004, 12:39
I'm with Drapes on this one, carrots taste better eaten raw. Lots of other veggies to go with ones dinner. Maybe we imagine the difference in flavour from our youth, unless it's all the chemicals they grow them with now. We used to buy them with the green still on, so we could tell if they were fresh, now they have probably been in a cold store somewhere.

4th May 2004, 12:39
Capn, you sure your colour vision aint going and you picked up parsnips by mistake? That might explain the radical change in taste.:E


4th May 2004, 22:49
What exactly does a crunch taste like?