View Full Version : Garden Groom, anyone tried one yet?

3rd May 2004, 05:31
So tell me, has anyone here used a garden groom to clip their hedgerows yet?

While I don't relish the thought of going back to an extension cord based system, I could see having one around for touch ups when i don't feel like doing the clean up.

How well do they cut? Do they really clean up good? Howabout on the top of the hedge?

Gardengroom.com I think is the website.

Unfortunately not available in the USA, (IOW 110 volt) but I do have 220 at various points around my house so I could run a cord if neceary (yes I know the diff in plug)


3rd May 2004, 07:32
According to the UK consumer association magazine 'Which', this product is awkward to use, and not as good as a normal hedge trimmer. Save your money, get a boy scout to cut the hedge twice a year for /$5.00 and spend the money you save on beer!
Try www.which.net and have a look for yourself.

3rd May 2004, 12:30
Couldn't get in to read it without giving them a credit card.

I guess I will have to take your word for it.
As their website is so bad as to not even acknowledge whether they have an article on the subject, I will just take a pass at the moment

It kinda matched my suspicions. It looked like a rotary mower...