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24th Aug 2001, 05:31
since people here seem to like to have big dicussions over issues i thought a nice topic would be sex between people of different generation. what age difference do people feel is appropriate and what is not?
i guy i chatted to on icq who is something like 31 told me about some girl he chats to who he is interested in. she is a 15 yr old schoolgirl! :eek: the words jailbait and paedophilla come to mind!
this bothers me coz she is not even legal. but i think that the an age difference of 16 yrs would be fine if she was older.
i don't a problem if both people are old enough to buy a drink so that the other person looks attractive enough to want to sleep with them :D

gravity victim
24th Aug 2001, 14:33
The Victorians thought that the 'ideal' age for a wife was half the man's age plus seven years. The older I get the more sound this calculation seems! :D

Onan the Clumsy
24th Aug 2001, 18:20
Not wanting to split hairs here, but as I understand it, Paedophillia relates to contact with pre-pubescent children, whereas once all the bits develop it becomes Hebophillia.

At least that's how the Judge explained it to me. :rolleyes:

24th Aug 2001, 19:33
I have had the plesure of dating a lady that was nine years older than myself. At eighteen this seemed like an achievement. needless to say it didn't work out... but I think it can if both people are willing and mature enough to handle it. But i agree that they at least need to both be old enough to buy drinks for themselves... it is to hard other wise.

24th Aug 2001, 20:01
a man reaches his sexual ppeak at 18. women do so in their forties.
Work it out... (not sure if the figures are correct, but you catch my drift) :D

24th Aug 2001, 20:09


A man's sexual peak is right around 44.
Next year it will be 45... :D

24th Aug 2001, 22:09
I don't really think there is any such thing as an "appropriate" age difference, Dings. If you like someone then you like that person for who they are, not because of their age.

While it may be true to say that we tend to be attracted to people who are more or less around our own age, I feel that of all the factors associated with forming a close relationship, similarity of age would probably be the least relevant.

Onan the Clumsy
24th Aug 2001, 22:51
Joe Haldeman in his epic novel The Forever War, describes a future civilization where humans are fighting battles in deep space.

Because this war takes up pretty much most of your time, they have mixed crews so you don't have to spend all your time :D ing.

Well people on these crews form attachments get married, whatever, but there comes a point when they get demobbed. The problem is when only one of a pair return to civvy street, because the star ships have to travel at > warp speed to even get to the places to fight the battles (yes that does seem a little stupid doesn't it? "What if they had a war and nobody came?"). The military person might have a copule of years left to serve, but this could take a century of civilian time.

So to get around this, the people waiting on Earth keep taking voyages into deep space, just so that they too can have the time warp effects. After a while, some of them just give up and live a normal life, so that when their partnes get home a year or so later, they find their earth bound companion "dead and buried these fifty years".

How's THAT for an age difference?

BTW, I remember it as an exciting, yet oddly touching book. I read another of his that he wrote with the Star Trek characters in it and it was utter crap.

tony draper
24th Aug 2001, 23:21
Perhaps it is a little early in the thread to introduce he vexed question of sex between different species. ;)

Stand by your man
24th Aug 2001, 23:34
Dunno about that Tony, never having been to Roswell. :D
But....I've always wondered about sex in space. Has it been done yet? Must be quite an experience?

tony draper
24th Aug 2001, 23:48
Well to be frank I was thinking more in terms of bipeds and quadrapeds.
The alien thing is interesting though, if these abductee's are to be belived those little grey bastards are well into that stuff.
Medical experiments,Ha! who do they think they are kidding, just because we are lower down the evolutional ladder than them, they don't have to treat us like we just jumped off the turnip waggon.

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25th Aug 2001, 00:22
Sex in space, a wonderous event!

I picture a completely mirrored room, with a net to prevent the occupants from tumbling.

Makes for some neat docking and spinning maneuvers. (Imagine the male, inserted, begins to spin while in the female, could be done ... was written about somewhere ...)

On the topic of ages, I've been with women above and below my own.

Thing is you have to have a commonality, or it never seems to work out.

25th Aug 2001, 00:29
Hey tony - check out the rope puzzle thread...

... admit it, it's those cute little sheep isn't it ?

Little teasers, get you going every time ;)

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25th Aug 2001, 03:01

I'm pulling your leg, but did you really want to say the following in your original post:

"i don't a problem if both people are old enough to buy a drink so that the other person looks attractive enough to want to sleep with them."

Is this the criteria? Just have a few drinks and the other person WILL look good enough to sleep with. This has happened to me on several occasions, age not even coming into play, except my first time.

25th Aug 2001, 14:15
Like I said before... whatever you do, don't drink five pints of Old Speckled Hen in an hour and a half :eek: :eek: :eek:

Let's just say - the effect is only temporary :o :o :o

Feeton Terrafirma
25th Aug 2001, 15:00
I don't understand how this "have a drink or 3 until they look attractive" works. I assume it's a chemical reaction, but if it changes the apperance of a person, surely they have to drink it, rather than you drinking it to change them?

Now back to the topic at hand. I tell my wife that I like older women because she's older than I. I tell all the chat chicky babes that I like younger women. Just to be sure that I don't lie (I don't approve of lies) I ensure that I actually like em both younger and older. (not necessarily at the same time, but if they don't mind, who am I to object) :D

25th Aug 2001, 16:24
I think Feet sums it up.

We love em all, some more than others.
Age is not the primairy thing that counts.

25th Aug 2001, 16:52
Young ones, old ones, as long as they are NOT ugly ones... :eek: :eek: :eek:

25th Aug 2001, 17:17
Ah, Feet - but perception is not the same as reality...

The 'Beer-tinted-specs' phenomenon :cool: