View Full Version : Kentucky Derby

1st May 2004, 19:35
Anyone watching?

Juvenile was just won by Lunarpal with incredible come back of jockey Shane Sellers.

I'm waiting for Smarty Jones,a home state bred horse who hasn't lost a race yet.

1st May 2004, 20:24
After durn near bashin' his brains out, I hope Smarty wins too.:ok:

2nd May 2004, 00:58
Smarty Jones,winner of Kentucky Derby 130.

That makes a 7 starts and 7 wins for this "not blue blood" horse. :ok:

16th May 2004, 00:28
Make it eight.
Two down, one to go!:ok:

16th May 2004, 06:08
Did you watch it pigboat? I was tickled about the Derby because he's just a local yodel but now I'm tickled because of his heart and speed.

It was an awesome run. I hope he'll repeat this run at Belmont.
:cool: :ok:

5th Jun 2004, 05:32
Belmont Stakes,tomorrow at 6:38 pm EST.

Will we have a Triple Crown winner? It is supposed to be a rainy day and this young fellow is known to run good under those conditions.

6th Jun 2004, 02:15
Drat!!! :sad:

Kinda like Elliot's comment though, "The other horse just came and got him. That's horse racing."