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Wannabe Flyboy
1st May 2004, 16:17
I'm thinking of doing a day's worth of flying around Europe later on this year (October - November) around Europe or the UK. I'd like to stop at 2 airports en route and spend less than 100 on flights + taxes.

I'd rather fly with a FCC but I have no problems with LCCs unless it involved Ryanair in any way (sorry... to many bad experiences). I'd be flying out of any of the London airports (LCY, LHR, LGW, STN, LTN) and going anywhere really.

I had a look at ba.com; LCY - EDI - MAN - LGW was over 200!

Does anyone have any ideas on the best routes / airlines / dates to look at?

Final 3 Greens
2nd May 2004, 08:23
Ryanair is the one that springs to mind, if you buy cheap you tend to get cheap.

Wannabe Flyboy
2nd May 2004, 09:02
I've never had a good experience with FR ever so I'd much rather not go with them. easyJet are a possibility - as are Air Berlin and GermanWings etc..

Ideally I'd like to go with BA, but it all seems to expensive. LTN - IOM - MAN - LGW is 180. Some date / time fiddling could change this but not 80s worth.

I was thinking somthing like London - Paris - Germany - London?

2nd May 2004, 16:40
Try this website I find it quite useful for identifying cheap flights


BAe 146-100
2nd May 2004, 17:18
Wannabe Flyboy,

If you want to avoid Ryanair, below are a few more LCC's to choose from!

Air Berlin and Germanwings are both very good LCC's. Air Berlin has flights from STN to Berlin and Germanwings operates from LGW and STN to Cologne. Both airlines offer cheap fares.

Air Berlin (http://www.airberlin.com/site/index.php?LANG=eng)

Germanwings (http://www24.germanwings.com/)

If you are looking to go to Italy, Volareweb fly from LTN to Cagliari. They also offer cheap fares.

Volareweb (http://buy.volareweb.com/jsp/web/index.jsp)

BAe 146-100 :ok:

2nd May 2004, 23:42
Have a look on openjet.com..

all low cost airlines, but FR is not among them, you'll be glad to hear!