View Full Version : Westerners kiled in Saudi Arabia

1st May 2004, 14:41

Reports say six western expatriates have been killed by gunmen in the city of Yanbu in Saudi Arabia.

The US embassy said two US citizens were among the dead. At least one Briton is feared dead, according to the British embassy.

Gunmen are said to have attacked an industrial plant in Yanbu before driving to a residential area and beginning a shooting spree. Security forces killed three of the attackers, the Interior Ministry said.

"At 0700 (0400 GMT) on Saturday four men entered the headquarters of a Saudi contractor in Yanbu and fired at random on Saudis and foreigners," it said in a statement. "Security forces chased them and they took refuge in residential areas and hijacked some cars. Three of them were killed and a fourth was wounded. There were a number of deaths and injuries among Saudis and foreigners," it added.

One Saudi policemen was also said to have been killed.

The gunmen are said to have shot at Western shops, including a McDonalds restaurant, and surrounded a hotel. A hotel employee in Yanbu told Reuters a Westerner was killed in a five-star hotel in the city.

Eyewitnesses said a body tied to the back of the car was dragged through the streets.........