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Just Another Number
23rd Aug 2001, 23:40
Well someone had to. :D :cool:

24th Aug 2001, 00:14
Just Another Number:

Yes,but why you?

Anyway,39779 has a certain ring to it.

Onan the Clumsy
24th Aug 2001, 00:48
Just for the sake of Irony, you could call yourself Just Another Number, yet...buy yourself an actual title... Your old name perhaps :)

Bio Warrior
24th Aug 2001, 01:35
Speaking of being just another number I have gone and done it now..... I went out and of my own free will bought myself a cell phone :eek :(something I always promised myself I wouldn't do) I'm blaming the drugs I really am. Curosity overcomes me and I want to know how many others have given in to peer pressure to buy their own "annoy me anywhere" devices, (probably all of you, I was the last non cell, non txt individual in the world.... but now thats over.... sniffle sob ..... oh well!)

-Bio (kitten of the TXT generation) :)

henry crun
24th Aug 2001, 02:57
Don't feel too bad about it Bio, pussy cats are noted for being self indulgent. :)

Arm out the window
24th Aug 2001, 04:09
This is obviously a communist plot!
'Just another number...' - everyone the same, eh comrades, except those who aren't the same - THE MODERATORS!

Look out! They'll be sending you off for 'Re-education'; it's all becoming clear now.

Hang on, there's a knock at the door - I'll just get it....

24th Aug 2001, 05:02
well i don't have a cellphone
and certainly not one with text messaging
i also don't have a laptop with a dvd player
bio is ahead of me with the technology toys :(

Squawk 8888
24th Aug 2001, 05:48
Well, dingducky, I don't have a cell but I do have a cordless phone... somewhere!

24th Aug 2001, 05:57
i don't even have that!!! :(
oh the pain
i wonder if i am the only one without a cd player? i have never bought a cd in my life!
actually i don't have a cassette player either!

Just Another Number
24th Aug 2001, 22:01
AAAAHHHHH I have just found out I have another digit do I change my name or do I use the digit? :eek:

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tony draper
24th Aug 2001, 22:16
Take up playing the guitar, six fingers will be a big help. ;)

24th Aug 2001, 23:12
Swim across the pond ding, you may listen to my CD's. . . Or I can make you one to hang on yout car's rear view mirror (The new bane of the idiocy, hanging something in your field of vision so you cannot see half of what's in front of you while driving .... )

You may be just another number, but you are not just another Duck ... or ?

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