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1st May 2004, 04:07
While learning to be the intreped aviators that we all are, we ran into someone that taught us something really important.

I'll start off with: While training for my single engine sea rating in a Lake Bucaneer my instructor was finishing me up with taxiing up a ramp and the back into the water. We were looking for the ramp whilst taxiing on the step down the Krome Ave Canal west of Miami, when I spotted coming up fast on my left. Art reaches over and drops out the landing gear as I'm coming off the throttle. You may think this was a little odd, I know I did, but he showed me how to stop that thing in about 50 ft. A valuable lesson if some boat pulls out in front during take off. A little rough but a helluva of a handy tool when you need it. It's nice to have options. When Mr. Lussier was done with me I truely felt at home in that little bird. :ok:

1st May 2004, 19:59
Yep, two ways to taxi a seaplane, either very slow or flat out. :D

To land a Beaver on glassy water. Slow down, add climb flap and set the power to get about a 300 fpm rate of descent at 70 mph. (Around 23 inches mp and 1800 rpm) When the aircraft enters ground effect begin easing the power off and flattening out the rate of descent. If you've done everything right, the touchdown is so soft you have to look out the cockpit window to see the spray from the left float to know yer on the water.

How to takeoff in a Norseman in heavy swells. Turn into wind and set takeoff flap. ( I forget the number of cranks) Add takeoff power and ride over the first swell. Plow through the second swell and allow the third to kick the aircraft into the air. Be prepared to hang the aircraft unto the prop at near stall speed until you've built up enough speed to fly out of ground effect. :D

AntiCrash, ya wanta send me that pic of the PB on Lake Okeechobee again? I lost it in the great computer crash of April 2004.:{

3rd May 2004, 00:03
Great Instructors, Great Lessons


The best teach students not to crash aeroplanes. :ok:

Cheers Q

3rd May 2004, 11:05
I think that the most interesting part about seaplane operation is when you get ready to dock. The only experience that I have with seaplanes is on the swedish west coast where the waters can be a bit nasty at times with a C185F.

To reach the dock we had to first turn into a small lagoon and then do a 120 degree left turn, cut the engine when we were perpendicular to the dock with about 5 knots, we jumped out of the cabin and made our way to the front of the pylons as quickly as we could, then we held on to the engine cowling and put our feet up onto the side of the dock and pressed away as hard as we could.
One time I cut up my entire left leg while doing this! :{

Anyone who says being a pilot only requires skill and no muscles should be smacked silly! :}

The most fun part is to drive up onto a beach for a short swim, especially when there are others docked there with their ultra fast boats! The feeling of having 50 people stare at you when you get out of the airplane is increadible. Tis is also a very good idea to get the attention of the fine ladies lying on the beach. :ok: