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Self Loading Freight
1st May 2004, 00:56
'Ere, is this right? My other half was supposed to fly down from EDI to LHR yesterday evening on BD065. Supposed departure 2050, actual 23- something, arriving in LHR at 00:25. one hour past last tube. World's most expensive taxi ride then ensued.

Which is bad enough, but these things happen. However, the BMI staff at EDI were worse than hopeless and refused to answer any questions, blaming it all on 'weather'.

The weather at LHR wasn't that bad. BA flights to LHR managed to depart right on time, and I don't recall there being anything much happening earlier. I was hard at work at Tower Bridge all day, and thus stared out of the window a lot, and it was dank and fogsome but really nothing scary.

Mrs-to-be SLF said that another BMI flight from EDI to Frankfurt (?) had gone tech that evening - was the 'weather' excuse because it's bad form to have two go down in short succession, was it for some other reason... or was it really weather?


2nd May 2004, 20:53
your flight was most likely delayed because of the wether.
It could have been poor weather earlier in the day resulting in the acft running late or getting a bad slot into LHR.