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30th Apr 2004, 19:41
I received an email today claiming that people are discussing me on a discussion forum at the website mentioned in the subject.

I reckon it is a scam to get people to pay to join.

Does anyone have any expereince of this site?



30th Apr 2004, 19:50

I'm sure however, with the people on this forum, we can discuss you .

If you want us to that is.:E

30th Apr 2004, 22:15
Probably is a scam if you have to pay money. Anyway, do you care if they are talking about you? People talk about you behind your back everyday in real life, they say good and bad things, just like you do about everyone else. So f'k em!

It's like those text messages that say, 'someone you know is trying to contact you'. Bo*****!

Ignore it.


Kiting for Boys
1st May 2004, 00:45
Don’t pay MiB… I was there before you

I know all about Cadbury’s Milk Tray.
Your real-life persona was a South African softie who drank carrot juice.

Cardinal Puff
1st May 2004, 07:25
Got dat one right KfB.... And she'd still kick yer skinny Pommie bottom! :ok:

1st May 2004, 14:13
Been getting lots of unsoliticted emails recently. Some are even titled things such as "extreme content warning" so, instead of opening them, have deleted them straight away. Not gonna take risks. All these emails have been coming through the PPRuNe email service which, until the last coupla weeks, has been very good in being ad-free. Anyone else experienced this just lately in their account?

Back to MiB's topic, yes, I have had at least two emails which say "I found this article about you" and an attatchment. I have yet to be silly enough to open the attatchment but it sounds like some cnut is trying screw my pooter because the once very fast speed of my PC is now very lethargic.


1st May 2004, 14:52

The occurence of these emails is becoming a nuisance. Have had to delete 4 this morning.

My firewall has also detected and stopped trojan horses coming in on the ADSL line. That could be where your "slowness" has come from.

An aside on the dot com theme.
I knew an asian family in the Uk called "Dott". I suggested that they register "www.dott.com":\

1st May 2004, 16:13
Righty-oh IB4138, so next question is........

How the mudder fook do I get rid of all this horsey shit ,if indeed that's what it is. Not PC minded here so any websites with virus software downloads would be marvellously appreciated.


Any ideas as to why are we getting unsolicited emails all of a sudden through the once very good PPRuNe Everytime email accounts?



1st May 2004, 17:10

I can't remember which forum or thread a great article giving web sites appeared on, dealing with similar problems and details of free software downloads. If you want the full sp, try the search facility.

For antivirus, there is a free download of AntiVir Guard available from: www.free-av.de
A firewall, Sygate Personal Firewall, is available for free download from :

That's only two, which I find suitable for my needs. there are others.
You might also ask for advice on the Computer/Internet forum.

1st May 2004, 17:12
There's a sticky thread in Computer & Internet Issues on the subject