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tu chan go
30th Apr 2004, 15:11
Read in the paper today about the bloke who, having parked in the same spot twice a week for 4 years, came back to find a 30 parking ticket on his car. He thought that he hadn't seen the new double yellow lines as he parked up.

Fortunately, a couple of witnesses stepped forward and told him that workmen had 'bumped' his car away from the kerb, painted the lines, and then 'bumped' his car back onto them! The traffic n*zi then came along and issued the ticket.

After complaining to the council, they very graciously consulted with the local plods and cancelled the ticket.

Not good enough!! The poor chap (quite rightly IMO) wants compensation for the damage done to his car by the cheeky b**stards who 'bumped' it in the first place. The council have just said that they would tell the workmen to be more careful in the future!

To say that I would be incandescent with rage if that was me is an understatement. I was gobsmacked when I read it. Don't these people (if I can call them that) in the council realise that it is us, the poor unsuspecting public, who pay their wages and that they cannot treat the public like this!

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

30th Apr 2004, 20:09
In a similar vein, compensation awarded to a man who had been wrongly imprisoned was cut by the cost of his accomodation and food while he had been incarcerated.

Ergo board and lodging while you are in prison is free, but only if you are guilty. What a wanderful world.:\