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30th Apr 2004, 13:30
I am flying with Monarch from Manchester to Gibraltar on 16th June 2004 and returning on 23rd June.

What is the chance of me having a cocpit visit on the ground?

Many thanks in advance for the reply,


Mark Lewis
30th Apr 2004, 13:39
Quite high really. Ask the cabin crew during the flight if they will ask the captain if you can pop your nose in.
I have never been turned down!

30th Apr 2004, 20:16
enjoy the take off and landing at Gib! :}

quite a tricky take off if your going out to the west due to the spanish border line, the RAF nimrods that use the base frequently...well they where a pleasure to watch take off, banked like an F3

30th Apr 2004, 21:58
I have flown into Gib before (in the back) and yes it is quite an interesting landing.

I was there a few years back and noticed the high banking jets coming out of runway 27, why??

I also flew into Gibraltar about 20 years ago which really did get me into this flying lark!!!!!

1st Jun 2004, 17:12
Both as pax and as flight deck crew.....the reason for the tight banking is to keep out of Spanish airspace....(considering we are all in EEC/EU or whatever)..the spanish do not let Gib operations into spanish airports...(refer to cruise boats recently too)...prefer it as operational crew....when not working I reside on a boat perhaps 50m from the touch down point.....or even sit in a boat on the threashold of runway...now thats cool....."pushing tin" style... on the same subject the "bus" generates a banshee noise, as it overflies at 100-200ft, as well as very interesting vortex on the water surface.....

Charlie Zulu
1st Jun 2004, 20:36
So if an aeroplane en-route from Gibralter to the UK has an engine failure half way along its track within Spanish FIR, the afformentioned aeroplane would have to continue to France or divert to Portugal / back to Gibralter? Granted you wouldn't be on a single engine for as long as you would if operating under ETOPS over Oceans but its still quite worrying nonetheless.

Or do the Spanish allow "emergencies" to land at Spanish Airports / Airfields in these circumstances (which I'm sure they probably would)? If not then something needs to be done...

Best wishes,

Charlie Zulu.

2nd Jun 2004, 06:20
I certainly think the answer would be yes....

BUT the day to day situation exists, and might happen today as LXGB is forcasting early morning fog, that the Monarch, or GB air, might make an approach to Gibraltar, go missed approach, then be forced to divert to Tangier...file a new flight plan...refuel, then operate Tangier to Malaga...then BUS pax to Gibraltar...

These guys are our friends.....sucks.

Now for another little gem...IF the passenger that loaded in UK, was on a permit to stay or similar overseas passport..and not a UK, or Shenglin type chap, then when the aircraft diverts to Malaga, the Spanish can and sometimes do refuse entry to Spain......

Work out the implications for the unspecting passenger.

According to my friends in authority in Gibraltar it does and has happened.

2nd Jun 2004, 21:59
even sit in a boat on the threashold of runway...now thats cool

Excellent - parents did at sailing course out of Gib a few years back :ok:

2 weeks today for holiday - staying in the Queens :ok:

Been a few times before but first time flying into LXGB for a long time!