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30th Apr 2004, 10:22
I've somehow managed to be roped into an office Quiz Night (You WILL have fun!) and now we all have to think of amusing names. Our team at work is called the Incas, and the best suggestion so far is the Inca Thinkers. So you can see we're in desperate need of help. :rolleyes:

Names cannot be blatantly filthy, but suggestion and implication is allowed. ;)

30th Apr 2004, 10:24
the shy teds, always makes me laugh

Norfolk King Hopers

Norfolk and chance

30th Apr 2004, 10:32
How about 'HUMAN SACRIFICE' - didn't the Incas practice this to their gods?

or that quality childrens tv programme from the 1980s:

Jossies Giants?

30th Apr 2004, 10:34
Norfolk King Hopers

Norfolk and chance

30th Apr 2004, 10:37
How about "The Beg Tets"....... :ok:

30th Apr 2004, 11:07
I suppose "St. Nuc" ... (after the patron saint of quiz nights) would be out of the question?


30th Apr 2004, 11:27
Good grief, I thought you were a nice girl, Bluey. :uhoh:

30th Apr 2004, 11:29
How about the post quiz curry team name the 'Inca Stinka's'

30th Apr 2004, 11:34
Not to worry, AerBabe, my sweet ... you're not the first person to make that mistake!

:E :ok: ;) :rolleyes: :cool:

30th Apr 2004, 11:36
Who was the first person?

30th Apr 2004, 11:36
Just got my cricket fixture list for the summer and note that we're down to play a team 'The Far Canals' and another one which is bafflingly called 'Old Tamponians'......

30th Apr 2004, 11:48
Oh dear... they're now saying we should have:

(we're going to split into two teams).
HELP!! :{

30th Apr 2004, 11:55
Incandesent's and Incansolables?

30th Apr 2004, 12:04
"The Doh's" - as the first word that you will utter when you hear the correct answer will - probably - be...."Doh!!" :E

30th Apr 2004, 12:14
Quiz teams in our pub include:

Well Oil Beef Hooked

and the pretentious "Wit of a banker"

In Case of Emergency Break Glass

A suitable name is often harder than the quiz itself in my humble opinion.

30th Apr 2004, 12:29
What about "ThIncas"? Or, "Hook, Line, and Incas"...just a suggestion.

I'll get me coat then...


PPRuNe Dispatcher
30th Apr 2004, 15:36
If one of the barstaff have to read out the scores, then a good team name is "The drinks are on the house" :ok:

Another old favourite is "Hoof Hearted"

30th Apr 2004, 15:37
I think it was Norfolk Enchants ;)

Try "Hoof Hearted" with a horse mascot :P

30th Apr 2004, 15:43
Bananas in Pyjamas? How about The Maths Debaters?

Benhurr; the correct name is Whale Oil Beef Hooked. This is permitted to be shortened to WhaleOil in the case of a nick for one person.

30th Apr 2004, 15:47
Binos - I like the Maths Debaters - they're all actuaries, so it's most fitting. :E

30th Apr 2004, 15:49
Blessed are the meths drinkers, pot sellers, illusion dwellers
Blessed are the maths debaters...... (fill in your choice of lyric).. with apologies to Paul Simon

30th Apr 2004, 18:57
Regularly entered quizzes with the team name of 'The Amoeba Department'............because we only had one brain cell between the lot of us!

Once used the name 'The Faithful Mars Bar'.......need to be over 40 to appreciate that one.

30th Apr 2004, 19:59
I usually compete with Bamber Gascoigne's Intellectual Heavyweights.
We normally lose.

Mostly Harmless
30th Apr 2004, 21:22
....Smart Ask....