View Full Version : Flush Bash

30th Apr 2004, 09:16
Now, I'm not sure but is this (http://worldwideflush.itgo.com/) worth JB?

Any ideas?

30th Apr 2004, 09:43
Looks like a flash in the pan to me.

30th Apr 2004, 10:13
None of my dictionaries deciphers "flash in the pan" but anyhow, keep'em comin'. :}

Let's all join and make everyone want to fly. :cool:

How much is CST anyhow, UTC-7? Even while day-light saving?

30th Apr 2004, 10:27
FD One small problem to this.
If all your fellow countrymen,Germans and Dutch go ahead with this idea, Mr Draper could end up with a lot of foreign effluence on his local beaches.Somehow I don't think he'd appreciate it!!!!