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29th Apr 2004, 23:57
This has probably been done before but . . .

I was just falling asleep when 'John Nicoll flies' popped up on Discovery Wings. This weeks aircraft is a DC3 which was the first aircraft I ever got a ride in and it occured to me the experience has stayed with me to this day. It was from Manston to Perpignan. It was delayed due to fog, which wound my dad up as to this day (now mid 80's), he hates flying. I reacted like all good kids and got very scared - the logic being 'if is worries dad, then it must be bad'. In fact once the adventure began, I loved it, fell asleep, woke up and loved it all over again. I remember flying over the Goodwin Sands and over Paris and then post sleep over Southern France. I remember the old guy in the seat behind me who had one eye but didn't wear a patch. I remember the cup of orange squash that dad held for me while I slept and then whe I woke up, didnt want. I remember the sense of disappointment when we landed and thinking how daft my dad had been. I was about 7.

So pruners - what was your first flights and what do you remember of it?

30th Apr 2004, 09:34
Chipmunk, 1962 RAF Honington on summer camp in the ATC, operating from the grass in front of the old tower. Trundled over Thetford Forest to look at Watton, did some aeros, had a look at a Thor missile site somewhere, then I flew it back to base, 45min total.

The pilot was grizzled old Master Pilot with a Pathfinder badge, he looked about 200 to me.

Remember it was bumpy, hot & sweaty and the aircraft smelled of stale puke and disinfectant, but I loved every second of it.

As an aside. the WWII wooden huts that we stayed in that week, were being demolished after we left, they said. They were still there when I was posted to Honington in 1977 and still there when I left in 1979.

And still there when I visited a several years later. Got their money's worth on them.

30th Apr 2004, 10:29
Bamboo pole and a bed sheet,
Used my bedroom window sill as a runway ...

15 foot down, 4 foot along the garden.

For a 7 year old, it was a great success. I landed firmly (had harder landings since!) and elated. :ok:

Sadly my mother dismantled the "airplane" and it was to be another 9 years until my next flight :(

30th Apr 2004, 10:42
Oh i like this one;

First piston engine a/c was a Chipmunk of No 8 AEF at RAF Shawbury several moons ago...AEROS!!

Firss Glider was a Vigilant of No 633 VGS at RAF Cosford, again many moons ago....Having little ground speed recovering to Cosford due to wind strength...

First Fast-Jet was a BAe Hawk, second a Jag...AHHHHHHHHH this happens quick..

First civil-airliner was a 737 to Rhodes, b4 it became the hip place it now is....BORED NOW

First military multi-engine was a TRI*...DITTO ABOVE

First helicopter was an ageing Wessex of No 84 Sqn out in AKT...How do these fly again??

30th Apr 2004, 10:56
The first one that made a real impression on me was at the age of 7 or 8, going up in a Cessna 172 with a friend of my dad and being allowed to take the controls and fly it into a cloud. Was a bit disappointed to discover that clouds were not as pretty on the inside, but I will always remember the thrill of taking the controls myself :ok:

30th Apr 2004, 11:10

The Thor site couldn't have been Feltwell, could it??

Edited: No, on second thoughts, got it mixed up with the Thor site I used to pass each Friday evening, driving from Watton to Wyton. Thor site was on a hill from what I remember and Feltwell is fairly flat.

30th Apr 2004, 11:14
First Flight.
Chipmunk T10 at RAF Woodvale. 1979. ATC Cadet, 14 years old could not believe I was finally flying.

First Solo.
Hiway Stubby hang-glider at Steyning Bowl nr Brighton 1988.

First Airliner.
British Midland Viscount from Isle of Man. Rough as hell. Everyone blamed me for the turbulence as I had refused to say goodbye to the faeries on the way to Ronaldsway Airport! :E

30th Apr 2004, 11:15
Cambrian airways DC3..Speke to Guernsey,landed on grass strip after viewing loads of greenhouses on the approach.Summer 1960..Bliss.

30th Apr 2004, 11:21
Mid 90’s, I was about 15 and I flew with my dad to Belfast on a BA 737, funnily enough I don’t remember much about the booking in. We hurled along the taxiways at a speed which caused me some concern, passing ranks of airliners from all over the world. We arrived at the runway and didn’t seem to even stop, there was a healthy roar from the engines and then it was brakes off proper. I did my lap belt up tighter.
Suddenly we were airborne and climbing steeply over Hounslow, the engines became quieter but the climb rate didn’t seem to slow.
After what seemed like seconds we arrived in blue skies with an enormous flat layer of cloud stretching as far as the eye could see-Magic.

:D :D :D

mid route, we passed another BA 737 going the other way, perhaps a mile away. Very soon it was time to let down into Belfast. The flaps opened, we slid in over the army helos on the ramp, the airbrakes popped open and we were down with barely a bump.

I guess we forget how magic even a mundane air journey is!


30th Apr 2004, 11:26
My first flight is also my first ever memory.
I was two years old, we were flying on a BOAC flight to Beirut, before changing to an Air India flight to Kuwait. My first ever memory was us breaking through the tops of the clouds, magical, no wonder I ended up in Aviation.

Taking controls for the first time I was in a C150 at Manston December 1991.
First rotary flight at the controls was on G-WEST A109 at Judwin back in 1994.

30th Apr 2004, 11:31
I was only 4 when i made my first flight with virgin atlantic from, Gatwick to Miami. I remember being very impressed!

First plane i flew... Grob Tutor, awesome little beast!

30th Apr 2004, 11:38
Yep, Feltwell. Other memories of that week were West Raynham's two Hunter sqns using Honington as their runway was being re-surfaced, 18sqn Valiants and 7(?) Sqn Victors which were based there and a very secret 51sqn Comet with lots of lumps, bumps & aerials landing late one afternoon and being put straight into a hangar. We were told to not speak of it...oops!:uhoh:

Oh and an afternoon visit to Lakenheath where I sat in the cockpit of an F-100 Super Sabre and watched some visiting Voodoos taxi out and blast off.

Wander if today's kids have as much fun?

30th Apr 2004, 11:44
East African Airways flight EC 717, Comet 4 from Heathrow to Entebbe, one April day in the mid-60's. A Curtiss C46 behind us as we taxied out; the awesome noise, the curtain to the first class cabin hanging at what seemed a crazy angle as we climbed out, and all the fascinating places we stopped at on the way.

They don't make flights like that any more. Or aircraft either, come to that.

30th Apr 2004, 11:50
First flight was from Gatwick to Crete in a 737 when I was about 8 or 9. My dad got them to let me into the cockpit, where I spent the majority of the flight, and even got to turn a button all by myself!

I decided then that I wanted to be a pilot. Many years later I am an engineer! But didn't forget about being a pilot and got my PPL last year. Sadly, I don't think I'll get the chance to turn any buttons in an airliner again.

Biggles Flies Undone
30th Apr 2004, 12:00
Channel Airways DC-3 from Sarfend to Amsterdam - can only remember the bumps and a truly horrible plastic ham salad.

First as P/UT was Cherokee 140 G-AXTN (now forming part of a Swiss Alp I believe) and first solo was G-AXTC which I still see occasionally at Shoreham.

30th Apr 2004, 12:22
The hot summer of '76, as pax in the helicopter from Penzance to the Scilly isles. Day trip with mum and dad. Then, following year in a Britannia 737 from BHX to Corfu (night landing, was probably less nervous than the crew, however at that time I wasn't aware of the 'challenge' the place was).

30th Apr 2004, 12:23
I can't remember my first flight, I was only 5 months old at the time. The first flight I can remember was flying to Malta in a VC-10 at night when I was about 7 years old. There were only about six passengers on the plane. Great stuff.

The first (and so far only) time I actually got to take the controls was a Chipmunk operated by the University Air Squadron at RAF Abingdon. Absolutely magic experience.


30th Apr 2004, 12:42
First ever flight was a Boeing 747 from Luton to JFK as a 13 year old. I remember holding my mum's hand as we started take off and letting go as we moved down the runway so I could get a better look.

Didn't fly again (apart from the return trip, of course!) until I was in my 20s. :(

30th Apr 2004, 13:03
Oh God the nostalgia!

1. 1954 - Anson out of St Athan. Mesmerised!
2. 1955 - solo in Sedburgh (?) glider; Christchurch
3. 1955 - first jet, Meteor T7 - Little Rissington
4. 1956 - Flying Scholarship - Tiger Moth+Hornet Moth

Aaah, de Havilland!!

30th Apr 2004, 13:10
1961.. London to Honiara (Solomon Islands) via a zillion places... might have been quicker by boat!

30th Apr 2004, 13:22
first flight was in a Twotter from Edinburgh to Tingwall in Shetland in about 1981 or 82. At the acceleration seemed amazing but after about an hour the novelty had worn off. Flying out of Fair Isle in an Islander a few days later was interesting.

First jet was a 747 from Gatwick to Atlanta and my first light aeroplane was a Tiger Moth from a local farm strip. One and only helo was over the Victoria Falls , I think was a Jet Ranger but they all look alike to me :O

30th Apr 2004, 14:32
Hey keep 'em coming folks. At the end of the weekend, I'll tot up the numbers and post the top ten first aircraft flights

30th Apr 2004, 15:51
1st I can remember a Comet of probably Dan-Air from Palma (1970 i think - was only 3) to LGW - can still remember the lights out of the window and the torn hessian type material on the inside - then nothing as i was asleep for the rest of the flight (7 hour delay in Palma did not help)

First prop plane - Air Atlantique DC3 - Southampton to Portsmouth to look at the tall ships.

First turboprop - HP Herald Air UK - Sou-Jer

First helicopter from Lee on Solent - S61 - again tall ships in Portsmouth

first plane I flew myself - G-BFIK AA5 from Thruxton

30th Apr 2004, 16:05
Swissair DC10 from Dublin to Zurich - aged about 10 going on a scout camp to Kanderstag. Stuffed pockets with as many of those refreshing towels as would fit, and myself and mate stuffed the ash-trays with the in-flight meal.

I think a few DC10's had been falling out of the skies in the year leading up to it, so standing on the apron and seeing what it was didn't inspire confidence, even for one so young and carefree.

Naturally being scouts, most of the flight was spent discussing survival techniques for when the plane would eventually crash and leave us stranded on some mountain in the Swiss Alps

Send Clowns
30th Apr 2004, 16:33
I was 7, my brother 6. A light twin, possible a Seneca, my father's boss (a Mosquito pilot in the war) was flying, though I remember my father, a Vulcan pilot until a few years previously, having a go. Wonderful.

Never airborne again until a 747 ride when I was 15, Air New Zealand to Dallas-Fort Worth. Followed soon after by my first hands-on. Just like my Dad this was in a Chipmunk, as an Air Cadet, 5(?) AEF. Great aeros over Cambridgeshire.

30th Apr 2004, 16:35
First flight - 1976 school ski-ing trip in Austria No idea of the equipment.
A year later a 1 hour trip around the coast ofcornwall courtesy youthclub in a Dash 8 (remember brymon??)

Never had the controls of a plane ...BUT I have spent an hour and a half flying a Blackhawk Simulator on a US airbase "somewhere in Germany" (They wouldn't let me have a go on the Gazelle SIM next door 'cos it was a bit trickier to get civvies in there :E)
BOY that was a fantastic 90 mins. :) :) :)

Biggles Flies Undone
30th Apr 2004, 16:45
Aaaaagh DishMan mentioned the D**h word!

(you have to have been around JB about 3 years ago to realise the true horror of the D**h - including one particularly fraught London midweek bash......) :sad:

30th Apr 2004, 17:12
Blimey, Gainesy,

We must have almost bumped into each other. I was on the crew of the Comet from the "squadron of which we must not speak", when it was "there" for a short period. Two or three of us rushed off to Lakenheath, where my uncle was a major on F100s and had a ball.

30th Apr 2004, 17:59
First flight wasRyanair (pre-MO'L) Dublin-Reus in 1986 in a -111 aged 17

First training flight was a Katana.

First solo in Rallye100 EI-BMJ

30th Apr 2004, 19:09
Refrigerator box cunningly adapted into a warp 3 spacefighter. Age 8 or 9. I took out several enemy and landed with significant battle damage.

As pax on Alitalia circa 1977 - DC9?

At the wheel of a Traumahawk for first real hands on.

Still awaiting my first hands on on a jet. And spacefighter for that matter.......

Sharjah Night Shift
30th Apr 2004, 19:18
1982 Biggin Hill Air Show.

Joyride in Islander G-BHXI of Euroair. The first of nearly 150 types I have flown in.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
30th Apr 2004, 20:31
Aged about 7 (so this was back in the '50s), Auster from Ringway (now Manchester International) which was a quiet laid-back place then, with few movements. I sat behind the pilot and looked down on the tiny model-like houses and puffy green explosions that were trees seen from above.

Every time the pilot moved the stick, the world tilted. "I'd love to do that, one day", I thought. "Move a stick and tilt the world". And it came to pass (first solo C150 1978); these days, that stick (in our Chippy) not only tilts the world, it makes land and sky change places:D


30th Apr 2004, 20:39
My first flight was in a De Havilland (ah!) Heron from Gatport Airwick to Guernsey....must have been about 1957.

Windle Poons
30th Apr 2004, 20:49
Chipmunk at RAF Shawbury in 1984 aged 15. Although an army cadet, I blagged an AEF with a local Air Training Corps.


1st May 2004, 01:21
My first flight was in 1978, and I was 5 years old. It was back in the days when Germany was still divided into two Germanys. We needed to go from Hannover (EDDV) to Berlin (EDDT) for some reason, and the most hasslefree way to do so was to fly in order to avoid all the checkpoints on the road.

Aircraft was a BAC 1-11, and the airline was BOAC if memory serves me right. The flight was just a very short 30-minute hop, but it changed my life forever. When the airplane lifted itself into the skies and I felt this typical sensation of flight for the very first time in my life, I couldn´t help but let out a scream of joy. Pretty much everyone turned around and looked at me, my mom was mightily embarrassed and the cabin crew snickered, but I didn´t care. I couldn´t believe I was actually flying, and I loved every single second of it.

Shortly after takeoff a stewardess (yes, that´s what they were called back then, and nobody thought it to be un-pc) came up to me and asked if I would like to go and see the cockpit (no, not the flightdeck. The COCKPIT for christ´s sake. Those were the good old times). The two blokes up front made me feel very welcome, and even though I didn´t understand a single word they were saying (didn´t speak english yet) they gave me a thorough tour of the flightdeck and let me even turn a knob here and set a dial there. It was one of the most exciting experiences I have ever had as a kid.

That was when my love for aviation was ignited, and it hasn´t left me to this very day. It´s a real shame future generations of kids won´t be able to have this experience anymore, denying them the chance to discover their love for aviation.

1st May 2004, 04:50
Although I don't recall it.

But apparently my first flight was in 67 on board of a DC-8 in the belly of my mother (stewardess) and something like around 100 molecules of myself.....growing up.....

Does this count !? :O

1st May 2004, 05:10
I grew up on AirCal flying between Ontario, CA and San Jose, CA so I can't remember the first flight.

Thanksgiving Day weekend in 1981 was when I first flew an airplane. My flight instructor Uncle Barney and I flew the family Tripacer from Delano, CA to Tracy, CA. We then swapped into the C-150 and went on to San Jose, CA. Holding the controls for the first time was electrifying.

First turboprop flight was in a Twin Otter at the Grand Canyon for tour flight training in 1988.

First jet flight was in a Boeing 727 taking off on runway 9 at Memphis for practice at Huntsville, AL in 1995.

First Space Shuttle Simulator Flight was at Nasa Ames Research Center in 1993 on the VSM. I logged an hour doing landings froom 40,000' to Kennedy Space Center, Edwards Air Force Base, and the emergency field in Barcelona. I kept reaching for the throttle. :p


1st May 2004, 09:15
First flight in mid 70,s in company chartered Transwest???Islander VH EQE Pannawonica to KTA then first jet flight on MMA F28 to PER.
Since then numerous flights on all types with frequent visits to flight deck ( brilliant )
Only one chopper flight scenic over PER which was disapointing as no sensation of flying.
First fight in US a/c G2 from PER to off coast landing on deck of carrier lunch/ship tour then fired off for trip back to PER. Unreal a trip you couldnt buy.

1st May 2004, 09:40
Mine was: Shorts360

1st May 2004, 13:15
Hey Luke,
Its a small (if time-elongated) world innit?


1st May 2004, 17:06
Turin: British Midland Viscount from Isle of Man. Rough as hell. Everyone blamed me for the turbulence as I had refused to say goodbye to the faeries on the way to Ronaldsway Airport!Yup, remember the Viscount well. I never speak to those [email protected] faeries and am prepared to take the consequences! My mother always greets them. :rolleyes:

December 5th 1965

I was nine (and a quarter!) years old and the combined kick in the back and noise of the Conways are burnt into my soul. Loved every single second of it. I wanted to be a pilot but I found that I did not have the discipline for it.

Later (1971) I was on the Super VC-10 on a trip back to the UK but by then had been on a light twin (or was it a single?) arranged by my father for us three children from the Grand Central Airport outside JNB.

Helo was 1990 sightseeing around Kauai, which was stunning. I mean 'stunning' we were both stunned for the rest of day, so remarkable had it been.

But I cannot resist the temptation to repeat my first (and only) supersonic ...

August 8th 2003
Concorde G-BOAC
The aircraft I.D. struck me as being poetic, due to my first flight on BOAC. On departure, when the afterburners ignited, I started to laugh out loud. By the time we had rotated and were going like the clappers, I started to cry, as my boyhood dream had come true.

1st May 2004, 19:12
First flight DC3 aged six weeks. Don't remember that one.
Flew many times between Heathrow and Amsterdam from age0 to 10, sometimes unaccompanied, great! This was in the fifties. It was pot luck whether the carrier was KLM or BEA. If KLM the aircraft was a Viscount. That was fine although I remember an in flight shut down of the outer engine on my side once. Preferable was BEA however, why? Because they used Airspeed Ambassadors, much more fun! My nose would be pressed hard against the window most of the time and there was more to see. It probably flew lower and slower but best of all it was high wing. I could watch in fascination as the main gear extended on approach and then the tyres contact the runway with a puff of smoke.
Of course I remember the sweeties on a tray before takeoff and landing. Also a card with the details of the flight, the crew, the weather etc was passed out of the flight deck in cruise and round the cabin. When each passenger had finished with it you passed it to the seat row behind. So quaint!
Also memorable was the contrast between Schiphol and Heathrow. Somehow Schiphol not the present terminal area but on the north? side was already a modern terminal building all huge glass windows facing onto the apron. How was this progress possible so soon after the devastation of occupation and the famine in the Netherlands? Not that I was aware of that at the time naturally.
Meanwhile Heathrow was wooden buildings linked with corridors! 'Follow the green/ red/ blue lights' was the direction to the gate. One of three coloured light bulbs would illuminate above the appropriate doorways. This was striking to the avoboy's mind. I could digress on the weird fragments that stick in the memory of the child.

1st May 2004, 19:22
First flight - G-ANNO (?) DH 114 Heron of Morton Air Services, £1 pleasure flight at Lydd, 1966?

1st May 2004, 23:39
First flight was down to Majorca when I was four. Sort of remember it, it was an Iberia 727....


When I read your post your user name was off the top of the screen, but guessed who it was by just by reading it, scrolled down, and lo and behold, was correct !

Think I might be 'over-prooning' :uhoh: :ok:

Ascend Charlie
2nd May 2004, 00:38
Age 7, in a glider, with my father flying. Winch launch, the crazy angle of climb and the ground receding. Sudden silence as the cable is released. A few gentle turns, then a dive and a pull up to a loop. Ground and sky swap places briefly, then back to the ground. Hoo Har!

First powered flight at 10 in a DC3, first solo in a Winjeel (P&W Wasp Junior radial) at 18, first helicopter ride in an Iroquois a few months later with my brother. First supersonic flight in a Mirage with my brother-in-law.

Introduced plenty of others to flying since then, and hope their memories are as happy as mine.

2nd May 2004, 07:52
My first one was with my younger brother in an Ansett DC3, a circuit of Essendon Airport with about thirty other kids, to get this flight we had to collect twenty breakfast cereal packet tops each and send them off to receive our tickets.
The whole neighbourhood helped, I bet some hated us having to eat the bloody stuff, about eight years old about 1952. still remember it well. First solo C150.
Cheers Q

El Grifo
2nd May 2004, 11:29
First ever flight including aerobatics was in the Ubiquitous Chip at Wattisham in the sixties.

First jet flight was Cyprus to Israel in 73.
This was in a Caravelle which depressurised on climb out causing the masks to drop down. I nearly sh#t myself, my wife though it was part of the deal.

Next was my first turboprop, A Vanguard from LHR to EDI in late 73. A precursor to the shuttle service I think.

Then it was a Chargus 850 standard rogallo, kit built hang glider, on which a mate and I self taught our self to glide.

The only true Military Machine in which I have pax'd was a Sea King, where we did a twenty 25 minute, nap of the earth flying exercise with both the Nav? and me hanging out of the side. Me shooting pictures and him calling out power lines and other obstacles.

One of my favourite life experiences that was.

2nd May 2004, 18:29
My memories are very hazy. I don't recall the sea voyage from Malaya to UK or the flight back as a 3yr old in 1963, which must have been interesting. But there are bits and pieces which remain from the period 1969-70 when I flew between UK and Malaysia several times. I seem to recall that I was a member of the BOAC Super VC-10 club or something like that. And fell hopelessly in love with the most beautiful stewardess in the world on British Caledonian flying east...to this day I have a soft spot for red-haired women with soft Scottish accents and wonder whatever became of my first love?! :sad: I also remember creating a scene when in a departure lounge somewhere like Bahrain or Tehran when I shouted at the top of my voice "Look it's Concorde!" and wanting to run outside to get a better look. I don't know if it was Concorde, being 1969/70. :rolleyes: And of course, as a kid, one had free rein, cockpit visits galore, running around the aisles with newly-made friends until exhausted and ending up stretched out across 3 seats (there always seemed to be lots of free places in those days) when a FA would unfold a blanket over the little runts. Too good to be true?! :sad:

3rd May 2004, 09:17
Aged 14. Summer of '62. Bristol Freighter of Silver City. Lydd to Le Touquet and return.

3rd May 2004, 09:51
Must have been about seven when my dad paid ten shillings for me to go on a pleasure flight around Blackpool Tower out of what was, at the time, still called Squires Gate. It was some kind of Cessna if memory serves me correctly.

First flight in a ''big' aircraft was born out of bereavement when we had to cut short a holiday on the Isle of Man as my grandad had died. It was a twenty minute hop from Ronaldsway to Blackpool in a Herald of British Island Airways. It was 1974 and I was 12.

First jet was a Monarch B720 from East Midlands to Genoa in 1976. Outbound at FL370 and back at FL390 which was impressively high at the time.

My last flight was yesterday, Easyjet EHAM-EGPH, a plane full of noisy, swearing, drunken Scotsmen in kilts. Flying as a passenger has certainly lost some of its magic, hasn't it?

3rd May 2004, 11:37
First flight as a passenger:

Ängelholm, Sweden --> Västerås, Sweden onboard a F28 from Linjeflyg. It was December of 1984 and I was only 2 months old at the time.

First flight behind the controls:

I have to confess first that my first landing ended up in the water. :uhoh:

It was with a C185F floatplane on July 15th 2002. :)

3rd May 2004, 15:56
Well, the results so far as of 14:50 UTC, 030504. For the record, there were 6 spoiled ballot papers (aka can't remember the type, or didn't put the type). If anyone else wants to add any, I will keep an eye on the thread and amend totals accordingly

In joint first place with 6 are
The Chipmonk and the DC3

Next with 3 points each we have the 737 and VC10

On 2 points we Islander, Heron, 1/11 and Comet

Finally, but by no means least we have with 1 point each F28, Bristol (something?), Auster, DC8, 360, 727, 747, Ason, Twotter, DC10, Seneca, DC9 and 172.

I wonder what these say about proon browsers ??

3rd May 2004, 17:56
First flight ever: SAS Caravelle ENBO-ENTC

First turboprop: RNoAF Twin Otter

First rotorwing: Helicopter Service Sikorsky S61N - Actually only half a flight, got picked up from a dingy. HS did the SAR for us before we got our own Westland Sea Kings.

First normally aspirated: Cessna 150.

First emergency landing: Sikorsky S76 in Brazil. Second emergency landing: Sikorsky S76 in Brazil. Same day. Same ship. Chip light both times, made it outside airport perimeter second time around.


3rd May 2004, 20:36
Manchester to Belfast ,Nuts Corner, in a BEA Viscount.

4th May 2004, 01:54
Add a point for the Noorduyn Norseman. On skis.:cool:

4th May 2004, 04:49
and one for the Lockheed Electra (as very young pax)

first training flight C172 costing $A16/hour dual :rolleyes:

4th May 2004, 14:10
Hey Cooda, was that the original L10 Electra? :E

How about a C150 at C$12/hr dual, $8/hr solo.

5th May 2004, 08:32
1970, London - Paris.

Which was actually Ashford - Beauvais so spent more time on the coach and probably took longer than the ferry.

Aircraft was a HS 748 (Dan Dare, if I recall correctly).

5th May 2004, 08:43
ES 52 Mk4 glider from HMAS Albatross Fleet Air Arm station near Nowra, south coast NSW, Australia. Still remember how steep the launch was (saw 2300fpm on the VSI), they used a navy 3 ton truck and 2000 feet of single-strand wire for launching. :D

Flip Flop Flyer
5th May 2004, 15:48
1969, two years old, with mum and grandmum in a Conair Dc-6 to Salzburg. Sadly, no memories of that one.

1976 with mum and dad in a Conair (again) B720B CPH to IBZ. That one I remember; spent most of the flight including the landing in the cockpit. Thank you, Captain Sune Gustavsson (ret)!

1993. first took the wheel of a C172 with a mate in the LHS.

1999, first landing in a Caravan with same mate in the LHS.

2003, first take-off and landing in a B757 simulator. Now THAT is seriously good fun, especially as you make up the rules as you go along. Take-off from BRU 25R, smart left hand turn to land on 07R. Crashed in Vilvoorde the first 4 times, but made with all wheels on the black bits on the 5th attempt. Then we "postioned" to CPH and flew under the bridge to Sweden a few times, and tried to loop the thing. Sim didn't like it, and right around that time an engineer buzzed us asking wtf was going on with his sim. Ehh, nothing? :E

8th May 2004, 21:46
The final tally

In joint first place with 6 are
The Chipmonk and the DC3

Next with 3 points each we have the 737 and VC10

On 2 points we Islander, Heron, 1/11 and Comet

Finally, but by no means least we have with 1 point each F28, Bristol (something?), Auster, DC8, 360, 727, 747, Ason, Twotter, DC10, Seneca, DC9 and 172.,Caravelle,Viscount,DC6, ES52, HS748,Electra, Noorduyn Norseman

So, using a rarely used electroral device (like it was my first flight), I now declare that the DC3 is duly elected as the most popular first aircraft.

8th May 2004, 22:41
wot about me box kite, circa 1972.. does that count?

8th May 2004, 23:47
A box kite - was that a boeing ?

9th May 2004, 01:47
Was that a Bristol Box Kite circa 1912??:eek: :D

Regrettably not the original Electra....too many engines on this one :p

17th May 2004, 02:21
Mine was when I was 9 years old. It was the flight that basically changed my life. I was always mesmerized by aeroplanes, but this flight got ingrained in me and fueled my desire to fly. The flight was in a 737 from Malta to Paris, France, and my uncle arranged specifically to fly that particular one.
So I was given this great surprise when my uncle greeted me at the top of the stairway. I was allowed to sit in the jumpseat for all the flight; basically, from takeoff, till landing. So there was this little kid who always wished to fly since he was 5 years old, big eyes looking at all the strange dials and numbers and switches. I remember looking at the C/B panel and wondering what was its use and how possibly could a pilot learn to use all that stuff (I didn't know that the pilot wouldn't use the C/B panel to fly the plane).
There I was, strapped to the seat, and my uncle turns to me with a grin, and says 'Whenever you say, we go.' I was too dumbfounded to reply coherently, which he understood as a yes. I remember the great big roar of the mighty engines and the acceleration, and the exhilarating rotation. Left me speechless with joy and excitement.
Midway in cruise altitude my uncle told me to go in his seat for a few minutes. He even gave me the stick and told me to move it a little bit. (Would the A/P have disengaged if I moved the stick by a certain amount?) I was too excited at having the plane in my control (I thought) to actually move the stick.
The landing was exciting. I remember believing that the throttle was some sort of braking device since I noticed him pushing it all the way down when we landed. Hilarious, I know, but exciting. I was disappointed the landing took so short a time, but it left me with a great desire to fly.
This fire is still within me, and now, only 9 years later, I've decided to pursue a career in flying. I'm starting my PPL next September, and then I'll progress through a modular course and hopefully fly a big airliner like my uncle flew and still flies.

17th May 2004, 06:42
I'll add the first F27 Friendship.

Was a little toddler (3-4yo). Flight was from Auckland to Nelson (New Zealand).

I was asleep when the lollies (sweets to you brits) were passed around. I was very upset when my sister had one of every colour, but my parents had only saved me two!!

Should have been more appreciative I guess.....:P