View Full Version : Best Hotel At LHR

29th Apr 2004, 17:27
Can any of you lovely people recommend the best hotel to stay at at LHR! By best I mean best views obviously! ;)

29th Apr 2004, 21:34
From what I recall, I think it's the Ramada.

Make sure you specify a room on the airfield side of the hotel on second floor or above.

29th Apr 2004, 21:35
Le Meridien Excelsior on Bath road is nice.

I enjoyed 2 nights there.

29th Apr 2004, 22:28
The Renaissance (used to be the Ramada).

Ask for a view of the runway. They're usually quite accommodating. It's level with the touchdown area for 27R.

Sample photos taken from a bedroom window -

http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.search?countrysearch=-%20London%20-%20Heathrow%20%28LHR%20%2F%20EGLL%29&keywords=Renaissance&keywrange=remark&engine_version=6.0 :)

Nice carvery restaurant too.

30th Apr 2004, 10:05
Thanks very muchly! Those photos' look impressive!