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Circuit Basher
29th Apr 2004, 16:37
For an unforgettable live rendition of this classic song, take a look at Simply The Best (http://hem.bredband.net/b250693/clip/simplythebest.wmv). It will change your whole perspective on the ultimate song by Tina Turner! ;) :D

29th Apr 2004, 17:32
Ohh my god they are bad! I dont unherstand how are they able to go in the middle of an stadiun knowing that they have the risk to get kick big time!


29th Apr 2004, 21:32
That folks is the punishment for being a visiting fan at a EUFA Champions League match.

When they ask "away" fans to remain in their seats for 20 minutes after the game has finished, it's no longer for crowd control purposes. It's so this lot have someone to ...err... sing to!

All the "home" fans get well away from the stadium before this group of baffoons perform.:E

29th Apr 2004, 22:03
......... it certainly brings a new terror to going to a football match. :ooh: