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Windy Militant
23rd Aug 2001, 17:42
Driving along the A417 into Wantage about 17:10hrs on Monday afternoon. All of a sudden my mate suddenly blurts out " [email protected] me he's [email protected] low" shortly after this outburst a DC3 with what looked like a radome stuck on its underside hove into sight directly above us at zip feet. Had an excellent view through the sun roof of the Ashtray nearly ran off the road. Any body Know who, what, wherefore, or is this information subject to a D notice! :confused:

23rd Aug 2001, 18:21
By the sound of things it was the Air Atlantique machine that is on contract to Racal (?) for Radar trials.

God knows what it was doing there, but If he told you he would have to kill you.

Windy Militant
23rd Aug 2001, 18:55
Thanks MOTF,
Thought it looked like one of the Atlantique Daks. Been trying to figure out how somebody managed to crash an oil tanker seventy miles inland from the coast. ;)

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23rd Aug 2001, 19:17
You'd be amazed what they get up to in Grove these days ;)

Windy Militant
23rd Aug 2001, 19:56
No not really.
Now how did it go. Oh yes thats it. "BRASS TACKS! BRASS TACKS! Where are you now you WINKERS(misprint)." Such a charming little place. ;)

25th Aug 2001, 05:58
Once Upon a Time, Grove had the busiest airfield in the world.