View Full Version : Muslim boy literally crucified (speaking of religion)

29th Apr 2004, 03:01
Sorry but too many complaints about the thread. I also believe that this will deteriorate (as it has already started to) into a one side versus the other slanging match and not a debate.

29th Apr 2004, 09:12
Where does one start? :rolleyes:

Bubbette, you really need to start thinking critically about the nonsense you write and the fundamentalist idiot sites you frequent.

For a start, this boy was quite clearly not a Muslim as you state. The allegation is that he was punished for practising Christianity. Secondly, he was not crucified. You need to check what that entails.

Thirdly, as has been pointed out many times in all sorts of places and threads, the answer to fundamentalist extremism is not to go to the opposite extreme and become more fundamentalist yourself. But then, given some of your posts, I wouldn't for one minute expect you to understand that.

One is simply left with the impression that you are attempting to spread anti-Islamic hatred and bigotry.

29th Apr 2004, 09:15
No NO NO Hugmonster!!!

Just leave her stuff alone. It will eventually go away.

Muslims bad. Christians good. God bless America. - you can't argue with this stuff. Just leave her to it - maybe Danny will find her a nice thread like Pink Headsets maybe we can call it Bubette's Feast.

Evening Star
29th Apr 2004, 10:30
A couple of hundred years ago the common mob would, as an excuse for pogrom, shout that the Jews killed a Christian child. Clearly the 21st century equivalent is a Muslim crucifying a Christian child. Quick, call to arms, time for a quick crusade to punish those rotten naughty Muslims.

Definitely a case for the Pink Headsets. Is anybody really so naive as to believe this kind of anti-Muslim nonsense? Go on Bubbette, admit you have such fun being a troll.

29th Apr 2004, 13:29
No. Sadly Bubbette is not a troll; she genuinely believes everything she writes and everything she implies.

What scares me more than anything else about the fundamentalist Muslim threat to our western lifestyle is not the visceral hatred felt by the ignorant peasants who have been propagandised into believing that martyrdom is a noble ambition: it's the treachery and rabid hatred by the physicists and surgeons, the engineers and lawyers, the supposedly educated elite who have the ability to do the planning necessary to inflict damage on all our lives. If you're not scared by that, you think on a different level to me.

Bubbette is the Jewish equivalent. In not one thread of hers since I've been on Pprune have I detected so much as an atom of admission that there may be two sides to the story. And Bubbette, it scares the shit out of me that a New York lawyer with the benefit of an advanced western education can not see how you are no different to the fundamentalists on the other side.

There can be no end to this as long as rational thinking is not allowed to apply. There are vague signs that the Irish are beginning to understand this on a macro level. There are no good signs at all from either side in the Middle East.

Keep on swounging, Bubbette.