View Full Version : Moustaches - Where have they gone?

29th Apr 2004, 00:22
I was watching a very good documentary on The Falklands War on Discovery tonight and I noticed a proliferation of fine moustached soldiers on display.

And I wondered....

Where are they today? They used to be so common around the 70's/80's now they seem to be very rare. Or maybe its just over here, is it the same in the UK?

Never had one myself....

And while we're at it, when exactly did men stop wearing Hats??? I remember the old days and you'd see grainy old TV pictures of big crowds of men in public squares all wearing hats!!

sandy helmet
29th Apr 2004, 00:39
I think if you're seen wearing a moustache today you'll probably be mistaken for a porn actor.....or in the RAF


29th Apr 2004, 00:41
Seeing as most girls I know don't like mustaches, I won't be getting one any time soon...


29th Apr 2004, 00:49
Why grow when you can buy? (http://www.studiohair.net/mall/moustaches-beards.asp)

What girl could resist "the walrus" in "three tone ash brown with blonde frost"?

29th Apr 2004, 00:54
... but no sign of an Adolf.

29th Apr 2004, 01:11
Mine's been under my nostrils since 1982.

Had a full beard, as well, until the airlines nixed that. Not allowed in the states.

Girls don't like? I used to offer free moustache rides all the time! 9 out of 10 would slap you, but that tenth one....

29th Apr 2004, 01:14
goates, maybe thats it. Women never liked man with any hair on their face, so maybe it was the emergence of the increasing power of women that eventually led them to stand up and say no! to moustaches.

Hats, I would say sometime in the mid 60's?

29th Apr 2004, 01:24
'Taches were definitely a "required" feature of Royal Marines and SBS of the 70's and 80's brethern. Must have been a fashion thing - what about tats? Mr D, you of the tatted clan?


29th Apr 2004, 02:19
You'll be pleased to know the moustache is alive and well in Winnipeg.

Then again, so are mullets................

29th Apr 2004, 02:30
Could you name any heads of state with moustaches or more, who are or have recently been democratically elected? More likely, they have been democratically replaced, or deposed... :E

Must have something to do with the fact that hair appears to grow at a faster rate "below the nose" than above it. Those who dye their hair on top every month would find it a chore to have to do it every few days... ;)

29th Apr 2004, 02:31
Had one for years OW22, got over fifty and the wife said shave it off and you'll look younger.

Did and do! (at least that's what she says):)

SawThe Light
29th Apr 2004, 02:39
Must be getting old. It seems to grow at a faster rate IN the nose.


29th Apr 2004, 02:51
Well the nose does start just below eye level... :O

Hello con-pilot, I had intended replying to your question about the Seychelles...but by 2005, there may not even be a Seychelles depending on state of the tide, so the only way would be to convince the boss to buy the flying-boat! But if you'd be interested in hiring a yacht in between drop-off and pick-up, I can help. :D

Onan the Clumsy
29th Apr 2004, 03:40
You're not talking about Thong Moustaches are you? :}

29th Apr 2004, 04:21
wish we were :)

29th Apr 2004, 07:35
airship: Clemenceau, Harold Macmillan (not quite head of state), Adolf Hitler, King George V, Czar Nicholas (just about any of them), Otto von Bismarck (not quite head of state), Kaiser Wilhelm II, D Lloyd George (not quite head of state), et al.

tony draper
29th Apr 2004, 08:20
One had a Ho Chi Min Zappatta type tash in the late sixties.
Great for leering at ladies and twirling the ends of.


29th Apr 2004, 08:34
This (http://www.squaredealers.freeservers.com/andy.htm) is the reason I stopped having a Moustache.

29th Apr 2004, 08:43
The beauty of having a moustache/beard is that you can always taste things you've eaten previously that day/night.

29th Apr 2004, 09:26
Moustaches are high maintenance and usually look foul.

Beards? I trim mine every few weeks and shave around the edges every few days.

As for women not liking facial hair, only the power crazed ones do.

When someone asks you to remove the main sign of masculinity the correct reply is, "Yes dear, if you get a crew cut and strap up those boobs."

29th Apr 2004, 10:01
I was once told that:A kiss without a moustache is like an egg without salt! ... and mine (moustache that is!) is still going strong after 30 something years.....:ok:

What Red Line?
29th Apr 2004, 11:19

Yes, I occasionally have one. Sort of shaped like a map of Tasmania. Don't seem to keep it long though.

a is dum
29th Apr 2004, 11:25
"Could you name any heads of state with moustaches""

Do recently ex-head of states ones count? Our Spanish friend had a tash!

tony draper
29th Apr 2004, 11:32
One once got five points on ones prooning licence for suggesting (tongue in cheek) that this world would be a much safer place if we shot every body with a beard, (so I berra not suggest it again)


Windy Militant
29th Apr 2004, 12:49
Mine was last seen heading for Barnfield after cleaning out the Philishave! Mind you the weather lately is making me reconsider the act!

I'm sure that I read somewhere that the Indian Police Force pay a bonus to officers who sport a large moustaches as they consider them to make the wearers more imposing and better able to act as authority figures. Never worked for me, but if I had the uniform as well.....................Nah I'd just look like a refuge from the bangarah Village People :rolleyes: ;)

29th Apr 2004, 12:59
Tend to act like velcro in certain regions therefore a bonus I would say.
"Fish for supper"

29th Apr 2004, 13:03
Shaved mine off for a change and Mrs. Karrank% said "Oh Gawd, grow it back" I prevaricated for a while, until I was harranged while hosting a community event with "Grow the mo, grow the mo".

Grew it back with extra bits.

Not having a particularly attractive looking head may be a factor. My friend the butcher said I could scare a bulldog out of his shop, so covering as much of my head with hair as possible may be a boon to society...

29th Apr 2004, 14:13
Thanks for your excellent replies gents,

Could someone confirm that the last US President to have any kind of facial hair was Teddy Roosevelt?

And what about the Hats??? Was it the mid 60's when they really dissapeared?

29th Apr 2004, 14:19
Dont think being shot with a beard would be as much a detterent as being shot with a standard firearm projectile.
Still, you know best Sir D:ok:

29th Apr 2004, 14:31

I love to see the old gents knocking about in their pork-pie hats - they always look great - not particularly well to do, but always well dressed in a suit & hat - Fantastic old geezers.

As for the tashes, there seems to be a proliferation of them in the UK armed forces (esp officers) for some reason... I always put it down to the lads trying to make their mouths look like a pu..., well, er.. lets say to add a bit of realism on those cold winters nights....:E


Only kidding - but I do think they attract the wrong kind of attention ie. from your lunch, gay Indians etc.



29th Apr 2004, 14:44
Of course in the middle east they really are a requirement but in the west, not so.

Well, in the American south they're popular with the NASCAR boys! And in Northern Ireland those Orangemen sure do love their taches!!

Speaking of UK armed forces......Is it the case that most of the higher officers are from the upper classes? I ask this after watching the Falklands documentary on Discovery last night. All the senior officers, captains in the Navy etc all sounded frightfully posh!!

Whilst of course all the foot soldiers had all those great Merseryside, Lancastrian, Yorkshire etc accents.

Is it very difficult for the ordinary Joe Bloggs to reach the top? Is it tradition in select well to do families that the men go into service and it's they who will always get to the top? Brigadier julian Thompson sounded like he was a member of the Royal family! Mike Jackson sounds very posh as well!

Genuine question as it seems like the class divide still exists in the armed forces. And is that what make the UK military work so well? (Controversial question)

tony draper
29th Apr 2004, 14:48
Pu-lees, we couldn't have oinks from the north in the cavalry, they would not know what knife and fork to pick up or which way to pass the port, salt of the earth and all that, but standards must be maintained old boy.

29th Apr 2004, 14:59
You've got the N/E Brigade up your way I believe Drapes, can't be too many Well to do officers up those parts!!

Ah the mighty Merlin.

29th Apr 2004, 15:01
I understand that Nigels are required to grow a moustache (where possible).

And that a condition of hiring Rod the Nigel-in-Chief was that he grew one.

Still looks kind of moth-eaten, though, dunnit?

Come to think of it, the Bish has one too.

Perhaps they and Ronald McVirgin could exchange facial hair for charity.

29th Apr 2004, 15:03
Jesus you're right!! All those British airline chiefs have got the old facal hair!

Hoorrrayyy!! Al least someone is flying the flag!!

Onan the Clumsy
29th Apr 2004, 15:09
My understanding was that after the war, all BOAC aircraft came delivered with blister windows in the cockpit - the reason given was that the extra space was needed to accomodate the pilots' handlebar moustaches :ok:

Perhaps this (http://www.worldbeardchampionships.com/) will put matters in context :ooh:

29th Apr 2004, 15:13
That's the curse of being christened Nigel,get lumped in with the rest. Everytime I was called SIR by a lower rank,used standard answer.." No Sonny I work for a living".
Mr Draper,sir.Was attached to The 15/19th the Kings Royal Hussars whilst in OneWorld22's parts.A geordie regiment,O.C. of B sqn could trace his ancestry to the Scottish throne and would have been in position to take it over if required.The silver collection was something to see.
However will confirm that no officer other than those who came up through the ranks,could say "wey aye" properly!!

30th Apr 2004, 13:56
Davaar, Clemenceau, Harold Macmillan (not quite head of state), Adolf Hitler, King George V, Czar Nicholas (just about any of them), Otto von Bismarck (not quite head of state), Kaiser Wilhelm II, D Lloyd George (not quite head of state), et al. Thank you for the list. Is there any correlation to be drawn between moustache width and extremism? :O

When I said recent, I ummmm, meant a little more recent...! :rolleyes:

30th Apr 2004, 19:13
Have had my 'tache' for over 30 years, NEVER shaved it off. Intended waxing into points originally but it grew into a classic 'handlebar' so left it like that.

Have been called over the years:

The Laughing Cavalier
Gentle Jesus(???)
Catweazle (remember him?)
plus other, less polite names

Currently sporting the 'goatee' beard as well but that has come and gone over the years.

Has proved very valuable in the Middle East, as customs/immigration/traffic police/driving examiners etc. tend to notice it (you would have to be blind not to!) and want to talk about it instead of giving one a hard time.

And, in the immortal words of Monty Python................It breaks the ice at parties!