View Full Version : Is the new Swiss airline f**ked from the beginning?

Tricky Woo
28th Mar 2002, 17:21
Well is it?. .. .I've heard that both the ex-CrossAir and the ex-SwissAir pilots are asking for a fortune in salaries and benefits.. .. .TW

28th Mar 2002, 17:44
What is a fortune in yer book Tricky?. .. .Just market price? Or more?. .. .Yeh, I know, it would be cheaper to have the flight attendants fly the airplanes.. .Then after the first few days, the survivors would demand that the price go up again. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src="biggrin.gif" />

Moritz Suter
28th Mar 2002, 21:39
Mr. Woo,. .. .You miscreant! Have a look here:. .. .http://www.startupswiss.com/de/index.html. .. .and here:. .. .http://www.swiss.com. .. .and be dazzed! It'll be paradigmatic! We look forward to seeing your broad beam melting into the first class upholstery soon.