View Full Version : A joke for the lads to use on the missus - and save money!

Hannibal Smith
23rd Aug 2001, 01:44
When ringing the ole gal from far away you may like to use this little giggler I picked up off an Aussie pal earlier this week.

Ring the missus and when she answers ask:

'What's got a little dick and hangs upside down?'

She will no doubt reply:

'I dunno?'

You say:

'A bat!'

Ok? Follow so far? Good! Now, the next step is where it gets funny. You ask:

'And what has a big dick and hangs up?'

'I dunno?' she will reply.

At this point you hang up the receiver and wait for the ring back!

I love these bloody Aussies - they've got all the good tricks! :D :D :D


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23rd Aug 2001, 11:22
there are a few of those Hannibal.

1. When your conversation is done, ask the person if they want to hear your impression of a reversing truck.

Most people say yes, hang up...! (beep beep beep) :)

2. When your conversation is done, tell the person sternly NOT to hang up on you, when they ask why, say "cause I'm gonna hang up on you..!!" (beep beep beep) :p

let 'em have it...!! :D

Takan Inchovit
23rd Aug 2001, 13:54
Slightly off topic, but still to do with The Old Gal

One night at about 3 am my wife was getting up from the throne to
return to bed when she heard a little noise. It was a suspiciously
rodent like sound that seemed to be right in the bathroom with her.

She of course froze and listened attentively for any further sign of
invaders. After a moment, satisfied that she was alone, she took a
step for the door. Rodent scratchy sounds again! She froze, not

Her heart beat fast as she once again tried to retreat from the
bathroom. This time the noise was accompanied by something touching
the back of her leg! That was, of course, too much to bear.

She literally flew the 8 feet to the bed, clearing the foot board by
a couple feet, to land screaming by my side. This is not a pleasant
way to wake up. Scrambling into consciousness, now scared half to
death myself, I managed to get the light on.

The culprit was right there in plain sight, a trail of toilet paper
neatly marked the path from bed to bath.

:D :rolleyes: :eek:

Feeton Terrafirma
23rd Aug 2001, 15:03
Takan Inchovit,
you have only left out one detail, HOW did you organise it?

Still ROFLMAO :D :D :D