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Warwick Hunt
15th Oct 2001, 22:58
Ananova - Fighter jets intercept charter plane near Vienna

Fighter jets intercept charter plane near Vienna

Two Austrian fighter jets have intercepted a charter flight of holidaymakers travelling from Edinburgh to Turkey. It is believed the airliner heading to Bodrum failed to identify itself properly.

Two fighters scrambled from a routine training manoeuvre. They stood down after radio exchanges with the Turkish jet's pilots. The Austrian Air force has been on alert since the September 11 atrocities
in the US. A spokeswoman for Edinburgh Airport confirmed the Onur flight had left at lunchtime with 169 passengers on board.

The planes acting on an emergency Code Red command broke the sound barrier as they sped over Vienna. They intercepted the plane south west of Vienna before it reached an enormous chemical works on the outskirts of the city. The Turkish airlines pilot called the Austrian Air Traffic control when he spotted the two jets heading towards him at high speed. The military jets were alongside
the charter machine within two minutes of getting the Code Red call.

An Austrian Ministry of Defence spokesman told Ananova: "There was no connection with the radio of the civilian air control, they gave information to the military control centre and they put out an order for the two fighter jets to intercept the flight. "When the jets showed up next to the Turkish airplane, suddenly they answered the radio calls and it was possible for them to exchange information and the plane was allowed to continue on its way."

The Turkish charter firm Onur has refused to comment on the incident.

Story filed: 17:16 Monday 15th October 2001

22nd Nov 2003, 15:53
I am not surprised about this!!!!

23rd Nov 2003, 19:13
"broke the sound barrier as they sped over Vienna"

Hmmm, just how exactly did the journo find this one out??? Did he just happen to be out tending to his mountain goats when the jets flew over???

23rd Nov 2003, 20:32
Well, FBB, you may never have heard it, but it goes BANG BANG quite loudly:O

25th Nov 2003, 21:00
guess our friends were taking the caa approved nap.
sure thing after 140+ hrs a month. and the company can only comment if the crew reports it, right?

25th Nov 2003, 21:05
Funnily enough, when I used to live in Vienna I didn't see even one mountain goat strolling down the Kärntner Straße...still, I bet the 2x booms will have woken a few old schnitzels up...

26th Nov 2003, 18:40
Austrian Air Force operates Saab Drakens - didn't know they were supersonic?:D

26th Nov 2003, 18:58

The SAAB J-35 is capable of reaching speeds over Mach 2 when not carrying the aux fuel tanks.

IIRC, Its one of the few aircraft that can cruise at Mach 2.

26th Nov 2003, 19:15
Good to see that the mighty Avon is still pushing something supersonic!

26th Nov 2003, 19:37
The last I heard, the delay in procuring the Drakens' replacement meant they were having trouble sourcing parts, especially for the hydraulics..and the ejection seats...

trainer too 2
27th Nov 2003, 22:07
Onur Air is having an extremely difficult year I guess. In Gruningen in the Netherlands they had an MD82 doing an runway overrun. A shabby A300 at Rotterdam was reported to the authorities because of difficulties during the approach. Three weeks ago a flight to Dublin ran into difficulties..and now this...

When they do punters realise that if you pay peanuts you get monkeys.... There are some good turkish outfits like Inter Airlines or Pegasus but a company like Onur.... :mad:

1st Dec 2003, 06:01
Just try saying 'Onur' in a Geordie accent....

1st Dec 2003, 06:16
When will punters realise that if you pay peanuts you get monkeys....
I'm afraid the punters normally have no idea about the airlines used when they book package deals, and just assume they are all of a common standard. They certainly wouldn't be able to distinguish between different Turkish operators, or even be able to tell you about the accident rate of Turkish carriers over the years. And they probably pay the same price regardless of which carrier the tour operator has employed, so the "pay peanuts" bit probably does not apply either.

2 six 4
1st Dec 2003, 06:36
WHBM What on earth has it got to do with which Turkish carrier was involved ?

In my experience there are many operators who frequently get close to this situation and most of them are based west of 30W.

I have never known it happen with a Turkish carrier but a number of others get nearer and nearer to being intercepted each time they are stupid enough to fly significant distances without being in contact with ATC.

:* :*

1st Dec 2003, 07:10
WHBM What on earth has it got to do with which Turkish carrier was involved ?

2 six 4:

If you will read the post you will see you need to address your "what has it got to do with ..." question to another poster, who I was quoting, and who seems to have a great amount of recent factual detail to support his or her comment.

I quite agree with you it doesn't matter which Turkish carrier was involved. The worst hull loss record is of course with their flag carrier.